“A LOSS OF CONTROL… AND TWO MORE: 3-Books of Unwanted Wifely Dominance” by Hillary Marshall

258 Pages of Female Domination Just Released:

“A LOSS OF CONTROL… AND TWO MORE: 3-Books of Unwanted Wifely Dominance” by Hillary Marshall

Hillary Marshall and Rafael Menton bring us three misadventures in the world of female-led marital serfdom.

We open with Ms Marshall’s “A Loss of Control”, in which a husband’s marital and career mistakes give his previously biddable wife the upper-hand and the opportunity to become his dominant partner… An upper-hand she uses to make his life a long round of service and obedience… But she is not the only one to see her husband’s potential as a devoted and loyal servant!

Mr Menton is up next with “Hubby’s New Place Revisited”, in which the illness of a once vibrant, masculine and devoted husband is used by his wife – and the female fitness instructor who has designs on both – to place him on a lowly footing in the home where he was once an equal partner… To begin with, the husband responds well to the new regime, but power, as it is often observed, corrupts, and it is not long before the wife begins to test this premise… It will not end well!

We finish with Rafael’s “A Marital Coup”, in which a marginalized French wife decides her partner is not the only one who can play around outside of their marriage. The lover she chooses though, and the course that lover sets them on, will prove a game-changer for the wife. As well as change the perception of one macho husband concerning where the true power in his marriage really resides… Not to mention how his carefree life will change when the one in possession of that power is made to realise the fact also.

3-Tales of men who find they are no match for the wife who knows just what she wants from her partner – even if it spells the end of that partner’s life as an independent man!

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