“Two Slaves Are Better Than One: Domination Sessions in My Dungeon” will be FREE On Amazon for the Next Five Days

“Two Slaves Are Better Than One: Domination Sessions in My Dungeon” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 12/4 through 12/8

Many readers who love the “At Her Beck and Call” Series by Mistress Benay have written and asked for more in-depth stories about the Female Domination Sessions which take place in Mistress Benay’s Dungeon in Colorado. The Mistress has listened, and now unveils her new Female Domination Series called “Domination Sessions in My Dungeon”

“Two Slaves Are Better Than One” is the first of many exciting stories in this new Series as Mistress Benay describes in graphic detail a memorable evening for her where She had the pleasure of having both a female and a male slave on their knees in her Dungeon, ready to serve Her every need.

This story is a fast paced sensuous account of not only how Mistress Benay used her new Bi-Female slave for her pleasure and the slave’s pain, but also how she trained and disciplined both slaves utilizing corporal punishment, high heeled boot worship, forced oral and body worship, nipple torture, male chastity, and imprisonment.

In this story, Mistress Benay had the best of all worlds because whenever She needed a break from the toils of disciplining her two slaves, the female slave’s attractive Master is close at hand to also cater to Mistress Benay’s sexual needs.

Mistress Benay’s husband/slave Troy was helpless to intervene or do anything as he remained bound and locked in the new Jail Cell which the Mistress installed in her Dungeon.

Just as She does in her full length novels, Mistress Benay’s writing style keeps us excited throughout the story turning pages, anxiously awaiting the next sexy detail of her wonderful Female Domination styled Novel.

Mistress Benay was not only an accomplished Author, but was also a Professional Dominatrix in Colorado who worked with men, women and couples. Anyone interested in Female Domination or a Female Led Relationship would be wise to read Mistress Benay’s books.

5.0 out of 5 stars

 “Another great story by this wonderful Domme

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Excellent as always

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Wow … Nothing but Five Stars for this FemDom Novel!

“The Femdom Syndicate: Secretly Turning Husbands into Cuckolds and Slaves to their Dominant Wives” by PhDomme Emma

★ Are you ready to enter a world of predatory Dommes, who turn husbands into obedient slaves to their wives?

★On the outside, Amy and Michael may seem like an ordinary married couple. Amy owns a little art gallery in New York. Michael, her loving husband, is secretly harboring submissive feelings toward dominant women. His persistent fantasies of FemDom cuckold adventures were as yet never fulfilled.

Amy is, like a proper wife, initially repelled by the idea of cheating on her husband. But when both embark on a journey to Berlin, they meet a handsome stranger, who brings Amy to question her resistance to an open marriage.

She has no idea there is already an elaborate scheme in place that will change both her and Michael’s lives forever.

After Amy’s chance encounter with a gorgeous guy on the plane, and an offer from his good friend Emma to stay at Her beautiful country mansion, things heat up quickly for the vacationing couple.

Before they realize what is happening, they find themselves being drawn into a world of FemDom hierarchy and control, from which there seems to be no escape. They are led deeper and deeper into an erotically charged web of irresistible seduction and control.

Amy’s eyes are opened to a world of sexual experiences she never thought possible, too distracted to realize that her husband has fallen into the hands of a very dangerous Dominatrix.

This 54,000 word Erotic Novel contains explicit adult content including; FemDom, forced chastity, crossdressing, coerced feminization, masturbation, oral sex, anal play etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

New Release …

“CHASTITY: The Guide to Male Chastity (Female Led Relationship)”

“CHASTITY: The Guide to Male Chastity (Female Led Relationship)” by Marisa Rudder

CHASTITY | The Guide to Male Chastity is the latest book in Marisa Rudder’s Female Led Relationship Series.

This amazing Chastity book will change your life.

Imagine your man treating you like a Queen and getting more pleasure out of pleasuring you than receiving pleasure himself. Imagine your man doing whatever you tell him without complaining. Imagine your man gladly doing the housework, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes and more?

With the techniques and training guidelines in my book, you can have such a man. In fact, you may already be living with a man who has the potential to become this perfect man. A modern Love and Obey Female Led Relationship or marriage includes male chastity and orgasm control.

The wife decides when her husband is allowed to orgasm. The wife is in charge and the husband submits to her loving female authority. Her man is completely obedient.

Women will learn how to use their feminine power to control their man’s sexuality. Women will learn how to tame and train a man. Men will learn the value of submitting to loving female authority. Men will become more loving, devoted and romantic. Women will take charge of the relationship or marriage and their men will become obedient.

The woman’s authority and sexuality are worshiped by their man. At Love and Obey, we believe that whoever controls the pussy makes the rules. Pussy denial is used to guide your husband’s behavior and this makes your Female Led Relationship more permanent.

Men will worship us as goddesses and serve us as queens and obey us as their mistresses. Your Love and Obey Female Led Lifestyle, including Male Chastity, is the future of relationships and marriages.

“What The Mistress Wants …The Mistress Gets!: A Tale Of Female Superiority” will be FREE on Amazon from 11/15 through 11/19

“What The Mistress Wants …The Mistress Gets!: A Tale Of Female Superiority” by Mistress Vanessa will be FREE on Amazon from 11/15 through 11/19

After a Successful and very Eventful Twenty Year career as a Professional Dominatrix in New York City and Philadelphia, Mistress Vanessa recently retired and moved to Virginia, where she enjoys a Female Led Marriage with her new husband, and has now started a new career as an Author, writing about her life experiences as a Professional Domme and the submissive men she catered to at various houses of Female Domination where she worked.

In this Exciting and Tell All Novel, which is the first installment of her new Series – “What The Mistress Wants …The Mistress Gets!”, the reader is treated to a rare behind the scenes look at what led Mistress Vanessa to chose a career as a Dominatrix, how she built a clientele of regular customers, and what really takes place in a House of Female Domination.

Mistress Vanessa spares no details, as she gives her readers an in-depth and intimate look at the clients who came to her for Sessions, and the desires, fetishes, and fantasies which those clients brought with them to her Dungeon, where she turned their fantasies into reality.

Readers should be cautioned that this Novel contains explicit descriptions of activities involving Female Domination, Bondage and Discipline, Forced Feminization, Female Led Relationships, and Enforced Male Chastity

“The FemDom Nurse: Domination Sessions In My Dungeon” will be FREE on Amazon from 11/15 through 11/19

“The FemDom Nurse: Domination Sessions In My Dungeon” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 11/15 through 11/19

Mistress Benay once again takes us into her Dungeon in her latest installment of her “Domination Sessions From My Dungeon” Series.

Hold on to your Medical Gown and watch out if you bend over, because you are about to meet The FemDom Nurse.

In this exciting story, Mistress Benay recounts for us a Session She did with a new client who requested that She do a Medical Scenario with him when he came to visit her Dungeon.

In a writing style which has become so popular with our readers, and with Her usual “Spare No Detail” descriptions, Mistress Benay recounts for us the physical examination and treatment the client received at the hands of Nurse Benay.

You can be sure that when the patient sat on her examination table, things quickly took a turn in a direction different than he ever could have imagined.

Mistress Benay describes in detail the unconventional Medical Tests and the unique equipment She used as part of the physical examination conducted on the patient. Her client may have been a willing patient when he walked into her Dungeon at the beginning, but after a few very intensive and unusual tests conducted by Nurse Benay, his only thoughts soon began to center on how to escape her Medical Clinic.

Unfortunately for him, it was then too late as he quickly found out that the Nurse’s treatment plan was even much worse than her test procedures.

After visiting the Mistress’s clinic, this patient knew he was going to have to do a lot of explaining to his wife when he got home.

Readers should be aware that this Story contains graphic details of Female Domination, Discipline, Bondage, Nipple Torture, Body Worship, High Heel Worship, and Male Chastity.

You do not want to enter Nurse Benay’s Medical Clinic if you are outfitted with a Pace Maker!

5.0 out of 5 Stars … Erotic FemDom at its best!

Verified Purchase

Very Erotic femdom tale which is highly appealing from two view points, a dominant female and a medical situation. A good read for anyone who likes this.

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