“Female Domination – Short Stories” by Constance Pennington Smythe and Illustrated by Sardax

“Female Domination – Short Stories”

Female Domination – Short Stories: Vol I is the first short story anthology from erotic author Constance Pennington Smythe. This work contains six short stories of chastity, cuckolding, giantesses and more: all with the themes of Female Domination and male submission.

Cuckold Date: A hapless husband prepares his wife for her date.

Matriarch’s Birthday: The Dominant’s Guild celebration of the Matriarch’s birthday hosts a very unique slave game.

Performance Art: A Dominant Female patron of the arts creates an unusual art exhibit, and the male art critic who comes to visit…?

Mini Men – Lesbian Village: A misogynist research pair run afoul of their female scientist boss and get themselves into a little trouble.

Locked Away: Three suburban housewives elect to start a new social club, with a sinister purpose for their husbands.

A Visit to Smythe Stables: Miss Caroline’s graduating class visit the stables, to learn the proper care of the submissive male.

Each story is accompanied by an original illustration produced specifically for that work, by famed Female Domination artist: Sardax.

240 Exciting Pages with Sardax Illustrations

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