Exciting New 321 Page Release on Training Your Sissy Maid

“Strictly Speaking” by Janice C. Parker

Janice Parker, author of My Husband Is My Maid, brings women together to discuss what they would like in a sissy maid. Woman of authority, along with new and experienced sissy maids, will enjoy hearing from Janice’s friends giving their candid insight and plainspoken opinions on sissy maid servitude. Janice’s BFF Angelica, Janice’s friend Carol Holloway, former schoolteacher Abigail, marriage counselor Linda Summers, and Angelica’s niece Carol all chime in with their valuable perspectives.

What do women expect from their sissy maid? Precisely how should a sissy maid dress? What chores do we expect them to do? How do we expect a sissy maid act? Strictly Speaking offers a unique perspective from dominant women who have all enjoyed sissy maid servitude at one time or another.

Readers are forewarned, there’s a bit of a hard edge to these authoritative women. They really do speak strictly! Sissy maids will receive no-nonsense tips on proper attire and proper behavior from women who understand what sissy maids all are about. These women all have high standards and high expectations. Even better, marriage counselor Linda Summers, with her personal comments, adds her unique opinion of sissy maids and of the women who enjoy them.

Here, Female Superiority is a given. How does a woman know that she is superior to males? Well sweetie, in Janice Parker’s house, she’s not the one wearing the maid uniform! Irresistibly written for mature audiences with a sincere interest in the subject. Includes photos demonstrating the lifestyle.

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