“Caught In The Act: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Forced Feminization” will be FREE on Amazon from 11/26 through 11/30

“Caught In The Act: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Forced Feminization”

Samantha Wilson is not only a successful executive, who is climbing the corporate ladder, but she is also beautiful and sexy, and turns men’s heads every place she goes.

She has tolerated her husband, Brandon’s laziness, and his lack of initiative for years, but that all changes one night when she returns home early from a business trip and finds Brandon in a very compromising position.

From that point forward, Samantha decides to take control of her marriage, and when she does, Brandon not only finds himself permanently locked into a male chastity tube, but also forced into a new role as Samantha’s Sissy Slave. Brandon may have never worked hard at a job outside of the home, but Samantha makes sure that her Sissy Slave is definitely kept busy at all times, taking care of her large house, and providing all of the personal pleasure which she desires.

Bonus: If you enjoyed Mistress Benay’s “FemDom Law Firm” Series, then you will be excited to know that some of your favorite characters from that Series, also appear here in this sensual novel.

Readers are advised that this story contains graphic details of Female Domination, Male Chastity, Forced Feminization, Bi-Sexual Relations, and Bondage & Discipline.

One of Many Five Star Reviews on This Exciting Novel:

“The Absolute Best Writer of this Genre I have ever read and highly recommend. Such Fun to Read! Mistress Benay is the Absolute Best at her craft!”

Get this Great Novel FREE on Amazon from 11/26 through 11/30

“Corporate Chastity: A Modern, Female-Led Romance” by G.A. Wayne – Five Stars!


“Corporate Chastity: A Modern, Female-Led Romance”

***** Five Out of Five Stars

“The Most Titillating Read I’ve Had in a Long Time!”

“Simply fabulous in all respects. Wonderful concept, great dialog and detail, fiendishly torturous tease and denial sessions perpetrated on our poor protagonist Ian, elaborate bondage scenarios, female-female sex capades, and an intriguing subtext of elusive romance sought (or not). While it will stand out to few, I was particularly delighted by the precise, almost pedantic speech patterns of Ian’s boss and Domme, Ms. Oakmont in her instructions to Ian as she devises the games that will both torture and delight him. The fine, almost meticulous detail provided of everything Ian experiences adds much to the arousal factor.”

Corporate Chastity: A Modern, Female-Led Romance flips the classic male-dominated corporate idiom on its head. The story is told from the point of view of a corporate professional whose life and career are shockingly altered when the company he works for is taken over by four stunning female corporate raiders. His long suppressed submissive sexual desires become the unavoidable hook to an entirely new career path. He is shifted to a “working from home position” under the strict monitoring of his demanding new boss. Control of even his sexual pleasure is quickly transferred to her by way of an elaborate metal chastity cage and a new world of rules and daily training.

Despite her emotionally distant, sexually focused management over everything he does, he grows to need and care for her in ways he never imagined possible. Her explicit desires bring his repressed passions fully to life, and he fears not being able to live up to her exacting standards. Ultimately, he is faced with a number of essential questions and choices: Can a virile, active man survive in a romantic relationship without sexual release? Can the aching pleasure of submission to a woman he yearns for overcome his most intimate physical needs?

Beyond her unyielding principles, he must deal with a series of tests deriving from an underlying agreement between the four business partners, three of whom are sexually dominant women—with very different tastes—while the other is a charismatic ball of unrelenting sexual energy who becomes an intimate part of his new life.

Can real romance blossom in such a strange and intense environment, and if so, what form will it ultimately take?

205 Sensuous Pages of Female Domination

“The Mistress Misery Chronicles” by Cruella Pain

The Mistress Misery Chronicles” by Cruella Pain

From Book 1: A hard-core story of female domination and the extremes to which it may lead. Mistress Misery was not one generally for making physical contact with her slaves, preferring to make them suffer for her pleasure online, and certainly she never envisaged ever allowing one into her respectable and well-appointed domestic arrangements. But when Kelvin Oliver fell for her when he came to fix a faulty lavatory, she found herself considering the impossible, the most extreme, the most degrading involvement that could ever be imagined. If Mistress Misery was going to have a commitment at all, it would have to be all of that….and more. Much, much, MUCH more…Written by a practicing British Dominatrix, the author of the cult classic ‘Mistress Misery’.

Call of the COLLAR: A Mistress Misery Story (The Mistress Misery Chronicles) 

Her eyes were pools of dark spite, malevolent and amused, drawing him closer and closer, unhurried and certain…

Respectable family man Willard Brown closed his eyes. But the haunting face was still with him. Did he expect any different? He could think of nothing else. No matter that he might distract himself at times, his mind was enticed back to Her Image as soon as there was an opportunity. His will was slipping away, becoming a strange thing. He seemed to feed and draw on an obsessive, degrading energy, a force that gripped him, and held him, trembling and afraid.

Willard tried desperately to distance himself, but there was no escaping. In Her hands, she held a studded collar, a dog’s collar, and it had a lead attached. His head was full of her cold laughter….and those eyes.

Another Fem-Dom story featuring Mistress Misery, from practicing UK Dominatrix Cruella Pain. Author of ‘Converted’, ‘The Toilet., caught in Her Web, and many others.

Extortionary Tale: A Story of Financial Domination (The Mistress Misery Chronicles)

Ashley had been warned. He only wanted to study the game and see how it worked, see just how women put men into virtual cages, and made them suffer and pay. He visited the world of Financial Domination and peered in through the bars. He watched how the twisted wrecks were eaten out from the inside and stripped of their last penny, then eaten and stripped again without mercy. He saw how they were utterly unable to escape, their addiction to wallet rape, the worship of their Female Captors, even as it slowly destroyed them. It was only natural that he would gravitate to the worst cases, the most degraded and pathetic victims, those trapped in the ultimate sadistic vortex of Mistress Misery. They begged him to flee, to run, and never look back. They were the shocking results of Her Cruelty, their sunken eyes burning with depraved energy. Ashley reasoned that he was only doing research into a psychosexual phenomenon in order to turn it to his own advantage. He really had nothing to fear, and as a student, nothing to be stripped of. Mistress Misery was nothing more than an interesting case study. It’s true that her dark eyes had a way of holding you, but She seemed to realize that he needed help and offered to assist. He ignored the warning voices…

The Mistress Misery Chronicles

“Aggressive Femdom Bundle” by Felicity Ferras

“Aggressive Femdom Bundle”

There are dangerous women out there to get back at the men who have slighted them, and they’re willing to go to whatever lengths to punish and humiliate them for their transgressions.


Sarah’s life ends when she discovers that her husband Aaron is sleeping with another woman. His casual dismissal of her anger incites her even further, and her rage reaches the boiling point when she finds them making love in her bed. Now she’s out to punish him for his crimes. She lies in wait for him to return home so she can enact her revenge.

Punish Him

Robert has cheated for the last time. His wife Leslie has lost her patience and plans to take her revenge, and she knows exactly how to get Robert to willingly submit to his painful punishment. But the punishment doesn’t end there, as Leslie intends to share pictures of Robert’s humiliating suffering with his secret lover so that Robert knows that he can never stray again.

Three Vengeful Girlfriends

Matthew has done it this time. Not only did he cheat on his wife, but he also cheated on his mistress. Now all three women are together and seeking payback. The humiliating punishments that they have in mind arouse Matthew’s shame and arousal higher than it’s ever been–as well as his erection. With three solid strap-ons, the three women intend to screw Matthew like he’s screwed them, one right after the other.

“Aggressive FemDom Bundle”

“Vignettes: A Collection of Female Domination and Foot Worship Short Stories” by Jim Shue

“Vignettes: A Collection of Female Domination and Foot Worship Short Stories”

This collection of short stories adapted from my fantasies and some experiences I enjoyed over the past few decades.

Stories focus on the interaction in a relationship from new relationships to seasoned couples exploring Fetish, Domination, Foot Worship, and Submissive Service.

Many life experiences and dreams have molded and shaped my interests, mainly as it pertains to fetish.

Each vignette’s core is a mostly accurate account, with some artistic liberties to enhance the stories. Accounting for fact vs. fiction will remain my secret. The names changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

227 Pages of Non-Stop Female Domination in this Novel