Excerpt from “The Fateful Phone Call: Part III”. Published with Permission of the Author

“The Fateful Phone Call Part III: Compelled To Serve Two Mistresses” by R.T. McConnell aka Slave Robert

Excerpt from “The Fateful Phone Call: Part III” Published with the Author’s Permission

“The Fateful Phone Call Part III: Compelled To Serve Two Mistresses” by R.T. McConnell aka Slave Robert

Excerpt from this Exciting FemDom Novel:

Gloria then pointed to the kitchen and said, “Go pour me a glass of White Zinfandel and then I will discuss your chores for this evening!”

When I went into the kitchen, I saw the bottle of wine and a glass sitting on the counter. I opened the bottle, filled the glass with the White Zinfandel and carefully carried it out to Gloria in the living room, making sure that I took small steps so that I would not trip in my high heels.

Gloria took a sip of her wine and said, “Slave, tonight I want you to work on the kitchen and the Dungeon. I want the stove and the refrigerator totally cleaned. I want the kitchen counters wiped down and the floor cleaned. I prefer that you get down on your hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor instead of just mopping it.”

After taking another sip of wine, Gloria said “I suggest that you go work on the Dungeon first. I had a slave down there last night and didn’t get a chance to get it cleaned up. You need to wipe all equipment surfaces down with the disinfectant wipes which are in the Dungeon and give the floor a good mopping. Also, make sure that you empty the trash in the kitchen and Dungeon and take it out back to the trash bin. Do you have any questions slave?”

I shook my head and said, “No Mistress.”

With a dismissive wave, Gloria said, “Very well slave. You know where all the cleaning supplies are kept in this house, so get busy!”

I immediately went to the utility room, which was located next to the kitchen and retrieved everything that I would need. After I filled one bucket with soapy hot water and then another bucket with plain hot water, I gingerly went up and down the steps to the Dungeon twice carrying the buckets and also a mop, being especially careful not to trip or spill the water on my way down the steps.

I fetched the container of disinfecting wipes and began cleaning all of the furniture in the Dungeon. After I had thoroughly wiped down the St. Andrew’s Cross, the spanking bench, and the bondage table, I emptied the trash cans into a bag and carried it upstairs to the kitchen. Then I went back downstairs and began mopping and rinsing the floor of the Dungeon. By the time that I had made two more trips up and down the steps with the buckets of water, my feet were absolutely killing me because of the high heels. I didn’t even think about removing them because I knew that Gloria would go absolutely ballistic on me if she caught me without my heels.

I then turned my attention to cleaning the kitchen, first wiping down all of the counters before moving onto the task of cleaning the refrigerator. I found that it took me an incredibly long time to take everything out of the refrigerator, totally clean the inside, and then replace all of the items back on the shelves in the refrigerator just as Gloria had kept everything . Fortunately for me, the oven was not extremely dirty when I attacked it next. Even though it was quite a messy job, I was able to clean it in about a half hour. I then thought it best to take the trash from the kitchen and the Dungeon out to the trash receptable in the back yard before I started scrubbing the kitchen floor.

After I had placed the two bags of trash in the bin located at the back of the house, I looked up and was horrified to see that the female neighbor next door was standing in her yard staring directly at me. I can only imagine what she must have thought seeing a person who was clearly a male dressed in a blonde wig, maid outfit, stockings and high heels disposing of the trash. Our eyes only met for a few seconds before I quickly hurried back into the kitchen.

I was a nervous wreck, but I quickly once again filled one bucket with hot soapy water and the second bucket with plain hot water. I then grabbed a scrub brush and rag, got down onto my knees and began scrubbing and wiping down the kitchen floor. When I was finally done, I stood in the hallway waiting for the floor to dry before I attempted to put all of the cleaning utensils away. It was then that I realized that my stockings had gotten soiled from cleaning the floor on my knees and that my uniform was splattered with dirty water. It made me quite upset knowing that I would now have to wash, dry and iron my uniform for the second time in two days and get it done before I returned back to Gloria’s home on Thursday.

Sure enough, after I put all the cleaning supplies away and reported to Gloria who was sitting on the couch reading a book, her first response was just what I expected when she said “Slave, your uniform looks like a mess. It better not look like that when you come on Thursday to serve me!”

I nodded and said “Yes Mistress. I will have it presentable for you by then.”

I was then surprised when Gloria stood up, removed her heels, leather pants, and panties and said “Slave, I need you to get over here on your knees and give me some pleasure with your mouth and tongue before you go home!”

Over the next thirty minutes or so, I did exactly what Gloria had ordered me to do. I knelt there in front of her worshiping and pleasuring her with my mouth and tongue until she had achieved not one but two explosive orgasms. After she was totally satisfied and was in control once again of her faculties, she said “That was very nice slave. You may go ahead and get dressed and leave now. I will see you on Thursday!”

When I went back to Gloria’s house on Thursday night, she was wearing a black leather corset which accentuated her ample breasts, a short black leather skirt, black hose, and black leather over the knee boots with high stiletto heels when she met me at the door. As soon as I entered, I dropped down onto my knees and began worshipping her beautiful boots and licking her heels for the longest time, until she said “Slave, you may get up now and go into the bathroom to get dressed. You will find a box with all of the new cosmetics which I purchased for you sitting on the counter. Tonight, I would like you to use the Rose Cheek Blush and Highlighter and the eye shadow, lipstick, and accessories which go along with it.”

I stood up and said, “Yes Mistress.” When I turned to head to the bathroom, Gloria stopped me, held out her hand, and said “Slave, did you bring the $100 for me, like I requested?”

I reached into my pocket, took out a $100 bill and handed it to Gloria. When she took it from me, she said “Very good slave, you may go get ready now!”

I went into the hall bathroom, removed my work clothes, and put on my petticoat, maid uniform and high heels. Then I opened the metal box which was sitting on the counter and discovered that there were all different shades of cosmetics in the box. I took out all of the items labeled Rose Cheek and went to work carefully applying the primer, foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick to my face. When I looked in the mirror at the finished product, I felt fairly confident that Gloria would be satisfied with the job which I had done. I then put on the blonde wig and headed out to the living room where I found her sitting on the couch.

As soon as I entered the living room, Gloria stood up, and surveyed me from top to bottom, and then said “Slave, I must say that you did a pretty fair job of putting on your makeup and getting ready for me.”

Then much to my chagrin, Gloria said “I have a girlfriend who is a cosmetics consultant at the department store. I think that I will invite her over here some night so that she can work with you on improving your makeup techniques and get your sissy face looking even more beautiful!”

Before I had even fully processed Gloria’s last comment, she said “Roberta, let me see the job that you did on your fingernails.”

I was stricken with terror, and said “Mistress, I didn’t do anything with my fingernails since I have to go to work tomorrow morning.”

As soon as I had uttered those words, Gloria stormed out of the living room, went into the bathroom, and when she returned carrying items in her hand, she sat down on the couch, placed a towel over her legs, and said “Slave, get down on your knees over here in front of me!”

When I knelt down in front of her, Gloria said “Roberta, you need to understand that I expect my sissy maid to look her best at all times while serving me. That means a complete uniform and all aspects of complete makeup every time you serve me. I will do your nails now this one time, but you will be punished later for causing me additional work tonight!”

While I knelt there in front of Gloria, she filed, buffed, and painted my fingernails with two coats of a rosy colored nail polish which complemented the color of my facial makeup and lipstick. She then applied a topcoat and as she worked on my nails, I prayed that I would be able to get all of the nail polish off before I had to go to work in the morning.

When Gloria was finished with my nails, she admired the job which she had done, and said “Now, that is the way that my sissy maid’s fingernails should look at all times!”

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