“At Her Beck and Call: How To Build A Female Led Relationship” will be FREE on Amazon from 1/17 through 1/21

“At Her Beck and Call: How To Build A Female Led Relationship” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 1/17 through 1/21

5.0 out of 5 Stars … A must for Female Domination Lovers

Verified PurchaseI … Read this book from start to finish nonstop. Troy got hit by lightening. The step by step of Troy’s descent into servitude is a must read.

Every Woman who wants to “Spice Up” her Sex Life and Improve her Relationship with her partner needs to read this book.

Every Man who wants his Woman to “Take Control of Their Relationship” better read it also!

Mistress Benay, who was a Dominatrix, and one of America’s most vocal and Exciting proponents of Female Led Relationships documented in this Pictorial Journal how She took a male She met on the Internet, and turned him into first Her slave, then Her soul mate, and eventually Her husband.

This journey is described in great detail by Mistress Benay and clearly shows how any Woman can take control of a man and turn him into her subservient partner.

This journal is an Easy, Fun, and Informative read which leaves nothing to the imagination. If there is a male out there who wishes that his partner would take control of their relationship, then he needs to give her a copy of this book.

Likewise, any Female who wishes to take control of her man, needs to read this journal by Mistress Benay which will provide her with a detailed road map which will help her build a Female Led Relationship.

This Book will change your Relationship with your partner for the better, and give You the Pleasure You Deserve, if you follow the same techniques laid out in the book by Mistress Benay.

“At Her Beck and Call: How To Build A Female Led Relationship” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 1/17 through 1/21

Non-Stop Five Star Ratings for this FemDom Thriller

“The Femdom Syndicate: Secretly Turning Husbands into Cuckolds and Slaves to their Dominant Wives” by PhDomme Emma

★ Are you ready to enter a world of predatory Dommes, who turn husbands into obedient slaves to their wives? ★

On the outside, Amy and Michael may seem like an ordinary married couple. Amy owns a little art gallery in New York. Michael, her loving husband, is secretly harbouring submissive feelings toward dominant women. His persistent fantasies of Femdom cuckold adventures were as yet never fulfilled. Amy is, like a proper wife, initially repelled by the idea of cheating on her husband.

But when both embark on a journey to Berlin, they meet a handsome stranger, who brings Amy to question her resistance to an open marriage. She has no idea there is already an elaborate scheme in place that will change both her and Michael’s lives forever.

After Amy’s chance encounter with a gorgeous guy on the plane, and an offer from his good friend Emma to stay at Her beautiful country mansion, things heat up quickly for the vacationing couple.

Before they realize what is happening, they find themselves being drawn into a world of Femdom hierarchy and control, from which there seems to be no escape. They are led deeper and deeper into an erotically charged web of irresistible seduction and control.

Amy’s eyes are opened to a world of sexual experiences she never thought possible, too distracted to realize that her husband has fallen into the hands of a very dangerous Dominatrix.

This 54,000 word erotic novel contains explicit adult content including; femdom, forced chastity, crossdressing, coerced feminisation, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, male slave training etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

Five out of Five Stars Verified Purchase

“I have read dozens of books of FemDom fiction and this is by far the best I’ve ever read. It’s a witches brew of seduction, submission, chastity and BDSM. Almost a Rocky Horror Picture Show only this unsuspecting couple wind up in the hands of Mistress Emma, seductive and sadistic Sophie, Boytoy Derek, and Mistress Emma’s other minions.
A couple of years ago I wrote a short story for Alt.Com about an Alpha male role playing as a submissive for his Dominant girlfriend. It ultimately led to true submission and forced feminization. This story differs in that the husband already has submissive tendencies and the wife is not initially dominant. Otherwise, it is my fantasy on steroids.
Never a dull moment; mind control, femme fatales aphrodisiacs, pheromones, drugged drinks, humiliation, dungeons, cages, chastity devices, canes and racks! Caught in a vortex of their own making. Where would it ultimately take them? I read this in one sitting as I had to know their ultimate fate. You will too”.

Editorial Review

I was fortunate to read this new Kindle novel, The Femdom Syndicate, by PhDomme Emma.  The take-away from this heart-racing narrative is, “Be careful what you wish for!”  If you are a serious submissive, you’ve probably also had a personal fantasy that came true as an experience beyond your wish!

The story itself is packed with a team of FemDom characters, including a special doppelganger. Each Woman has her own unique fetish which kept me helplessly on edge. The narrative takes the reader through the realistic transition of a playful married couple, who detour from their planned European holiday into the surreal deep state of a FemDom Organization. The descriptive scenes in the book will steal your breath with the intense Dom/sub scenes, cruel psychological manipulation, punishment, humiliation, cuckolding and a Female Led Hierarchy that exercises total control.  The story is full of twisting surprises that unfold for the characters and felt vicariously real as I read along. 

I recommend this book highly!  As a fan of Femdom literature, this story dominated my thoughts and made it hard to get to sleep at night as my mind replayed scenes happening in the book.  Uh oh… Now I can’t stop wishing!

New FemDom/Male Chastity Release

“Chaste Carter” by Jamie Sterling

Carter Mathis is handsome, successful, and accustomed to bedding his share of attractive women.

On meeting the ravishing redhead Jessica Kendricks, he is immediately attracted to her, although she’s exceedingly formal and somewhat distant.

While this is both confusing and arousing, Carter is determined to conquer her.

Later, Jessica informs him that she is sexually dominant, and she only gets involved with men who submit to her. Thus Carter anticipates enjoying some kinky sex.

Only later does he learn that she’ll require him to wear a chastity device full time.

While he’s concerned, he’s curious too, and with some trepidation, he agrees to her terms. Though sexually frustrated, his desire for Jessica compels him to submit.

After his first week in chastity, Jessica informs him that he will be kept in chastity for months. She sees it as a privilege to be allowed to serve her.

While she’ll release him if he wants, he will not be permitted to serve her ever again.

The question is: Can Carter become the submissive man Jessica desires?

Mistress Lorelei to the Rescue

“The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl’s Guide to Female Dominance” by Mistress Lorelei

Are you the Nursemaid, the Governess, the Queen, the Amazon, the Goddess?

How many things can you think of to do with your hairbrush… besides brushing your hair?

Does the idea of your man washing dishes in the nude inspire thoughts of more than clean dishes?

Then this is the book for you.

The brainchild of an experienced and wickedly creative Dominant woman, The Mistress Manual gives you the skills and encouragement you need to turn your male into an obedient, devoted, and very happy helpmate!

New Release:

“The Chastity Professor: A Male Chastity Story”

“The Chastity Professor: A Male Chastity Story” by J K Spenser

A law professor by day, Emma Andrews pursues her passionate hobby during her off-hours. She is a woman on a mission—a mission to save the world by locking up in a chastity cage, the manhood of one man at a time.

Professor Emma Andrews has enjoyed seducing men into male chastity since a former college boyfriend first introduced her to male chastity play during her undergraduate days.

The only problem is, every time she meets a guy she likes, he ends up succumbing to the siren song of the chastity cage.

What’s a girl to do? Is there no man Emma can’t conquer?