New Five Star Novel by Accomplished FemDom Author:

“Finding My FemDom Fantasy” by Thimble

While scrolling through Twitter one night, Michael finds the profile of the beautiful Mistress Bianca. With her long hair and full, soft body, she pushes all of Michael’s submissive buttons. He’s immediately smitten.

He begins serving her online, hoping but not expecting to ever meet her. But soon, with luck and nerve, he gets the opportunity to serve her in real life, and is pulled into a world of sexual servitude and intense domination.

He learns that lifestyle domination is much different than visiting a pro, as she pushes him up to and then through many of his limits. Michael is forced to confront entrenched beliefs about himself and how far he’ll go to serve his Mistress.

As their relationship intensifies, Michael is confronted with the decision to give up his life in New York to be her personal slave. Will he do it? Can he push through his boundaries to live the life he’s always wanted? And can he trust that her feelings are sincere?

This 254 Page FemDom Novel contains strap on, corporal punishment, golden showers, sissification, forced bi, cuckolding, foot worship, spanking, ass worship, body worship, slave training and romance.

“CHASTITY: The Guide to Male Chastity” by Marisa Rudder

“CHASTITY: The Guide to Male Chastity (Female Led Relationship Book 6)” by Marisa Rudder

5.0 Out of 5 Stars … A Wonderful Guide to the many benefits of Male Chastity

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“Speaking from personal experience, chastity is a powerful experience, channeling a man’s sexual energy into productive means, loving and serving his Queen. Through surrendering such control over oneself, sexual desire is heightened both inside and outside of the bedroom. I really like how thorough this book is. Queen Marisa details the numerous benefits of male chastity, from physiological enhancements, increased desire to place your woman’s needs before your own, even exploring the spiritual aspects of chastity. She also offers practical tips on how to use chastity devices. A thorough guide for sure!

“CHASTITY | The Guide to Male Chastity” is the latest book in Marisa Rudder’s Female Led Relationship Series. This amazing Chastity book will change your life. Imagine your man treating you like a Queen and getting more pleasure out of pleasuring you than receiving pleasure himself.
Imagine your man doing whatever you tell him without complaining.
Imagine your man gladly doing the housework, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes and more? With the techniques and training guidelines in my book, you can have such a man. In fact, you may already be living with a man who has the potential to become this perfect man.
A modern Love and Obey Female Led Relationship or marriage includes male chastity and orgasm control. The wife decides when her husband is allowed to orgasm.
The wife is in charge and the husband submits to her loving female authority. Her man is completely obedient. Women will learn how to use their feminine power to control their man’s sexuality. Women will learn how to tame and train a man.
Men will learn the value of submitting to loving Female Authority. Men will become more loving, devoted and romantic. Women will take charge of the relationship or marriage and their men will become obedient. The Woman’s authority and sexuality are worshiped by their man.
At Love and Obey, we believe that whoever controls the pussy makes the rules. Pussy denial is used to guide your husband’s behavior and this makes your Female Led Relationship more permanent.
Men will worship us as Goddesses and serve us as Queens and obey us as their Mistresses.
Your Love and Obey Female Led Lifestyle, including Male Chastity, is the future of relationships and marriages.

“FemDom Captives: Erotic Novel” by Lexi Loverli

“FemDom Captives: Erotic Novel” By Lexi Loverli

Nelson Wilbur thought he was lucky when he met Tammy, a stunningly beautiful girl, and brought her home for a fun night. But it didn’t happen as Nelson expected.

With the help of her friend Tara, Tammy captivated Nelson in his home, disciplined and punished him cruelly, training him to be obedient. Nelson’s life turned upside down. Tammy moved in, and Nelson obeyed and introduced Tammy as his girlfriend to his family and friends.

As time went by, Nelson grew to love Tammy, worshipping her, obeying, and participating in her sexual activities. He let Tammy penetrate his wealthy social circle, and Tammy engaged in erotic games with Nelson’s family and friends, having a blast.

This is a story about two beautiful and smart girls who exploited wealthy men for pleasure and money. They had fun disciplining and watching their men succumb and then falling in love with them. But the girls also bestowed love and sensual gratification, developing binding relationships that made the men craving for more.

The book contains explicit sexual acts, corporal punishment, slave training, female body worship, and FemDom Love and kindness.

New Release: “Caught by Tina: A FemDom Story” by Allison Anders

“Caught by Tina: A Femdom Story”

Aaron just had a mild kink. He like to tease and deny himself to prolong his orgasms, and he does so by practicing self-bondage. It’s all harmless fun, and easy enough to escape whenever he wants to.

But then, thanks to a miscommunication, his sexy neighbor Tina walks in on him while he’s tied up. She immediately sees an opportunity to explore what would happen if Aaron couldn’t escape his bonds, and at first, it’s everything he could have hoped for.

But Tina’s suddenly-awakened dominant side is insatiable and goes to extremes Aaron could never have imagined, and he’s soon in chastity and under Tina’s command as they both discover just how much Tina likes being in control.

Caught by Tina: A FemDom Story”

New FemDom Release:



John Morton isn’t really interested in sex – or so he’s always told himself.

But then he meets high-end Professional Dominatrices Suzanne Greenwood and Laura Collins who employ him to manage their finances. And in getting to know them as more than clients he realizes exactly how wrong he’s been.

Under the seductive influence of the two stunning Dommes, John’s years of self-deception unravel. He’s at first shocked then deeply thrilled and excited to discover the true nature of his sexuality. It feels amazingly liberating to submit to the strict discipline the women inflict upon him, his backside smarting hotly from their cruel punishment, his erection raging.

Suzanne and Laura constantly push John’s boundaries, upping the ante all the time, and in the process take him into the dark depths of hardcore BDSM. But his ever more extreme experiences at their sadistic hands eventually bring him to a point where he loses his nerve. He feels compelled to bring that heady chapter of his life to an end.

At the same time one of John’s other clients, a talented young fashion designer called Monika Lewis, tells him she’s very attracted to him. He jumps at the opportunity of starting a “normal” sexual relationship with the dynamic blonde beauty. It doesn’t work out though and he gives up on her. But she doesn’t give up on him. With help from an unexpected quarter Monika prepares a less than tender trap for the unsuspecting John.

Check out this Fast Paced 203 Page FemDom Novel