“Substitute Submissive” is a New FemDom Release by KinkyWriter

“Substitute Submissive” by KinkyWriter

“So exactly what kind of date night did you have planned, anyways???”

Geared up for a kinky night dressed in tight leather and stiletto boots, Christina is pissed to have her date abruptly cancel on her … yet her disappointment is short lived as instead a good friend stops by unexpectedly and offers to stand in as her submissive for the evening to take on whatever naughty and perverted acts the girl had in mind!

The two friends quickly learn that they have more of their hidden desires in common than they ever would’ve expected, sharing a night of kinky, playful fun together as he submits to spanking and intense rope bondage and even some boot worship, all while he’s locked safely away in chastity with his only key left back at home…

For anyone who’s been stood up in search of a sexy night out, here’s hoping that your next one ends up with the same happy ending that these two found!

Running the cold, hard leather across the palm of her hand as she walked back into the room, Christina was pleasantly surprised to find Dave presenting his ass perfectly with his hands resting on the footboard of her bed, waiting patiently for his punishment with his feet spread wide apart to show that he had clearly assumed this position a few times before…

“Look at you – actually listening to what I tell you to do! Good boy…” he heard as she took her place behind him and ran the surface of the paddle against his pale ass with a mischievous grin on her face.

After a couple of gentle taps, Christina suddenly delivered a much more weighty blow, filling the room with the delectable sound of leather colliding with flesh as Dave yelped out a moment later, but kept his head down and his ass raised for her just the same…




The sound undeniably fierce made the dominant smile happily as each strike left a bright, pink mark on his ass that began to fade just as she was ready to deliver the next, alternating between his ass cheeks as she listened to his painful responses that came a moment after each slap was delivered.



“I’ve always loved spanking…” Christina mused as she paused to run the tips of her fingers across his warming rear end. “I think it’s very cathartic for both the dominant and the submissive … a chance for someone like me to blow off a little steam while also building a nice dynamic of give and take between us…”

“Substitute Submissive” by KinkyWriter

Stainless Steel Full Chastity Cage with Included Urethral Plug and Fast Free Shipping

Stainless Steel Full Chastity Cage with Included Urethral Plug and Fast Free Shipping

“The FemDom Nurse: Domination Sessions In My Dungeon” will be FREE on Amazon from 7/27 through 7/31

“The FemDom Nurse: Domination Sessions In My Dungeon” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 7/27 through 7/31

Mistress Benay once again took us into Her Dungeon with Her “Domination Sessions From My Dungeon” Series. Hold on to your Medical Gown and watch out if you bend over, because you are about to meet The FemDom Nurse.

In this exciting story, Mistress Benay recounts for us a Session She did with a new client who requested that She do a Medical Scenario with him when he came to visit her Dungeon. In a writing style which has become so popular with our readers, and with Her usual “Spare No Detail” descriptions, Mistress Benay recounted for us the physical examination and treatment the client received at the hands of Nurse Benay. You can be sure that when the patient sat on Her examination table, things quickly took a turn in a direction different than he ever could have imagined.

Mistress Benay described in detail the unconventional Medical Tests and the unique equipment She used as part of the physical examination conducted on the patient. Her client may have been a willing patient when he walked into her Dungeon at the beginning, but after a few very intensive and unusual tests conducted by Nurse Benay, his only thoughts soon began to center on how to escape her Medical Clinic. Unfortunately for him, it was then too late as he quickly found out that the Nurse’s treatment plan was even much worse than her test procedures.

After visiting the Mistress’s clinic, this patient knew he was going to have to do a lot of explaining to his wife when he got home. Readers should be aware that this Story contains graphic details of Female Domination, Discipline, Bondage, Nipple Torture, Body Worship, High Heel Worship, and Male Chastity.

You do not want to enter Nurse Benay’s Medical Clinic if you are outfitted with a Pace Maker when you get your FREE Copy of this Exciting Novel on Amazon from 7/27 through 7/31!


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