Important Message:

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The articles which I will be publishing on this Blog Website are obviously written from the mindset and life experiences of a Submissive Male who has willingly served a Dominant Female in a Female Led Marriage, and has lived in enforced male chastity for the better part of the last seventeen years. 

I want to make sure however that everyone visiting this site has had the opportunity to visit Mistress Benay’s Author Page on Amazon, because there you will find her Biography, a listing of all of her books, and an invaluable wealth of information on FemDom Relationships, Matriarchy, and Male Chastity.  Her non-fiction help books and her FemDom fiction Novels will give you insight into the Dominant Female’s perspective on Female Led Relationships.

While my writings on this blog are influenced by my many years of loyal servitude to a wonderful Mistress, You should really visit Mistress Benay’s Page on Amazon if you want a Dominant Woman’s Viewpoint on Female Led Relationships.

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