“Caught In The Act: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Forced Feminization” will be FREE on Amazon from 3/7 through 3/11

“Caught In The Act: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Forced Feminization” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 3/7 through 3/11

Samantha Wilson is not only a successful executive, who is climbing the corporate ladder, but she is also beautiful and sexy, and turns men’s heads every place she goes. She has tolerated her husband, Brandon’s laziness, and his lack of initiative for years, but that all changes one night when she returns home early from a business trip, and finds Brandon in a very compromising position.

From that point forward, Samantha decides to take control of her marriage, and when she does, Brandon not only finds himself permanently locked into a male chastity tube, but also forced into a new role as Samantha’s Sissy Slave. Brandon may have never worked hard at a job outside of the home, but Samantha makes sure that her Sissy Slave is definitely kept busy at all times, taking care of her large house, and providing all of the personal pleasure which she desires.

Bonus: If you enjoyed Mistress Benay’s “FemDom Law Firm” Series, then you will be excited to know that some of your favorite characters from that Series, also appear here in this sensual novel.

Readers are advised that this story contains graphic details of Female Domination, Male Chastity, Forced Feminization, Bi-Sexual Relations, and Bondage & Discipline.

5.0 out of 5 stars

“Just get it and read it. Six Stars”

FREE on Amazon from 3/7 through 3/11

Male Chastity – The Complete Bundled Primer To Female Led Relationships by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 2/23 through 2/27

Male Chastity – The Complete Bundled Primer To Female Led Relationships will be FREE on Amazon from 2/23 through 2/27

Due to the many Request which She received, Mistress Benay compiled “Male Chastity – The ‘Key’ To A Successful Female Led Relationship” and “The Male Chastity Revolution” in one great page turning Novel which covered all aspects of Male Chastity.

If you are a woman who is tired of being neglected or left unfulfilled by your partner in your marriage or relationship, then you need to read this book. Would you like your partner to be more attentive to your needs? Would you like your partner to always have your sexual satisfaction as his primary focus? Would you like your partner to be more caring and helpful around the home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book by Mistress Benay will give you the help and direction that you need to take control of your relationship, and condition your partner to make you the paramount concern in his life at all times.

For over Fourteen years, until Her untimely passing, Mistress Benay used Male Chastity as the primary means to take control of Her marriage, and of Her relationships with men. Now, in this book, You will find all of the information and easy to follow techniques which you need to know, so that you also can reap the benefits of building a true Female Led Relationship.

Mistress Benay explains in great detail how the male’s physical needs control his mind, and how unfortunately most of the time his focus is on his needs not yours. By following the advice in her book, however, you can change your partner’s actions by the simple act of taking control of his orgasms.

When you do, your home life, your emotional and physical needs, and most importantly, your sexual contentment will all improve for the better. Your needs, not his, will become the most important things in your marriage or relationship when you follow the road map laid out in this book by Mistress Benay.

This book is filled with proven techniques which will help you take control of your marriage or relationship, as well as New updated and in-depth reviews of the most popular male chastity devices which are available on the market today.

As a Bonus, you can read actual letters which men and women have sent to Mistress Benay detailing how their lives have changed once they implemented Male Chastity into their Relationships.

Male Chastity – The Complete Bundled Primer To Female Led Relationships by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 2/23 through 2/27 … Make Sure that You Get Your FREE Copy of this Exciting and Insightful Book!

5.0 out of 5 stars 

A great training Manual.

“Mistress Benay shares Her wisdom and experience in a book that is part training manual, part erotica, and part consumer guide to chastity devices. She shows her skill with all of them.

As a Special Valentine Gift to our Followers, you can Download Two of Mistress Benay’s Exciting Books for FREE this Week on Amazon

“The Mistress and The Master: Domination Weekend” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 2/8 through 2/12

If you have followed the exploits of Mistress Benay and her slave Troy, and you like what you’ve read in her other novels, then you’ll love this book, where She recounts for you, in one exciting chapter after another, all the details of what took place when she attended a three day BDSM Event in Denver.

Mistress Benay was never one to pass up the opportunity to discipline and use both female and male slaves for her pleasure and entertainment, and that’s just what she did during her exciting weekend in Denver. The Mistress went even further while at the Fetish Conference, by joining forces with Master Robert, and taking advantage of his beautiful female slave, in addition to exposing Troy to experiences which were totally new to him. Troy may not have been too happy about his weekend in Denver, but rest assured that Mistress Benay and Master Robert both had a memorable time using their slaves.

As if all of that action was not enough, Mistress Benay went even further before the weekend was over, by using a Sissy French Maid, who she met at the conference for her personal service, and you can bet that the Mistress demanded plenty of obedience and pleasure from the maid, who did everything the Mistress ordered, with the hope that she would obtain a a permanent position of service in Mistress Benay’s Colorado Dungeon.

If you like exciting details of Female Domination, Bondage & Discipline, Male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Activities, and BDSM Adventures, then you need to get your hands on this FREE Book which spares no details of Mistress Benay’s Denver adventure.

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“His Fetish Desires: A Tale Of Female Domination” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 2/8 through 2/12

Becky Stewart has been married to her husband John for only five years, and already he has lost interest in initiating sex with her, and she can’t figure out what is causing the problem.

Becky is a drop dead gorgeous woman with long beautiful legs and a body that turns men’s heads wherever she goes. When Becky can’t take the neglect from her husband any longer, she confides in her best friend, and her friend Shirley suggests that Becky hires a private detective to follow John, and find out if he is cheating on Becky.
What the detective discovers turns Becky’s world upside down, and she is suddenly indoctrinated into the world of BDSM and the Fetish Desires of her inattentive husband.

With the help and guidance of Shirley, Becky quickly takes control of her marriage and gives her neglectful husband more than he ever bargained for in his Fetish Fantasies.

Once again, Mistress Benay has done a masterful job, and delivers a Sensuous Tale of Female Domination which will keep you aroused and turning pages as fast as you can to see how Becky uses her husband’s fetishes to her advantage, as she creates a Female Led Relationship where She is the one in Control, and her total satisfaction and pleasure is the only thing which matters.

Readers – Make sure that you are comfortable with Topics which include BDSM, Male Chastity, Female Domination, and Bondage and Discipline before venturing into this Very Sexy and Descriptive Novel.

Do you want to Play? Truth or Dare – Naugthy Sex Game For Couples: Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Consenting Adults!

Looking for an exciting adult game for and intimate sexy night at home or romantic vacation?

This sexy game book is a great way to keep the romance alive and exciting in any marriage. It will add some excitement and anticipation into your sex life.

To play, simply take turns with naughty truths and dirty dares like :


  • If you had to choose between only oral sex or only penetrative sex for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
  • Is sex better when you’re in love, or better when the other person is hot and mysterious?
  • Would you rather dominate someone or be dominated?
  • If you had the power to give or receive unlimited orgasms, what would you pick?
  • Would you rather sleep with only insanely hot people or sleep with only people who think you’re insanely hot?
  • If you could double the amount in your bank account or double the amount of sexual partners you’ve had, which would you pick?
  • Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time?


  • Use one of your sex toys on yourself for 60 seconds.
  • Put whipped cream on a body part you want me to lick it off of.
  • Show me a porn video you’d want us to act out together.
  • Handcuff me and do something you’ve always wanted to do to my body.
  • Blindfold me and kiss your favorite part of my body for 60 seconds.
  • Try to undress me with just your teeth.
  • Do your best to try to make me orgasm in the next 5 minutes.

This game is perfect for

  • Home date nights – Spark the passion and explore his or her secret fantasies
  • Heating things up in your relationship – Take your relationship to the next sexual level
  • Adult party / swinger game – Ho my! Your friends will never forget the sexiest party night EVER!
  • Romantic weekend getaways! – Make it a trip you’ll always remember!

This fun game is a fun gift for your lover, Husband, fiance, boyfriend or sex friend – no matter.

PERFECT Ice breaker for swinger party! Great fun guaranteed.

Makes a great Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Valentines Gift, Date Night Gift

Spice Up Your Sex Life! Buy yours now!

New Kinky FemDom & Chastity Release

“Sharing My Wife With Mistress Raven: A Kinky Couples Story” by Wanda Fox

“I think part of you likes it when I’m in charge…” That’s all it took for me and my wife to begin the hottest adventure we’ve ever had…

What followed was an in-depth discussion about what my wife really wants to explore. I was only too happy to help, but part of me thought we should do this right. Seek professional help. Enter Mistress Raven.

On a city break to Europe, I arranged a little ‘meeting’ with Mistress Raven, all with my wife’s blessing, of course.

Neither of us fully knew what to expect, but I had the pleasure of emailing the Mistress and asking her if she could help my wife explore certain… things. Taboo things for her, but ones I’ve been dying to try for the longest time…

Upon our initial ‘consultation’, Mistress Raven orders my wife into a chastity belt for some denial play. What follows would be the hottest dinner date of our married life. All of that teasing with no release for my wife. And both of us knowing we were to return to Mistress Raven’s place the very next day for her ‘follow up’ appointment…

I couldn’t believe how ‘hands on’ Mistress Raven was when we returned. Some of the things she did with my wife were way too personal to be considered only a ‘professional service…’

My Wife and Mistress Raven is a super hot 16K word story chronicling the moment a couple decides to try something new to the eventually very sticky climax!

This story contains BDSM, female chastity, female domination, threesome fun and a lot of new experiences for you to share with this kinky couple!