New Release of FemDom & Chastity Insights into Female Led Relationships

“Captured FemDom Moments: Short Insights into the World of Female Led Relationships”

The idea of a Female Led Relationship appeals to a large and growing number of men. What you will read in this book is a collection of individual scenarios that take place between a Mistress/Wife and her Slave/Husband.

Some of the scenarios are actual experiences of mine, some are the experiences of other like-minded individuals, a few are purely fantasy. But then, one man’s fantasy is another man’s reality and vice versa, isn’t that what they say?

I’ll leave you to decide which you think is which.

The scenarios consist mainly of conversations between the individuals involved, vary in length and, apart from being roughly alphabetical by title, are given in no particular order. As well as FemDom themes you will find cuckolding, enforced chastity, bondage, corporal punishment, enforced feminization, humiliation and teasing, all in varying amounts and combinations and to varying degrees.

You could think of these scenarios as captions but with a description rather than a picture, which leaves you free to form a picture in your own mind, inserting a suitable image of the lady of your dreams – or your fantasies.

Hopefully there is something here for everyone who has experienced, or longs to experience, being married to the kind of strong-willed woman who sees the value of a submissive husband.

Sample: He is at home when he gets a video call from his wife. He has been nervously anticipating her call but still almost drops his phone in his haste to answer. His phone screen shows her sat on the end of a huge four poster bed in a lavish hotel bedroom. His cock jumps in excitement inside its tiny metal prison as he takes in the way she looks. Black figure-hugging dress, stockings and stilettos, hair and makeup perfect and a sexy black choker around her neck.

Wife: Hey babe, just letting you know I’m OK and having lots of fun with Phil. He’s a real gentleman when we’re outside, very jealous and protective. But a real animal when we’re in bed, just how I like it! Do you like the new dress he bought me? New stockings and panties too, both of which you will be washing in your mouth when I get home. I’m wearing the sexy shoes you bought me for our anniversary too. I’ve decided I’m only going to wear them for Phil from now on. I bet that has your little cock squirming inside its cage! If you get all of your housework done, I might unlock it when I get home and tease you for a while. No cummies though remember. Not until Phil gets me pregnant.

All the Reviews say “Incredibly Erotic.” and “Brilliantly Written.”


Praise for Alex Jordaine titles:
“Top quality FemDom erotic fiction.”
“Compelling and arousing – a sure-fire winner.” Forum Magazine
“Incredibly erotic.” Siren Book Reviews
“Brilliantly written.” Midnight Boudoir
“Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.” Romance Reviews Today

Welcome to a world where pain is pleasure, submission is release…and sometimes losing means you win.

Robert has lost his way in every sense. Then he stumbles by chance into the deviant domain of stunning lifestyle dominatrix Karen. The sadistic Domme releases strong masochistic desires in him he’s previously deeply repressed.

Although the dark delights of BDSM are completely new to Robert he responds to them with overwhelming enthusiasm, glorying in his degradation and the searing marks of the regular chastisement he receives from Karen.

Robert is hell-bent on joining the tight-knit little “family” of hard-core S&M players the formidable dominatrix heads. But she makes it extremely difficult for him to achieve his goal.

The harder Karen makes things for Robert the more determined he becomes to win through. But sometimes winning is really losing. Whether he learns that lesson before it’s too late becomes a tense and thrilling race against time.

Get started in the world of FEMDOM today with this Definitive Guide by Eva Harmon!

“FemDom: Dominant Sex With a Dom Female. How to Make Him Your Sex Slave. Turn Your Man Into a Quivering Sub. BDSM, Spanking Tactics” by Eva Harmon

Have you ever experienced the rush that comes with dominating your sexual partner?

Have you ever experienced the power trip you get with submitting your sexual partner to your will?

Have you ever experienced the adrenaline you get with seeing your sexual partner helpless while begging you for mercy?

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction that comes with reducing your sexual partner to a quivering coward?

If you can relate to these questions, then it’s time you explored your darker side. In this book, we are going to explore the world of FEMDOM and how you can take your naturally dominant side and transform yourself into a powerful mistress. With the information presented in this book, you will get an introduction into the world of FEMDOM and how you can turn your man into dust.

For a lot of gals out there, this is the ultimate fantasy. There is nothing more stimulating and gratifying than to see your partner tied up, beating, and subdued. In fact, the rush of power that comes from having your partner completely helpless is incredibly difficult to beat.

In this volume you will learn about:

  • The world and FEMDOM and how you can become a powerful mistress without much difficulty
  • How to train your male subs so that they are reduced into a shaking maggot
  • The ways in which you can set up your personal domain to reflect your dominant personality
  • The types of outfits you can wear to suit your taste and personal style
  • The ways in which you can subject your male subs to excruciating torture and humiliation
  • The use of props and devices which you can put to good use during your FEMDOM scenes and encounters
  • The use of chairs and tables in your domination scenes
  • How you can use bathroom play to really take things up a notch while reducing your sub to nothing
  • How to use torture effectively especially as a means of punishment
  • Cuckoldry and other humiliation tactics

… and so much more!

So, if you have been thinking about unleashing your dark side, then there is no time like the present. If you are into BDSM, you will find that this book covers this topic extensively. In fact, we’ll give you so many ideas; you won’t even know where to begin.

We know that you are eager to get started with your FEMDOM fantasies. We are also sure that there are plenty of men out there who are eager to be your submissive slaves. So, why not oblige? Make them your slaves by pummeling them into submission.

Do you know what the best part is?

They’ll keep coming back for more. Your subs will be so thrilled by the tactics you have for them, that they won’t be able to stay away. In fact, don’t be surprised if you get requests from multiple subs.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started in the world of FEMDOM today! A word of caution though: once you cross the threshold, you won’t be able to go back…

“A Photographic Tribute To Mistress Benay: A Pictorial Look At The Life Of A Preeminent Dominatrix” will be FREE on Amazon for the Next Five Days

“A Photographic Tribute To Mistress Benay: A Pictorial Look At The Life Of A Preeminent Dominatrix” by Her Loving Husband Slave Troy will be FREE on Amazon from 9/19 through 9/23

In 2018 the World lost one of the most Renowned and Loved Mistresses, who was also a Top Selling Author of Novels dealing with Female Domination, Female Led Relationships, and Male Chastity. To the World, Mistress Benay may have just been one person. But to Her Loving Husband/Slave Troy, who mourns the loss of his Sweetheart every minute of every day, Mistress Benay was the World!

Now as a Lasting Memorial to his Dear Wife, and as a Special Gift to the thousands of Readers who enjoyed Mistress Benay’s Books over the years, and to the Tens of Thousands of people who followed Mistress Benay on Twitter and Facebook, slave Troy has compiled into this Beautiful Book with a selection of over 50 Full Size Color Photos, many never seen before of a truly Outstanding Mistress and Author.

Readers who are fortunate enough to get a copy of this Captivating Paperback will be treated to a Pictorial Journey of Mistress Benay’s Life which will include not only Color Photos of the Mistress which were taken at her Colorado Bed & Dungeon, but also behind the scene Images showing the Mistress at work and at play with her slave/husband.

Anyone who was lucky enough to have had a Session with Mistress Benay in her Colorado Dungeon, and the Countless Readers who have bought and loved her Fiction and Non-Fiction Novels will definitely want to add this Beautiful Photographic Keepsake to their Library.

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This journey is described in great detail by Mistress Benay and clearly shows how any Woman can take control of a man and turn him into her subservient partner.

This journal is an Easy, Fun, and Informative read which leaves nothing to the imagination. If there is a male out there who wishes that his partner would take control of their relationship, then he needs to give her a copy of this book.

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