Tribute To Mistress Benay


Many of you are aware of the fact that my dear Wife, Mistress Benay passed away on March 15, 2018.  Everything happened so fast in a few short days, and my life has been changed forever by the loss of my dear Sweetheart and Mistress.

One day, Benay was full of life, with that wonderful smile of hers, her shining beautiful blue eyes, and warm laugh which always brought joy to everyone around her.  The next day we found ourselves in the emergency room at the hospital, not knowing what was causing her severe abdominal pain, and never in our wildest imagination did we ever think that Benay would be gone in a few short months due to the most rarest form of Cancer – Ampullary Carcinoma.

Yes, for seventeen wonderful years Benay was my wife and Mistress, and yes She also was in control of our Female Led Marriage.  More importantly, Benay was the Light of my Life.  She made every day of my life worth living, and I lost half of my heart when I lost her.  I truly have not had one good day since She left this world for her heavenly destination.

I do need to inform those of you who have followed Benay on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, and Fet-Life, that I will be shutting down those social media pages of hers sometime in the coming year.  I will however leave her Amazon Author’s Page up forever, since that page has Benay’s Biography and in-depth information about all of her books.  If you haven’t visited her Author’s Page yet, you really should take a look at it.

A countless number of people, who knew Benay or who had read any of her 22 books have communicated with me on Fet-Life, FaceBook, and Twitter.  Many have strongly encouraged me to write a Novel about the last Seventeen Years which I was so fortunate to spend with Mistress Benay as her husband and slave.

Instead of writing a book however, I have decided to start a Website/Blog on FemDom Relationships and Female Led Marriages.  The reason I have made this decision is due to the fact that while Benay was alive, I received tons of messages on a monthly basis from submissive males asking me questions about my FemDom Marriage.  I also received an incredible number of emails asking me questions about how I was able to function on a daily basis, being locked up in a male chastity device, and serving my dear Wife/Mistress.  Over the coming months, I will try to give my readers valuable insight into just what it is truly like being a submissive male in a Female Led Marriage.

This Blog will be a Tribute to my dear wife Mistress Benay for as long as I live, and for as long as people want to talk to me about the FemDom Marriage Lifestyle, Matriarchy, and Male Chastity.

There is a lot of “Total Fantasy” out there on the internet about Female Domination and Male Chastity.  I hope that you enjoy the fact that I will only write about the true life experiences which I have had with Mistress Benay over the last 17 years.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy my viewpoints on Female Domination, Male Submission, Male Chastity, and any other aspect of Female Led Relationships which I have been fortunate enough to experience, and that you find my insight to be helpful to you in your current relationship or marriage.

In addition to the Website Blog, I have also brought up a new Website called The FemDom Emporium, which is dedicated to Females who are interested in building a successful Female Led Relationship.  The FemDom Emporium will be a source for all the FemDom Clothing, Lingerie, Books, Male Chastity Devices, and Bondage needs of the Dominant Female.  Please check out that Website, and make sure that you Subscribe, so that you will always be informed whenever there is an update posted on the Website.



Mistress Benay’s Loving Husband and slave!


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