“Edge Play” by Jane Boon – National Leather Association’s Pauline Reage Novel Award, Finalist

“Masters of the Universe have a new mistress—a protagonist who learns to wield power in the excessive, fascinating cultures of Wall Street and BDSM-for-hire. BOW DOWN.”
—WEDNESDAY MARTIN, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Primates of Park Avenue and Untrue

EDGE PLAY” by Jane Boon

CORRECTION: Amy Lefevre’s second language is risk. A gorgeous young investment banker, she navigates Wall Street’s toxic culture with ease—until the stock market collapses.

CRISIS: Amy starts investigating the failed deals her boss engineered. Drawn to a treacherous ride on the edge, will her efforts to expose him cause her to lose it all?

CONSENT: Amy’s best friend is a dominatrix with an offer: take over her elite S&M dungeon, catering to the pervy needs of millionaires and billionaires and learn the true nature of power.

EDGE PLAY is a universe beyond Fifty Shades of Grey and The Big Short, set in the most elite, twisted circles of Wall Street mega-power and S&M. Amy Lefevre dives into an underground realm of Big Swinging Dicks only to find that, in this arena, the women wield the whips and the men submit.

Edge Play explores obsession and ambition with a fetishist’s eye for detail. From the sleek Syren latex to the sexy Louboutins, to power moves found in both the dazzling hustle of high finance and the darkness of the dungeon, this book delivers.”
—LILY BURANA, Author of Strip City

“This is such a fun book! Smart, sexy, and full of surprises. It’s also full of stingingly authentic details of Wall Street and the BDSM culture simmering just below it. It’s a New York where everyone wants to come out on top, and power is a skill that can be learned.”
—JO WELDON, Author of Fierce: The History of Leopard Print and The Burlesque Handbook

“Edge Play” by Jane Boon

Don’t Miss Out on “The Little Big Book of Legs” by Dian Hanson

“The Little Big Book of Legs” by Dian Hansonby

Many loved The Big Book of Legs but some found it just too darn big, weighing in at nearly seven pounds.

True, it was packed with shapely legs spanning six decades, from the first shy emergence of the ankle in the 1910s, through the rolled stockings and rouged knees of the 1920s, to the Betty Grable ’40s, the stockinged and stilettoed ’50s, on into the sexually liberated ’60s and ’70s, but it could still put a dent in your own thighs if you sat reading for too long.

Fortunately here at TASCHEN we listen to your groans of agony as well as your moans of ecstasy; thus, this light and portable new edition, packing over 100 of the choicest photos from the original volume, as well as 38 new photos, into a compact (and frankly adorable) package.

From Betty Grable to Bettie Page, the greatest legs of the 20th Century can be found within, shot by Irving Klaw, Bunny Yeager, and the incomparable Elmer Batters, father of leg art.

There are silk and nylon stockings, high heels in abundance, curvy calves, taut thighs, playful toes and towering arches―with no bothersome text to get in the way. Could leg love get any sweeter?

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“Sweet Locked Humiliation” just released by KinkyWriter

“Sweet Locked Humiliation” by KinkyWriter

“You just love being locked up in that tight, little cage for me, don’t you?”

Learning to embrace the joys of tease and denial while her husband Michael was kept locked up in a silicone chastity cage, Emma the budding housewife turned mistress begins to explore the appeals of erotic humiliation and the sublime effects that her words can have on an already submissive and generally well-behaved husband.

From wild stories with former lovers to sex toys with character and even a bit of poolside teasing with her girlfriends, the heat is on for Michael to worship and serve his decadent wife as she taunts of replacing his locked manhood with a more impressive model much to his ultimate delight…

And so Emma thought for a moment as a small grin began to grow upon her face, and after giving her story plenty of thought and once her husband had been properly locked into his tight, little silicone prison while she held his key in the palm of her hand, Emma began to tell him the story of the night that she f&#(@d Maxwell after her cousin’s wedding when she was a junior in college.

She was very single, and he was hot – a groomsman who came unattached and probably could’ve had his pick of the bridesmaids, but instead they shared several drinks and dances throughout the night and the next thing she knew, she was on her knees in his hotel room upstairs…

“I can still remember unzipping his pants and holding it in my hands for the first time,” she mused with a romantic charm in her voice as her husband lay beside her on the bed, slowly running his fingers along the blue satin chemise that Emma wore as his dick tingled in its new self-imposed home. “I had a feeling that it was going to be impressive – he was tall and very handsome – but when I pulled his underwear down and it popped up over the band for me like a present,I honestly wondered if I was going to be able to take it all!”

“I sucked on the tip, and as much of it as I could fit in my mouth,” she added with a sly wink, “while I played with his balls for a while.”

“Even his balls were nice!” Emma told her chastised husband as he lay next to her with a dry throat, hanging on every word.

“He was clean shaven down there, which just made everything seem even bigger, and he was the first black guy that I’ve ever been with, so needless to say I was pretty impressed and when he told me to hike up my dress and lay down on the bed, I was so ready to get fucked even if I was a little nervous about how big he was…”

Emma then reached down and wrapped her hand around her husband’s locked up d$#%, squeezing the silicone slightly in her hand as she inched her body closer and looked directly into Michael’s eyes.

“It turns out that my panties were soaked when he pulled them off me and tossed them onto the floor,” she whispered fiercely with a giggle.

“He slid a condom on and I bent my legs up on the bed, still in my heels, and we shared a look for about twenty seconds while he teased me with just the tip of his c#@! that I’d been sucking on so passionately, and then suddenly he was inside of me.”

Don’t Miss “Sweet Locked Humiliation” by KinkyWriter

“Into Her Web” Released Today by Popular FemDom & Male Chastity Author Anna Ritter

“Into Her Web” by Anna Ritter

In a world filled with superheroes and nearly unstoppable villains, Nova City serves as an example of what can be created. Of course, the force behind this new venture has her own agenda. Melissa Tander has created her city as a model for female supremacy.

Most of the men across the country haven’t really figured this out yet, but that’s fine. Their naïveté will make it easier to control them.

Nova City has one powerful superhero: Riptide. Logan Drake might spend his days as a marine biologist, but he is determined to use his newfound superpowers to make the world a better place. He doesn’t believe there can be any real conspiracy in Nova City. Even after he meets the Weaver, a woman capable of creating telekinetic webs and draining strength with just a kiss, he holds onto his status as the city’s premier superhero.

But as he battles different villains, he discovers what the Weaver can do. She’s a nearly unstoppable superheroine, and she has special plans for Riptide. They might be competing, but she just needs one kiss to drain his strength and reduce him to the status of her regular boy. After that, she can take him—keep him—and use him. There’ll be no stopping her!

If he gets caught in her web, he will be chained down, naked, and powerless. That’s when the training can begin.

The Weaver understand how men think. She knows what it takes to retrain him, to teach him that he was never supposed to be powerful. Like every other boy, he was always destined for slavery. Now it’s just a matter of teasing him, denying him, and using him until he succumbs.

Riptide doesn’t know it, but he’s already stumbled into her web.

This 33,000 word novella features extensive Female Domination, Bondage, male Chastity training, Humiliation, and Pegging. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18. This Novella was written as a commission.

New FemDom Release:

“The Society” by Ava Paulson

The Society” by Ava Paulson

“We select men who we feel should be given the opportunity to become an “initiate,” which means that they have an association with, but will never be a member of the Society.

Some, like you, will be referred to as an “intended,” meaning that you are to be seen as the property of a single woman. That means you are mine,” she explained with a wink.

“Once a man becomes an intended,” Kat explained, “he is to regard himself as the property of the woman to whom he is aligned. She takes on the responsibility of training him, but she is under no obligation to keep him. Rather, it is up to him to continually make himself worthy of being kept.

His obedience, his devotion to her, his ability to please her, and ultimately, her satisfaction with him in general will all be taken into account in determining if he will be allowed to continue as her intended.”

Matthew felt as though he might be floating. He was experiencing a mix of unfamiliar emotions, none of which even seemed to have a name. He was fascinated with her, but maybe entranced was a better descriptor. He was afraid of her, yet he would have felt it impossible to turn away. He was aroused in a way that he had never experienced.

Pressed to explain, he might have likened it to how one might feel if, during an automobile accident, you and your female companion were thrown through the windshield of the car, and she turned to you in mid-flight and began having sex with you. Not that any of that even slightly made sense to him.

“There are many versions of what we have created, communities that are populated by like-minded people who believe in the inherent supremacy of the female,” Kat continued. “We acknowledge and celebrate every incarnation of this ideology. We, however, are unique in that we are also committed sadists. Observation of the male in a submissive position while enduring pain is a particular pleasure we enjoy.”

She paused, thinking. “The word ‘enjoy’ is, perhaps, not correct in this instance, since it is with a profound pleasure that we revel in the dynamic of a man wrestling with his own self-control while enduring the torture we provide. And we are very generous,” she added, a devious twinkle in her eyes.

The Society” by Ava Paulson