Part V of “The Fateful Phone Call” will be Released soon, and You will be shocked at what awaits Slave Robert!

“The Fateful Phone Call” – Part V coming soon to Amazon

Three months had now passed since I had escaped from my servitude and forced feminization at the hands of Linda and had been free of that dreaded chastity cage. While I thoroughly enjoy my ability to masturbate whenever I desire to do so, I found that I was once again constantly fantasizing about worshipping a leather clad Mistress whenever I indulged in a masturbation session.

While I had no desire to be forced back into a sissy slave situation or be subjected to forced chastity again, I did miss the thrill of worshipping a Dominant Woman dressed in leather and being forced to kiss her high heel shoes or boots.

Over six years have gone by since the time that I had first responded to that newspaper ad which brought me to Belle de Jour and initiated me fully into the world of Female Domination.

On my way to work walking through Manhattan each day, I would still see some fetish oriented newspapers displayed at the corner newsstands. However, the Fetish newspapers were becoming a dying breed because most of the BDSM and Female Domination ads had moved onto internet websites which were growing increasingly more popular day by day.

I should have known that it would only be a matter of time before I started surfing those FemDom websites and that I would begin to respond to some of the ads posted by Mistresses advertising for submissive males.

About two weeks after I started communicating with various Mistresses who had ads posted on a particular FemDom website, I received a lengthy message in my inbox from a Mistress Madison who said that she was interested in determining my suitability as a possible slave who could serve her. The picture which she attached to her message showed her to be a stunning redhead dressed from head to toe in a black leather outfit and thigh high black leather boots with stiletto heels. I was immediately drawn in by her beautiful looks and her very dominant aura.

Over the course of the next week, I exchanged many messages with Mistress Madison primarily answering all of the questions which she posed to me and attaching a picture of myself for her perusal.

Looking back now, I must admit that at that time, I was trying to impress the Mistress with my extensive experience, so I gave her way too much information about myself, including my name, where I lived, my phone number, what I did for a living, and which Mistresses I had previously served, just to name a few of the bits of information which I gave to her.

I know now what a terrible mistake I made disclosing so much information about my personal life and giving her such intimate details including the names of the Mistresses who I had served but at the time it seemed like a good idea.

The following week, Mistress Madison contacted me and told me that based on the information which I had supplied to her, she felt that I would possibly be a suitable candidate to serve her in her home Dungeon. I agreed to meet her at her home in Paramus the following Saturday night at 7 pm, and I was pleasantly surprised when she told me not to worry about bringing the tribute for our first meeting. She told me that there would be plenty of opportunities for me to pay her sufficiently in the future if she decided to take me on as one of her slaves. I was overjoyed at the prospect of meeting this dominant beauty for the first time without having to pay anything for the privilege of doing so.

The next Saturday night, I made sure that I arrived a little before 7 pm at the address which Mistress Madison had given to me. After I parked in the driveway of the attractive brick home, I went up to the front door, rang the bell, and the door was soon opened by the woman who perfectly matched the picture which Mistress Madison had sent to me. She was even dressed in the same black leather outfit which I had seen in the picture.

As she beckoned me inside, she said “I am so glad that you found my home without any trouble Robert, and I am pleased that you are right on time. After I had dropped down onto my knees and worshipped her gorgeous thigh high black leather boots with my mouth and tongue, she told me to stand up. She then led me down the hall to her great room. As I followed behind her, for some reason which I could not explain, I had a sense of foreboding.

I should have listened to my intuition and left immediately. Unfortunately for me, I followed the attractive leather clad Mistress down the hall, never comprehending the terrible trap into which I was walking.

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