“Yes, Mistress: Why Men Crave Female Domination” by Alicia Zadig

“Yes, Mistress: Why Men Crave Female Domination”

5.0 Out of 5 Stars Yes, Mistress: Why Men Crave Female Domination!! MUST READ!!

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Mistress Alicia Zadig’s book is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the BDSM world, including its history and psychological framework. The book is well-researched, and includes quotes and insights from well-respected historians, psychologists, sex therapists, authors and other experts in the field of human sexuality.

I most enjoyed reading of Ms. Zadig’s real-life experiences and of her interactions with her submissives. I also found the perspectives of her Domme colleagues to be fascinating. The book is for novices and experienced BDSM players alike. It’s informative, entertaining, and at times made even more spicy by Ms. Zadig’s sense of humor.

I look forward to her next book!”

Discover the forbidden desire for Female Domination—and the real men who seek it out.

Leading Dominatrix and BDSM expert Alicia Zadig takes you on a provocative, eye-opening journey into the erotic world of Female Domination and male submission.

Zadig explains the psychology behind male submission and answers the question: Why do men crave surrendering to a dominant woman?

Hear from the men themselves as they reveal their most intimate desires. Learn why so many secretly fantasize about being dominated by a woman. Delve into their experiences with Dominatrices and see what keeps them coming back for more.

“Yes, Mistress” shines a spotlight on the everyday men who seek to explore their submissive fantasies—an aspect of sexuality that often goes unacknowledged, despite a long history and deep psychological roots. Set at the crossroads of psychology, culture, history, and media, this book challenges society’s perception of BDSM, kink, and fetish. Male submission is more common than you think—and more rewarding than you can imagine!

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