Exciting New 321 Page Release on Training Your Sissy Maid

“Strictly Speaking” by Janice C. Parker

Janice Parker, author of My Husband Is My Maid, brings women together to discuss what they would like in a sissy maid. Woman of authority, along with new and experienced sissy maids, will enjoy hearing from Janice’s friends giving their candid insight and plainspoken opinions on sissy maid servitude. Janice’s BFF Angelica, Janice’s friend Carol Holloway, former schoolteacher Abigail, marriage counselor Linda Summers, and Angelica’s niece Carol all chime in with their valuable perspectives.

What do women expect from their sissy maid? Precisely how should a sissy maid dress? What chores do we expect them to do? How do we expect a sissy maid act? Strictly Speaking offers a unique perspective from dominant women who have all enjoyed sissy maid servitude at one time or another.

Readers are forewarned, there’s a bit of a hard edge to these authoritative women. They really do speak strictly! Sissy maids will receive no-nonsense tips on proper attire and proper behavior from women who understand what sissy maids all are about. These women all have high standards and high expectations. Even better, marriage counselor Linda Summers, with her personal comments, adds her unique opinion of sissy maids and of the women who enjoy them.

Here, Female Superiority is a given. How does a woman know that she is superior to males? Well sweetie, in Janice Parker’s house, she’s not the one wearing the maid uniform! Irresistibly written for mature audiences with a sincere interest in the subject. Includes photos demonstrating the lifestyle.

“Caught In The Act – Part II: The Cuckolded Sissy” will be FREE on Amazon from 3/11 through 3/15

“Caught In The Act – Part II: The Cuckolded Sissy” will be FREE on Amazon from 3/11 through 3/15

In this Exciting Sequel to “Caught In The Act”, Samantha Wilson takes her Sissy Maid husband, Brandon deeper into the throes of Female Domination, Male Chasity, Forced Feminization, and a new life as her Cuckolded Sissy Slave.

Just when he thought that things could not get any worse, Samantha takes a lover, and Brandon suddenly finds that he must answer not only to his beautiful and strict wife, but also now to a domineering Alfa-Male.

Brandon’s life becomes even more difficult when Samantha has to go out of town to a Convention, and she turns him over to Mistress Heather for a week. Heather jumps at the chance to “Sissy Sit” Brandi, and use Samantha’s slave for her Service, Pleasure, and Entertainment.

After spending his first night in the Jail Cell in Heather’s basement Dungeon, Brandon learns that his new Mistress does not take kindly to any mistakes at all by her Sissy Maids.

Readers are cautioned that this Novel contains graphic details of Male Chastity, Female Domination, Cuckold Relationships, Bi-Sexual Relationships, and BDSM.

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Today we Highlight a Great Novel by an Illustrious Mistress

“Male Chastity – The “Key” To A Successful Female Led Relationship” by Mistress Benay

5.0 out of 5 stars An Exciting and Informative Read

“As a male who has experienced chastity in the past, Mistress Benay has covered many of the techniques used to keep an inattentive male under control. I can tell you that her techniques really do work. A male will do ANYTHING to keep his keyholder happy so that he might have a chance to be unlocked, even if it’s just for a few minutes. A few months ago, I was unlocked after a fairly extended stay in chastity and am enjoying the freedom I now have. That said, after I’d finished reading this book, I found myself wishing I was locked up again!”

If you are a woman who is tired of being neglected or left unfulfilled by your partner in your marriage or relationship, then you need to read this book.

Would you like your partner to be more attentive to your needs? Would you like your partner to always have your sexual satisfaction as his primary focus? Would you like your partner to be more caring and helpful around the home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book by Mistress Benay will give you the help and direction that you need to take control of your relationship and condition your partner to make you the paramount concern in his life at all times.

For over seventeen years, Mistress Benay used Male Chastity as the primary means to take control of her marriage, and of her relationships with men until her untimely death.

Now, in this book, she shares with you all of the information and easy to follow techniques which you need to know, so that you also can reap the benefits of building a true Female Led Relationship.

Mistress Benay explains in great detail how the male’s physical needs control his mind, and how unfortunately most of the time his focus is on his needs not yours. By following the advice in her book, however, you can change your partner’s actions by the simple act of taking control of his orgasms.

When you do, your home life, your emotional and physical needs, and most importantly, your sexual contentment will all improve for the better. Your needs, not his, will become the most important things in your marriage or relationship when you follow the road map laid out in this book by Mistress Benay.

This book is filled with proven techniques which will help you take control of your marriage or relationship, as well as in-depth reviews of the most popular male chastity devices which are available on the market today.

Another Five Star Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars  Get this book and keep him in line.

Verified Purchase

“An excellent job of relaying technical knowledge. Mistress Benay knows her stuff. This could also be titled “All you wanted to know about male chastity but were afraid to ask”. There was even a great husband and wife story that could be a book on its own. Bravo on another great endeavor.”

“Her Good Boy Bundle, Parts One-Ten: The Complete FemDom Series” 350 Pages of Erotic Female Control


“Her Good Boy Bundle, Parts One-Ten: The Complete FemDom Series” by Amanda Vogel

“I love the way you blush,” Akari whispered, and Ren’s breath caught as she dragged her hand up to wrap it around his throat. “It makes you look so flustered and vulnerable. You haven’t stopped since you first laid eyes on me.”

Ren gulped, and Akari laughed at him. The sound only deepened his feelings of helplessness, which in turn spurred his arousal.
“You said you’d seen me around the building before tonight, right?” Akari loosened her grip around his throat and trailed a finger down his sternum.

“Yes,” Ren answered, worried about where the conversation would go.
“Very interesting,” Akari smirked, and Ren’s stomach clenched. “And were you attracted to me then? When you saw me around the building?”

Ren’s mouth went dry. He already knew the answer, but he was afraid of her reaction. She might think he was weird or creepy.
“Be honest with me, Ren….” Akari pressed, and he shivered as she circled his navel with her manicured nail.
“Y- yes,” Ren squeezed his eyes shut as he answered her, afraid of seeing her face. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have been looking at you that way. It’s just….”

Ren trailed off with a groan as Akari’s hand slid lower, teasing at the waistband of his boxers. He rocked his hips off the mattress, unable to resist his body’s natural instinct to respond to her touch.

“It’s just… what?” Akari pressed, seeming to delight in his torment.

“You’re so gorgeous….” Ren admitted, gasping as Akari’s fingers teased his erection through the material of his boxers.

“Well, I’m very flattered that you think so,” Akari purred, and Ren opened his eyes to see a satisfied smile curling her lips. “You’re pretty cute, yourself….”

Ren’s self-consciousness flared, and he blushed again, convinced she was making fun of him. His emotional walls started shooting up, and he shifted uncomfortably away from her touch. Apparently unhappy with his attempt at evasion, Akari landed a hard slap against his thigh. He yelped, looking up at her in shock.

“Stay still,” she clipped, her lips set in a stern line. “And when I compliment you, you should at least be polite enough to thank me.”

“Th-thank you…” Ren replied almost immediately, again shocked at his body’s response to how she was treating him.

“Tell me how you’re feeling right now,” Akari’s hand returned to his erection, and he whimpered as she started teasing it. “Other than ridiculously horny. Your cock is already telling me that much.”

“Confused…” he answered honestly, and Akari hummed in response. “Excited, shocked…”

“I see,” Akari’s trailed back up his stomach, and her fingers found his nipples again. “You’ve never had someone talk to you this way, have you?”

Ren shook his head, his lip trembling as emotions swirled inside him.

“You’ve thought about it before, though,” Akari accused, her smile wicked. “And you’ve jacked off to the thought, isn’t that, right?”

Ren whimpered again and nodded his admission. For years he had fantasized about being at the disposal of a sexy, confident woman. Still, he had never imagined it could be his reality. That is, until tonight.

(This book is the complete collection of a series of femdom works)

DISCLAIMER: The scenes depicted in this work are fictional and meant to take place within the confines of a safe, sane, and consensual relationship with a trusted partner. This work delves into fantasies such as femdom, chastity, bondage, humiliation, degradation, pain-play, and general BDSM themes and subject matter that may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised)

“A LOSS OF CONTROL… AND TWO MORE: 3-Books of Unwanted Wifely Dominance” by Hillary Marshall

258 Pages of Female Domination Just Released:

“A LOSS OF CONTROL… AND TWO MORE: 3-Books of Unwanted Wifely Dominance” by Hillary Marshall

Hillary Marshall and Rafael Menton bring us three misadventures in the world of female-led marital serfdom.

We open with Ms Marshall’s “A Loss of Control”, in which a husband’s marital and career mistakes give his previously biddable wife the upper-hand and the opportunity to become his dominant partner… An upper-hand she uses to make his life a long round of service and obedience… But she is not the only one to see her husband’s potential as a devoted and loyal servant!

Mr Menton is up next with “Hubby’s New Place Revisited”, in which the illness of a once vibrant, masculine and devoted husband is used by his wife – and the female fitness instructor who has designs on both – to place him on a lowly footing in the home where he was once an equal partner… To begin with, the husband responds well to the new regime, but power, as it is often observed, corrupts, and it is not long before the wife begins to test this premise… It will not end well!

We finish with Rafael’s “A Marital Coup”, in which a marginalized French wife decides her partner is not the only one who can play around outside of their marriage. The lover she chooses though, and the course that lover sets them on, will prove a game-changer for the wife. As well as change the perception of one macho husband concerning where the true power in his marriage really resides… Not to mention how his carefree life will change when the one in possession of that power is made to realise the fact also.

3-Tales of men who find they are no match for the wife who knows just what she wants from her partner – even if it spells the end of that partner’s life as an independent man!