“CONTROLLED BY THE MISTRESS: AN EROTIC NOVEL” just released by Popular FemDom Author Alex Jordaine


Praise for Alex Jordaine titles:
“Top quality Femdom erotic fiction.” carasutra.com
“Compelling and arousing – a sure-fire winner.” Forum Magazine
“Incredibly erotic.” Siren Book Reviews
“Brilliantly written.” Midnight Boudoir
“Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.” Romance Reviews Today

When dark fantasies become even darker reality…

Alan daydreams constantly about catering to the deviant desires of a group of beautiful sexually dominant women who effectively own his body and can do anything they want with it.

He meets Mistress Helena who, assisted by three other skilled dominatrices, provides him with the means to live out these obsessive fantasies to the full. Whenever she contacts Alan he must obey her every demand and those of the Mistresses in her entourage – regardless of how daunting and depraved those demands are. He is compelled to always do whatever they order him to without fail.

In the process of exploring all his darkest erotic impulses in this way Alan falls heavily for Mistress Helena. But he has no way of knowing whether the enigmatic dominatrix has similar feelings for him.

Another Great FemDom Novel by Alex Jordaine

Newly Released – “The Chastity Contract: An Erotic Suspense – Tease, Denial and Chastity Cages”

“The Chastity Contract: An Erotic Suspense – Tease, Denial and Chastity Cages – Books 1-3 Paperback – May 22, 2021 by James Hardcourt

A young married couple, a wealthy widow, and an offer that could change their lives. What will they give up to truly gain their freedom?

Sex and relationship blogger, Emma Stevens, is conflicted when she receives a shocking offer from a rich and domineering follower, Catherine Argent. What will they trade to have her loving husband’s manhood locked away in a tight steel cage, his pleasure denied for an entire year. What’s it worth, what will they learn, and what will it really cost them all?

This collection features the first three books of the Chastity Contract series (Entrapped, Enticed, Encased). It is an erotic suspense that explores orgasm denial, male and female chastity, and the darker sides of the human mind.

Get started with this suspenseful new series today and discover new erotic ideas, and the mystery behind their twisted benefactor’s real motivations.

Contains drama, intrigue, and lots of explicit, kinky sex. 18+ only.

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

A 322 Page Thriller that will Keep You Turning the Pages to see what happens next!

5.0 out of 5 Stars … Extremely Erotic!

“Serving Sarah” By Molly Sands

‘Why don’t you call me by that other name?’ Sarah whispered.

‘I won’t mind if you do.’

When Charles Hunter loses his highly-paid job, his wife Sarah decides to indulge his long-hidden fantasy of living as her slave. To begin with the change feels easy, almost natural, but soon they are enacting the strange rituals of sadomasochism, partners in a devil’s-dance of love and pain, cruelty and desire – ‘Kneeling before Sarah, Charles was overwhelmed by conflicting emotions.

He hadn’t lost his pride, but it had become long submerged beneath his submissive yearnings. Even as he massaged Sarah’s nylon-clad foot, pride still burned in his heart and mind, but the flames only fueled his masochistic joy by reminding him of all he had lost, and when he looked at Sarah’s pretty foot resting on his apron and, beneath that, the lacy hem of his slip peeping out from under his maid’s dress, he hated how foolish he must look, and yet he loved to feel so shamed and helpless in front of the woman he loved.’

A new Erotic Romance by Molly Sands.

Adult readers only. (52000 words) BDSM/Erotica/Romance/Cuckold/Love & Marriage.

5.0 out of 5 Stars Femme Fatales, Kidnapping, Slavery, Mind Control, Intrigue, Betrayal, & Sex … Wow!

“The FemDom Syndicate: Secretly Turning Husbands into Cuckolds and Slaves to their Dominant Wives” by PhDomme Emma

Five out of Five Stars ….

Just finished this second volume of the FemDom Syndicate and it’s every bit as good as the first!

PhDomme Emma has a gift for telling sexy & addictive adventure stories. Never would have expected so much intrigue combined with raw sexual experiences in a FemDom novel.

I love the FemDom genre and read a selection of authors who are also really great storytellers and PhDomme Emma is one of my top favorites.

These first books by her are consistently good and I am looking forward to more of this epic story in Volume III. If you lust for commands from a Dominant Woman and relish feeling submissive under her spell, this is the next best thing to kneeling in service.

★ Are you ready to enter a world of predatory Dommes, who turn husbands into obedient slaves to their wives? ★

On the outside, Amy and Michael may seem like an ordinary married couple. Amy owns a little art gallery in New York. Michael, her loving husband, is secretly harbouring submissive feelings toward Dominant Women. His persistent fantasies of FemDom cuckold adventures were as yet never fulfilled. Amy is, like a proper wife, initially repelled by the idea of cheating on her husband.

But when both embark on a journey to Berlin, they meet a handsome stranger, who brings Amy to question her resistance to an open marriage. She has no idea there is already an elaborate scheme in place that will change both her and Michael’s lives forever.

After Amy’s chance encounter with a gorgeous guy on the plane, and an offer from his good friend Emma to stay at Her beautiful country mansion, things heat up quickly for the vacationing couple.

Before they realize what is happening, they find themselves being drawn into a world of Femdom hierarchy and control, from which there seems to be no escape. They are led deeper and deeper into an erotically charged web of irresistible seduction and control.

Amy’s eyes are opened to a world of sexual experiences she never thought possible, too distracted to realize that her husband has fallen into the hands of a very dangerous Dominatrix.

This 54,000 word erotic novel contains explicit adult content including; femdom, forced chastity, crossdressing, coerced Feminization, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, male slave training etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

Volume II of The FemDom Syndicate turns up the heat as Amy and Michael continue to explore their FemDom cuckold adventure together. Amy is beginning to enjoy her new-found power over Michael, and begins to explore her own sexuality in new and exciting ways. Amy is given a career opportunity of a lifetime by Emma, and becomes a member of the Society for the Advancement of Women. Meanwhile, Michael is falling deeper and deeper under the irresistible spell of Sophie, the beautiful and wicked Dominatrix. Sophie has plans for the couple, and neither Amy or Michael understand just how deeply Sophie’s claws have dug into them until it is far too late.

Emma learns of Sophie’s misdeeds and takes decisive action to rescue Amy and Michael from Sophie’s clutches, setting the stage for an epic battle of wits and strategy between the two ultra-powerful women and their sexy allies.

Strap in and get ready for an unpredictable and incredibly erotic Femdom journey all across Europe, in which old friends and new join together to advance their cause in the secret, kinky world of Female Domination and male submission.

This 86,000 word erotic novel contains explicit adult content including; FemDom, forced chastity, crossdressing, Feminization, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, male slave training etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

“FemDom Law Firm” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 5/5 through 5/9

“FemDom Law Firm: A Tale Of Female Domination” will be FREE on Amazon from 5/5 through 5/9

Nicholas Paige thought that he would have no problem at all being hired by a Prestigious Law Firm when he graduated at the top of his class from a Nationally Acclaimed Law School.

When the best offer he received, was from a Philadelphia Law Firm whose Managing Partners were all women, Nicholas thought that as an attractive male, he had it made.

Unfortunately, he had no idea of what laid in store for him when he joined the FemDom Law Firm, and he was not prepared for what happened to him once he incurred the wrath of the Senior Attorneys at the Firm.

You won’t want to put this thrilling Novel down once you start to read it, as Mistress Benay weaves a sensuous plot which takes the reader into the depths of Female Domination, Male Chastity, BDSM Activities, and Female Led Relationships.

Make Sure that you download your FREE Copy of “FemDom Law Firm” on Amazon from 5/5 through 5/9.