New Release: Five FemDom Tales in One Boxed Set

“The Traveling Domme: Boxed Set” by Rain Star

This tantalizing boxed set contains all five books in the Traveling Domme Series because FemDoms are forever.

1. Submission in Barcelona: What happens with a lifestyle Dominatrix walks into a sex store in Barcelona?

2. Submission in Prague: In the back room of a sex shop, anything goes.

3. Submission in Fiji: Mathew has a secret! Under his starched, button down shirt and neck tie, he’s a submissive, chaste, sissy.

4. Submission in Las Vegas: Somewhere in Vegas there’s a FemDom club where all your submissive dreams will come true.

5. Submission in Berlin: When you’re a cuck, is five a crowd?

These FemDom tales of submission delve into: chastity, pegging, cuckolding, humiliation, bondage, orgies, sissification, gay m/m and f/f and all sort of other delicious depravity.

Come, join in.

A New Kinky Release by Popular Author KinkyWriter

“10 Kinky Orgasms” by KinkyWriter

  • Naughty Night Cap – wait until dark, then blindfold yourself in your backyard and masturbate
  • Kinky Car Ride – stuff yourself with your favorite butt plug and dildo, and go for a ride!
  • Bound & Frustrated – bind yourself with a bondage hood, wrist and ankle cuffs, and a pair of nipple clamps; you can only get off by rubbing yourself on other objects around your apartment

As a long-time member of a kinky Internet forum, Chloe enjoyed hearing about the fantasies of other fellow perverts like herself.

But even more fun than that was carrying them out and then sharing the results with everyone the following day!

Finding herself in the mood for something extra naughty, the girl offers to take on not two, not five, but TEN KINKY CHALLENGES from her Internet friends over the course of the week, featuring everything from bondage restraints and gags to spanking implements, vibrators, and other truly diabolical instruments of torment.

Are you ready to go along for the ride and bear witness to Chloe’s kinky challenges for yourself?!

Challenge #6 – Slave to the Job
submitted by SmutLord420

If you’re able to work from home, spend the day chained to your desk with plenty of toys to help keep you distracted from actually being productive. You can &$# as much as you want – just be creative about it!

Chloe was really excited about the idea of spending an entire work day in bondage, and after telling her boss that she needed to work from home “to take care of some personal things,” she was off to the races sorting through her vast collection of gear in search of just the right toys to dominate her attention throughout the day…

Matching wrist and ankle cuffs were a given, and her favorite black leather cuffs with pink accents would be just perfect. 
Coincidentally, the set also came with a 1 ½” leather collar that featured a nice D-ring on the front which she could use to tether herself to her desk, which seemed like fun.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a day in bondage without a good, quality gag, for which she turned once again to her favorite colors with a sexy, all-encompassing ball gag trainer with a bright pink ball for her lips and lots of black leather straps to weave around her head to hold it in place.

Rounding out her slave attire, Chloe sorted through piles of clinking chains and leather straps until she finally settled on a simple body harness that she hadn’t worn in ages with a long strap that ran from her neck down through her legs coupled with several straps circling her torso including above and below her breasts.

The straps were just wide enough to hold in a plug or two, if she so desired, and so in continuation from the previous night’s fun she opted for a couple of vibrating toys that she could manipulate up and down to tease herself as the work day crawled by..

New Magazine Dedicated to Female Led Relationships

“Ladylike Magazine: The TOP 8 Tips for a Female Led Relationship” by Claire Curtis

What exactly is a Female Led Relationship?

The good news is, it can be anything you want it to be.

At it’s heart, a Female Led Relationship (FLR) is when the woman takes control of her man. How you decide to exercise this power is entirely up to you. The point is, your husband should be submissive to you and obey your decisions, even if he doesn’t totally agree at first.

Often, this involves a reversal of traditional gender norms in a marriage. A lot of women decide to take control of their household finances. A FLR often involves a wife’s total sexual freedom to sleep with men outside the marriage. Meanwhile, the husband might be denied sex, or certain sexual rights, for long periods of time if not indefinitely. Naturally, the husband will be required to do the distasteful household chores that have so often been considered women’s work, such as cleaning and cooking.

Again, these are all suggestions. For instance, I happen to enjoy cooking, so I don’t make my husband do it. He does have to clean the kitchen for me when I’m done though. And aside from cooking, he does most of the domestic chores. What woman wouldn’t want their husband to wait on her and treat her like a princess, every day?

Has your man ever asked you to do something in bed you didn’t want to? Well, that wont happen in a FLR. Maybe you just want to cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie together instead of having sex. Maybe you want him to go down on you. Believe it or not, a lot of guys can be trained to become completely obedient and docile lovers.

It is usually only beta-males who get married. They might think that they are Alpha-males, but in their hearts, they know that they want a dominant woman to kick their ass and boss them around.

And what about the Alpha-males? Have you ever met an amazing guy who struck up a conversation and made you cream your panties with his smile? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have a casual hook-up with guys like that, even though you’re technically married?

You might be surprised to learn just how many married men are already cuckolds even before their wedding. My husband wasn’t originally on board with my sexual freedom, but I am proud to say that I have trained him to be an obedient and submissive cuckold. And, believe it or not, he thanks me for it now!

Male sexuality is complicated, but in a lot of ways I can sympathize with him. I love being submissive with my long-term bull, so I can see why my husband allows me to dominate him in the same way. Giving up control can be the best kind of release.

Of course, you are the boss. You can sleep with your husband’s friends or you can merely threaten to do so. It’s always nice to have that card in your back pocket to use if you need it. And your husband should always be aware that you could cheat on him at any time and that he is powerless to even protest.

I have never really thought of myself as a tomboy, but I really do wear the pants in my house. When I married my husband, I never imagined that I would end up pegging him with a strap-on dildo more often that having actual sex with him. But sometimes, the most Ladylike thing a wife can do is turn her husband into a little sissy bottom.

Have You seen the Latest Edition of “Sissy Magazine”?

“Sissy Magazine: The Top 8 Foot Fetish Tips”

Do you enjoy rubbing your wife’s feet? Kissing them? Worshiping them? I think every husband should get in the habit of getting down on his knees and giving his wife a nice, relaxing foot rub once in a while. Or, why not do it every day? It’s a chore my husband has learned to love—especially since I have started cuckolding him.

I’m the kind of woman who enjoys seeing her husband at her feet. Some people call this Female Domination and others call it a Female Led Relationship. In my case, my husband’s foot fetish and his generally submissive attitude led me to experience my own sexual awakening. There are a lot of reasons that I cuckold him and a lot of ways that I humiliate him. And even if he didn’t have such a strong foot fetish, I would still probably make him worship my feet. I enjoy it when he lowers himself for me. I guess it’s just an added bonus for him that he likes it so much.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the cuckolding lifestyle, and one of the reasons I am giving all this advice is to encourage more couples to try it out. One truth you have to accept is that most women want to be on top, in more ways than one—we like to ride during sex, to wear the pants in the house and make important decisions, and to have sexual freedom. It’s boring to only have sex with one man for the rest of your life. Most women would like to have a little something on the side, if only it were possible.

And then, there are women like me who are comfortable having a lot of guys on the side, backdoor-men, friends with benefits, and one night stands whenever possible. It wasn’t always like this for us though. My husband always showed a lot of submissive tendencies, and it was only after a few years of marriage and a lot of discussions that we both agreed to try cuckolding. Frankly, he was just bad at sex! I am a normal, red-blooded woman, and I like to feel like a woman in bed. When it came down to it, my husband wanted to be submissive, too. One of the indications of this was his foot fetish. So, I was kind of forced to seek male companionship outside of our marriage.

In a lot ways, cuckolding and a foot fetish go hand in hand. I mean, if I no longer desire to let my husband have sex with me, we have to find other ways to achieve physical intimacy. So, I let him lick and suck on my toes. I might let him masturbate into a pair of my dirty pantyhose while I am off with a bull. And I might give him a little kick in his useless balls before I leave for my date, too.

Yeah, I know, foot fetishes are often seen as kind of perverse. I mean, why would a guy be more interested in my feet than in my vagina or my breasts? I think the simple answer is that your husband secretly wants to be cuckolded. He is acting out like this to encourage you to seek a man who will please you the way a man should. So, next time you meet a guy who confesses that he has a fetish for your feet, date him—and then cuckold him and feminize him, too! You’ll end up getting a lot of new shoes, I promise!

“The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 7/14 through 7/18

“The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 7/14 through 7/18

When Ann and Joe Walker leave Toms River, New Jersey and buy a home in Pueblo, Colorado, neither of them have any idea that their lives are going to change forever, because of the neighborhood that they have decided to move into.

This is a neighborhood where the Women are always in control, and the men are strictly subservient.

Here the men are not only at the Beck and Call of their Wives, but all males in this neighborhood are also forced to wear Male Chastity Tubes 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week, so that they will focus at all times on Serving and Pleasuring their Wives.

Mistress Benay tells the story of this Kinky Neighborhood in the wonderful style of writing which her loyal readers have become used to.

You are sure to be entertained, aroused, and maybe even frightened a little bit, because this can happen in your neighborhood also!

From one of the many Glowing Reviews that this Novel has Received:

Verified Purchase

A legend in the female domination community, an icon in female-led relationships, and a wonderfully kind woman (in the few interactions I was fortunate enough to enjoy before her sudden passing), Mistress Benay was an author who not only believed in her stories, but who lived them as well.

In deciding where to start with her literary legacy, I chose The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control over any of her real-life accounts because it has that introductory feel, welcoming the characters and the reader into her realm of chastity, tease-and-denial, and female-led relationships.

What really struck me about the whole story is the fact that it’s not only female-led, but female-focused and female-driven. This is a woman’s fantasy, written by a woman, told by a woman, and centered on women seeking out greater physical and psychological pleasures in their relationships. For a genre that is so often marked by stories of men begging or pressuring their wives into fulfilling their own fantasies of female domination (topping from the bottom, as the case may be), it’s refreshing to read a story where it’s the women who have the fantasies and the men who are led into a new reality. It’s even more exciting to read a story where love and devotion are what drives the fetish, not degradation and humiliation.

Personally, I love the idea of the female-led neighborhood where all the husbands are in permanent chastity, with their focus being entirely on serving and pleasing their wives. Introducing Ann and Joe to that neighborhood lifestyle allows us to learn alongside them, to witness how tease-and-denial can transform a relationship, and to appreciate the way in which chastity can deepen the emotional bond between spouses. This does serve very much as a how-to guide, with the other wives speaking for Mistress Benay (and sharing her Male Chastity guidebook as a primer for new wives).