New Male Chastity Novel Released

“Male Chastity: Exploring Denial” by L.D. Cub

This Text explores the history of male chastity and its resurgence in popularity in recent years.
It is intended for anyone interested in exploring the kink from novice to expert. The author explores the male anatomy and references medical journals and medical expertise to answer common questions.
Types of chastity cages are examined as well as general health and hygiene while locked.
Finally, the author shares some of his experience as a permanently locked subordinate for a dominant.

“FemDom, FLR and Female Led Relationships” by Alexandra Morris

Are you craving for a Mistress in your life?
Do you have a burning desire to Dominate your man?

Then You need to read this Insightful Three Book Series!

FemDom, FLR and Female Led Relationships” by Alexandra Morris

Plenty of women out there have a burning desire to Dominate men. They want to be the Mistress in charge, and they want it NOW. Unfortunately, most men don’t know where to find them and how to spot them. And even if they might be lucky and run into a potential Mistress, they get needy and screw it up.

If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

In these three FemDom books, you will learn:

How to find your free Mistress (including detailed online dating advice).

How to set healthy boundaries for you and your Mistress.

How to communicate your needs.

How to explore all your desires as a submissive man.

Being and acting as a Domina.

Understanding the male sexuality, the importance of communication, and much more!

You also get nine short stories (20 min reads), inspired by my own and my readers’ FLR events, which paint the picture of what FemDom can look like in everyday scenarios, from a desperate sub mans’ online dating adventures to a Mistress hunting for fresh meat in the mall. The stories are written for both sub men and Dominas.

Are you ready to start your FemDom training? If so, start reading this 3 Book Series Today!

“Mistress in Boots” … An Exciting 5 Book FemDom Series

Mistress in Boots (5 book series)” by P.J. La Botte

Philipp, a young photo editor, stumbles unexpectedly into the dominating hands of the booted lady who recently moved in next door. MADAME, taking her new neighbor completely by surprise, is able to reshape him into her personal Boot Slave with just a few masterful strokes of her brush.

For the first time, Philipp experiences the strange and unfamiliar world of Female Dominance and is soon thoroughly under his Mistresses’ spell. He will be groomed and trained, make acquaintance with willful and highly erotic Boot Mistresses, and soon will have no idea which way is up.

There is only one way out for Philipp… but does he want to take it?

Philipp whilst serving at Madame’s dinner party on the final stage of his training as a submissive boot slave, was discovered by his boss Claudia and exposed.

Following this Claudia and Philipp are now involved in a secret relationship. But Madame’s hold over Philipp is far from finished and continues to have influence over his life. Following a misunderstanding Philipp also gets himself involved in a situation that causes him to get blackmailed by a frustrated older woman from a very wealthy home.

The blackmail leads to working at her Villa under humiliating conditions. But to make things worse in a moment of weakness he is seduced by a stunning photo model, which leads to even more unpleasant consequences.

Where will Philipp’s descent into FemDom Servitude take Him? You will want to read every installment of this Exciting FemDom Series!

Newly Released Novel by Accomplished FemDom Author Vickie Scott

“A Frustrating Legacy: A Fem Dom Story” by Vickie Scott

A Frustrating Legacy is the latest story from author Vickie Scott.

It is a Female Domination story for adults only. Mike is shocked when he heard that his twin brother James had died in a car accident. His feelings are not helped when he is told that he needs to get down to the cottage that James owned, to deal with his newly acquired property, and the bills his brother left.

Mike and Mandy, his partner, drive down for the weekend to see exactly what needed to be done. It is soon to become clear that James led a secret live as they open post and parcels left by him. One item that seems to fascinate Mandy is a new stainless steel full chastity belt that arrived after James had died. Curious, he agrees when she persuades him to try it on.

So begins the adventure. Further investigation realizes a fully working dungeon underground and a couple of James’s girlfriends come forward that are keen to put the dungeon and chastity belt to full use.

While Mike loves Mandy and tries to make excuses for her change in behavior to himself, even he knows that the total slavery she and the women talk about can’t be allowed to happen.

At first Mike couldn’t see the harm and goes along with it all, for he couldn’t see how it could possibly ever happen. By the time he wants out and demands to be set free, he knows it could already be too late. He has just one hope left, it is slim but he has to find a way to at least try.

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A Review of this FemDom Novel which says it All!

The Jury Reached a Verdict!

Five Out of Five Stars … Verified Purchase

“Read or run from this Dominating Tale that continues from Book 1, and Book 2.
Mistress Benay, got the readers attention if they continued to read. Nicholas becomes Nicolette along with other enslaved males desperate for release from their genital cages. The taboo darkens in this third episode, taking willing men into the depths of their feminine selves. They all had accepted their submissiveness yet some vestige of masculinity begged for the privilege of orgasm. The author takes charge subjugating the reader to expect humiliation to create pleasure instead!”

“FemDom Law Firm – Part III: Total Servitude For Slave Nicholas” by Mistress Benay

If you have enjoyed the two previous “FemDom Law Firm” Novels by Mistress Benay, then we guarantee you that you will be Excited and Aroused by the continuing saga of Nicholas Paige and his Mistress wife, Jessica, as they move into new and Sensuous territory in this Sequel by Mistress Benay.
Nicholas may be happy that he is now a full fledged attorney at the FemDom Law Firm of Doney & Williams, but as you will see, he soon realizes that he is still nothing more than a slave to his beautiful wife, and to the Dominant Female Partners at the Law Firm.
Will Nicholas win his first jury trial, and if he doesn’t what punishment lies in store for him by the Female Partners at the Law Firm?
Please make sure that you are comfortable with Female Domination, Male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Relationships, and BDSM Activities before you buy this detailed and exciting novel.