“Finding Love Through Female Domination” by Renee Lane

“Finding Love Through Female Domination”

5.0 Out of 5 Stars “A Must Have for any fan of Female Domination Reading !!!

“This is unlike any book you’ve ever read on the lifestyle!! First of all, Mistress Renee and her slave, are great writers in their own right, and they paint a vivid and descriptive world of their delicious decadence. You fall in love with this woman immediately, if that is your slant.”

Dominatrix Renee Lane and her submissive husband live in Memphis, Tennessee, disguised as an average married couple. In private life, they are mistress and slave.

For the last ten years, Ms. Renee has employed erotic S&M, mind control, and brainwashing techniques to forge an intimate and loving bond with her submissive partner. They consider themselves explorers of the boundaries of consensual female domination. Ms. Renee’s intense and radical approach to their relationship will challenge the reader who merely dabbles in BDSM.

The book is a collection of e-mails between Renee and a close friend, as well as Butler’s journal detailing his ever deepening submission to his true love. We follow the story as Renee continually challenges him to give up control and abandon his own agency. All the while she urged on by her lover and confidant, Heather, who acts as both observer and accomplice to his total enslavement.

Make no mistake, this is a love story. A story of unrelenting faith, trust, and devotion, and a couple’s willingness to cross boundaries and take things to the limit together in their own special world. Mind-bendingly erotic, and heart-wrenchingly romantic. An answer to the misconceptions of BDSM and Total Power Exchange portrayed in popular media.

331 Pages of Female Domination

“Femdom Starter Kit: (Ultimate Female Domination Bundle)” by Alexander Mind

“Femdom Starter Kit: (Ultimate Female Domination Bundle)”

The Femdom Starter Kit is the Ultimate Collection of Stories to get you started off in the Female Domination genre.

Featuring a diverse range of characters, sexualities, and scenarios, these six separate stories revel in erotic adventure, from the sparks between strangers to the knowing caresses of long-time lovers.

There’s sizzling hot fun for those who enjoy reading about light, sensual play in “Worshipping his Goddess and Keyholder,” then following the experiences of a first timer in “The Dominatrix Experience,” to the more extreme side of kink in “Kneel.” Men will experience what it is to be forced-feminized in “Lesbian’s Plaything.” get “Abducted and Milked” by the alien race, and wickedly cuckolded in “The Game.” These sexy encounters will give you plenty of fantasy fodder to last all year long.

NOTE: These stories may contain explicit sexual scenes and language (including domination/submission, forced feminization, chastity, foot worship, corporal punishment, cuckolding, financial domination, multiple partners, menage, and same sex) and are intended for mature 18+ readers only. Do not read this collection if explicit sexual content offends you. There are 6 separate stories that total more than 70,000 words.

Complete List (the stories go from light to hardcore):

Lesbian’s Plaything
The Dominatrix Experience
Worshipping his Goddess and Keyholder
The Game
Abducted and Milked

228 Page Collection of Female Domination Stories

Here’s An Excerpt from “The Fateful Phone Call Part III” which was just Released on Amazon

“The Fateful Phone Call Part III: Compelled To Serve Two Mistresses”

From the Chapter: Linda Discovers My Servitude To Gloria

I knew that I was going to be under a lot of pressure to perform as Mallory sat down on the edge of the chair in front of me, spread her legs, yanked on the leash, and pulled my head down in between her thighs. I quickly began licking her pussy, sucking on her clitoris, and sliding my tongue in and out of her vagina. I alternated the speed of my oral worship until Mallory started moaning and squeezing my head tighter with her thighs. Then I began sucking on her clitoris faster and slithering my tongue in and out of her vagina as swiftly as I could. It only took a few minutes before Mallory pressed her hands on the back of my head, pushed my face even tighter against her pussy and began emitting moans which loudly indicated the pleasure which she was experiencing.

When Mallory regained her composure she stood up and as all the women applauded, Susan said “Damm … I wish that I would have played my cards a little better tonight!” Then after everyone laughed, Linda said “Mallory, you go ahead and decide what you want to do with Roberta now. I am going to run upstairs for a few minutes to make sure that Edward is cleaning everything up properly and when I come back down, I will bring a bottle of wine for us.”

Mallory then had me stand up and ordered me to remove my petticoat, uniform, and panties. I did as I was ordered and was soon standing there in front of the three women in my collar, chastity cage, garter belt, stockings, and heels. Mallory took a pair of alligator clamps off the wall and snapped them onto my nipples immediately causing me significant pain. She then led me over to where I was facing the St. Andrew’s Cross and pushed me up against it.

Mallory asked Susan to assist her, and while Mallory secured my wrists into the cuffs at the top of the cross, Susan spread my legs and restrained my ankles into the cuffs at the bottom of the cross. Mallory then took the wide leather belt, which was attached to the middle of the cross, wrapped it around my waist, and tightened it up until my body was pulled flush against the wooden cross. She then went over to the wall and retrieved the Cat o’ Nine Tails Whip.

Just then, Linda returned to the Dungeon carrying a bottle of wine, set it down, and walked over to the cross where Mallory was getting ready to use the whip on me. As soon as Linda saw my ass cheeks, she loudly said “Slave, what in the hell happened to your ass?”

All three of the other surprised women, in unison said “Linda, we thought that you did that to Roberta.”

Angrier than I had ever seen her, Linda said “Like hell I did! I did not put any of those damm marks on Roberta!” Then Linda grabbed the Cat o’ Nine Tails Whip out of Mallory’s hand, viciously brought it down hard across my back and shouted “Slave, who did that to your ass?”

I was terrified to say anything, but my hesitation in answering her question only made Linda even madder. She began furiously whipping my back, my ass, the back of my thighs, and kept asking “Who did that to your ass? Who have you been seeing?”

Then she suddenly stopped whipping me, went over to the wall and retrieved the bull whip, and handed it to Elizabeth, and said “You are the expert in using a bull whip. Whip the hell out of this slave until I get an answer!”

I immediately remembered how bad the bull whip had hurt when Elizabeth had used it on me before and I quickly said, “No please!” But my plea was too late. Elizabeth had already flicked her wrist and the tentacles of the bull whip came thrashing down painfully across my back. While my body was reacting from the pain caused by the first blow, the follow up strike of Elizabeth’s bull whip caused me to scream out in pain and pleadingly say “Please stop. I will tell you everything you want to know!”

Linda nodded to Elizabeth and for a minute, I was given a reprieve, but Linda angrily said “Start talking slave or Elizabeth will really show you what she can do with that bull whip on a set of balls! Who did that to your ass?”

In between my sobbing with tears streaming down my face, I said “Gloria did it.”

For a second the Dungeon went completely silent, and you could have heard a pin drop. Then all three women gasped and at the same time said “Gloria?”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes Gloria” and Linda immediately said, “What in the hell were you doing with Gloria?”

Almost crying, I said “It is a long story. I did not have any choice. She is forcing me to serve her.”

Linda was so infuriated that she started whipping me some more with the Cat o’ Nine Tails and said “Well, you better start talking and not stop until you tell me the whole story, or your back is going to look like shredded meat when Elizabeth and I get done with it!”

I quickly began recounting everything that had happened from the day that I had received the pictures in the mail from Gloria and how she was using them to extort me into serving her every Tuesday and Thursday night. I made sure that I did not leave out any detail that had transpired up to that point.

When I was finished explaining what had happened, there was dead silence for a while and then Linda exclaimed “That stupid fucking bitch! How dare she mess with my slave and fuck with me behind my back! So, that explains why she never gave me the pictures that she took at my party. She is going to pay and pay big for what she has done!”

You can see “The Fateful Phone Call Part III: Compelled To Serve Two Mistresses” on Amazon as either a Paperback or in Kindle Format

These Reviews on “What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets” Series says it all!

“What The Mistress Wants …The Mistress Gets!: A Tale Of Female Superiority”

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantasies to dwell on

It is very arousing and fun to read as you follow Mistress Vanessa development as a Mistress as well as her friendship with her roommates Alicia and Joan. As a bonus we watch Mistress Vanessa handle a new client that has written a script of fantasies for her to follow and watch his reaction as she goes off script. If possible, I would give this book a 10 rating. Can’t wait to read her next book.

5.0 out of 5 stars A True tale of Becoming a Mistress

Vanessa came to NY to take up acting. Soon she met Alicia and Joan two girls looking for a roommate. After meeting with them she finds they are dominatrixes. They soon offer her a chance to work at this club they work at and earn more money then she can dream of. Soon Vanessa is trying out at the club with Joan and her first client Robert is on the receiving end of her domination.

Being whipped, attached to a spreader bar. has nipple clamps attached and more. Vanessa has become Mistress Vanessa and enjoys every minute of it in more ways than one. I can’t wait to read her next adventure. I am sure it will be hot. t almost makes me yearn to be dominated by a true Mistress like her.

After a Successful and very Eventful Twenty-Year career as a Professional Dominatrix in New York City and Philadelphia, Mistress Vanessa recently retired and moved to Virginia, where she enjoys a Female Led Marriage with her new husband and has now started a new career as an Author, writing about her life experiences as a Professional Domme and the submissive men she catered to at various houses of Female Domination where she worked.

What The Mistress Wants The Mistress Gets! (3 book series) by Mistress Vanessa,

“What The Mistress Wants The Mistress Gets!”

“The Fateful Phone Call Part III: Compelled To Serve Two Mistresses” has just been Released as a Paperback on Amazon

“The Fateful Phone Call Part III: Compelled To Serve Two Mistresses”by R.T. McConnell aka Slave Robert is now Available in Kindle Format and also as a Glossy Paperback

If you were fortunate enough to read “The Fateful Phone Call” Parts I and II, then you already know that poor Slave Robert has had quite a hard time dealing with everything that happened with Mistress Gloria and his new one-year servitude agreement with Mistress Linda.

As if he already did not have enough trouble trying to balance his work life and his servitude to a very Dominant Mistress, his life has suddenly become even more complicated because Gloria, holding the pictures which she took at Linda’s Party as a threat over Robert and his career, has now decided to force him into servitude to her while he is currently serving Mistress Linda.

Robert’s life has now gone from the ‘Frying Pan’ into the ‘Fire’ as he tries to serve Gloria during the week while he continues to be Mistress Linda’s Sissy Slave Maid on the weekend. Something has to give, and unfortunately it is Robert. When Mistress Linda discovers what has been going on, she is rightfully upset that Gloria has double crossed her and has infringed on her ownership of Slave Robert. What Linda does to teach Gloria a lesson will totally surprise you, titillate you, and keep you turning the pages of this Exciting Novel non-stop.

You will be absolutely amazed and surprised by the events which take place in this Revealing and Intense Action Packed Female Domination Novel.

Readers are advised that this Novel contains graphic descriptions of Female Domination and Female Led Relationship Activities including Bondage, Discipline, High Heel and Boot Worship, Sissy Maid Training, Pegging, and Male Chastity.
This Novel is not suited for anyone under the age of twenty-one.