Here is an Excerpt from “The Fateful Phone Call” published with the Author’s Permission

The Fateful Phone Call (4 book series) Available in Kindle Format or as a Glossy Paperback

Mistress Belle then placed her beautiful black pumps in front of my face and said, “I want you to lick and kiss every inch of my shoes and when you are finished, I will expect them to shine, and I better not find a spot anywhere on my shoes or you will be sorry!”

I must have hesitated just a little too long for the Mistress’s liking because she brought her riding crop down hard across my shoulder blade and said “What are you waiting for slave? Get busy on my shoes now!”

I immediately stuck out my tongue and began licking the tip of Mistress Belle’s right shoe. I ran my tongue all over the top of the shoe and down both sides of that gorgeous pump. As I licked her shoe and realized that I was finally living one of my fantasies, I could feel my cock stirring and becoming harder by the minute.

I was totally immersed in what I was doing until my reverie was interrupted by the Mistress saying “Don’t forget the kisses. Show me how much you adore my shoes!”

I quickly responded to her command by licking her shoe for a while and then I began planting tender kisses all over every part of her pump.

When the Mistress was pleased with the job that I had done on her right shoe, she told me that she expected the same type of attention given to her left pump.

I immediately moved my head over to the top of her left shoe and began the same process once again of licking and kissing every inch of that shoe. After almost five minutes of worshipping the Mistress’s left shoe, she reached down, placed her hand under my chin, and lifted up my face so that I would have to look directly at her.

“Slave, I can see that my shoes are shining very nicely. Not bad at all for your first effort. My heels, however, are feeling very neglected”.

At that point, Mistress Belle crossed her legs, placed the stiletto heel of her right pump in front of my face, and told me to open my mouth. As soon as I did, she slid the four inch stiletto heel into my mouth and said “Slave, I expect you to suck on my heels lovingly. Don’t you dare put any bite marks on my beautiful heels. If I find one mark on my heels, I will thoroughly whip you!”

When the Mistress slid the heel of her pump into my mouth, I covered my lower teeth with my tongue so as to make sure that I would not put any bite marks on her heel.  I sucked the entire length of her heel as she began sliding it in and out of my mouth repeatedly.

When she was satisfied with the job that I had done on her right heel; the Mistress then crossed her legs in the opposite direction and slid the heel of her left pump into my mouth.  Once again, I began gently sucking while she continued sliding the stiletto heel in and out of my mouth.

By the time that I was finished worshipping Mistress Belle’s heels, my cock was rock hard, and I could feel precum dripping from the tip. Unfortunately for me, my situation did not go unnoticed by the Mistress.

“Well, look at that.  It appears that my slave really enjoys sucking on my heels. Do you also enjoy sucking on other men’s cocks?”

When I didn’t respond, she said “I asked you a question. Well, do you slave?”

I quickly shook my head and said “No Mistress. I have never done that, and I have absolutely no desire to do such a thing”

Mistress Belle laughed and said “Well, you may not have done it up till now, and you may not have any desire to do it, but I’ll bet that some Mistress will make you do it in the future!”

She then ran the tip of her riding crop all over the head of my cock and when it was coated with my precum, the Mistress slid it into my mouth and made me suck it clean.

“That was tasty. Wasn’t it slave? It won’t be long before we have you eating every drop of cum that comes out of that cock of yours!”

Mistress Belle then told me to get up on my feet and when I did, she led me over to the middle of the Dungeon underneath the cuffs which were hanging from the ceiling. As soon as I was standing under the cuffs, she said “I’ve been very easy on you so far tonight slave. I think that you need to get at least a little taste of discipline!”

She took a black leather blindfold from the wall, placed it over my eyes, and tightened up the straps until I was plunged totally into darkness.

The Mistress tightly secured each of my wrists into the leather cuffs which hung from the ceiling and then using a crank on the wall, she operated the pulley device causing my bound wrists to be yanked up over my head until I was almost standing on the tips of my toes.

“Are you feeling helpless now slave?”

With trepidation in my voice which I am sure was quite noticeable, I said “Yes Mistress. Quite Helpless”.

“That’s good.  Slaves should always be kept somewhat helpless by their Mistress”.

Then with a chuckle, she said “Now we just need to add a little pain and suffering to your situation!”

I could tell that Mistress Belle was retrieving something from one of the hooks on the wall, but I had no idea as to what it was because of the tight blindfold which totally robbed me of my eyesight.

Unfortunately, I found out soon enough when clamps of some type were snapped onto both of my nipples at the same time. I immediately let out a yell due to the shock and the sudden jolt of pain, but I was quickly rebuked by Mistress Belle.

“I don’t even want to hear crying like that slave. These are absolutely baby nipple clamps.  If you aren’t quiet, I’ll get a set of nice sharp alligator nipple clamps and show you the real meaning of nipple torture. Do you understand?”

I knew that I could say nothing at that point other than “Yes Mistress”.


Then running her hand over the cheeks of my ass, she said “Now, let’s see if we can warm up this pretty butt of yours!”

I didn’t know exactly what the Mistress meant but I found out very quickly when she swung a paddle of some type hard against my left ass cheek. Before I could even process the pain, her paddle made contact just as viciously on my right ass cheek causing me to start swinging back and forth from the overhead chain.

The Fateful Phone Call (4 book series) Available on Amazon in either Kindle Format or as a Glossy Paperback

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