New Hot FemDom Bundle Just Released

“Femdom Hot Stories: Making Him into My Sissy Slave, Forced Feminization, Spanking” … and much more by Mashi Marrow

Are you ready to dominated, enslaved, and humiliated? Do you want rough sex, be forced to cross-dress, and turned into a woman’s plaything? Is torture and punishment what you want, pegged and strapped until you are begging for release?

Enter a world of female domination over men that turns even the most masculine into a quivering, submissive wreck who is ready to please and satisfy his mistress, no matter what she desires.

In this three-book bundle, you’ll find some of the most electrifying BDSM, rough, submissive, and humiliating sex. You will be stunned, shocked, and ultimately be left begging for even more.

Femdom Hot Stories isn’t just about men being totally submissive to a woman in control, it’s about enjoying that experience and wishing it was you who was the subject of her domination.

With more than 30 short stories, each containing graphic depictions of the sort of sexual encounters that we usually only dream of, this is an audio book bundle that will keep you entertained and aroused for hours on end. And ultimately, you’ll be looking forward to the next time you dip inside this wanton, shameless world of sexual encounters where the women are most definitely in charge.

Warning: explicit content. This is an explicit erotic story. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material in

Add a healthy dose of BDSM to Your Sex Life … Check Out this New Release

Experience the difference.  

“Marriage Games: Turn Your Bedroom Into A BDSM Dungeon” by More Sex More Fun Book Club

One of the biggest misconceptions about BDSM is: It’s violence. 

That’s nonsense. 

BDSM is an additional flavor in your bedroom. It’s a safe sexual role-playing game between you and your partner.

Learn how to live out your sexual desires, explore your sexual fantasies, and experiment with pain and pleasure.

We wrote this book to kick start your BDSM-journey with 57 ready-to-use Role Plays for you and your partner. All Role Plays are described in details and levels between beginner and expert. 

New FemDom Release by Lexi Loverli

“Their FemDom Marriage: Erotic Novel” by Lexi Loverli

After years of marriage, Laney got bored with sex life and decided to spice it up.

Laney took her friend’s advice and introduced to her husband new sexual games using toys, whips, and role-playing.

To her surprise, her husband liked the new erotic games.

Chloe, Laney’s friend, was skilled in dominating men and playing naughty sexual games. She taught Laney new ways of sexual encounters.

Laney was a quick learner who discovered her natural FemDom penchant. The girls played daring domination games with their husbands. Their interaction intensified overtime when four of them spent evenings together, and the girls were in control.

This novel is about evolving relationships between two couples and how they and their marriage had changed irreversibly.

This book contains scenes of one-on-one, group sex, husband submission and discipline, mixed with romance, struggles, passionate love, and deviance.

“The Brother-In-Law: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Female Domination” will be FREE on Amazon from 6/16 through 6/20

“The Brother-In-Law: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Female Domination” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 6/16 through 6/20

Mistress Benay was always one to take advantage of every Opportunity which presented itself to her whenever She could “Lock Up” any male with whom She came in contact with, into a Chastity Device.

Here in this Exciting and Sensuous Novel, She described the events which led Her to “Lock Up” Troy’s obnoxious Brother, Michael into a Chastity Tube one afternoon while Michael was visiting Troy.

While the Mistress may have been motivated to “Lock Up” Michael because of the demeaning statements which he made about her husband Troy, she quickly found out that She was doing a great service to Michael’s Common Law Wife, Joanne.

Mistress Benay describes in great detail how She mentored Joanne step by step, and assisted her in building a True Female Led Relationship with Michael Locked Up in his Chastity Tube.

This Novel will graphically describe for you how Mistress Benay guided Joanne and taught her how to take complete control of Michael, which changed Joanne’s life for the better, while transforming Michael into Joanne’s slave/husband.

Readers should be aware that this Novel contains explicit descriptions of Female Domination, Male Chastity, Bondage, and BDSM Activities.

Here’s one of the Many Five Star Reviews which this Sensuous Novel has received. This particular Review with a Poetic Flair was written by a very talented follower of Mistress Benay:

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

“He thought the idea was absurd
But Michael got to eat his word
Michael joins his brother Troy
With one more device to employ
Another fabulous account is told
With each page the details unfold
Mistress Benay again at Her best
A new novel I was happy to invest
All Her followers should read it too
Worthy again of that 5 Star review”

5.0 out of 5 Stars

A Compelling Read

“Well yet again it is so easy to see why Mistress Benay is the most successful FemDom writer on Amazon. Genuinely I could not put this book down. The story is so well written and Mistress Benay has a wonderful attitude to dealing with males. Both informative and entertaining this is a prime example of how with help and support any female can obtain and manage her own successful Female Led Relationship.

3 Stories containing Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Humiliation Punishment, Domination & Submission

“FemDom Session … 3 Book Bundle” by Amber Cove

These 3 Stories contain Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Humiliation Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.

Book 1: “Femdom Session”

Book 2: “Mistress of Bondage”

Book 3: “Chains of Submission”

All four limbs are stretched out, steel cuffs secure my wrists and leather strapping fastens my bondage to the bedposts.

Mistress Diana, off to the side, is admiring her own handiwork as I lay there helpless and exposed for her pleasure. 

Any attempt to test the strength of the bonds that tie me is futile and only brings a devilish grin on her beautiful, angelic face. 

I have a long, hard night ahead of me…