Here’s a Teaser Preview from “The Fateful Phone Call: Part IV” which will be released later this Month.

“The Fateful Phone Call: Part IV – Gloria Joins Me in Servitude to Mistress Linda”

As Mistress Elizabeth, Mistress Susan, Mistress Mallory, and Mistress Linda sat in the living room talking and laughing about one anecdote or another, I made sure that I stood by with a bottle of chilled wine and kept all of their glasses full for the next half hour while Gloria began to set the dining room table for the four women. Once the table was set, Linda instructed Edward and me to help Gloria bring the trays of food out to the dining room.

Once everything was placed on the table, the women sat down to eat, and I made sure that I replenished all of their wine glasses. Then with a wave of her hand, Linda relegated Gloria, Edward, and me to the kitchen by saying “You three slaves can go have something to eat in the kitchen. You may also have a glass of this wonderful wine with your food. Just make sure that you are all paying attention in case I or one of my Mistress friends call you for something!”

While Edward, Gloria, and I were snacking on the tasty hors d’oeuvres and enjoying a glass of wine, I could hear the gleeful chatter of the four Mistresses in the dining room. I was only able to catch a few sentences about some game that they were looking forward to after dinner. Unfortunately, I was not able to hear any of the details which they were discussing. Wondering if the after dinner game plan included us, I turned to Edward and said, “Are the Mistresses planning on playing cards again tonight after they finish dinner?”

Edward hesitated for so long answering my question that it was obvious to me that he did not really want to give me an answer. Finally, he shook his head and said ‘No, they won’t be playing cards tonight.” When I pursued the issue further by asking him if he knew what type of game the Mistresses were going to be playing after dinner, Edward sheepishly said “Robert, I really prefer not to get involved in discussing Mistress Linda’s plans!”

At that point I took a swig of my wine and didn’t question Edward further since it was apparent to me that Linda’s game plans obviously involved her slaves. From that point forward there was a very uncomfortable lull in the conversation around the kitchen table but fortunately it was broken when Elizabeth called out from the dining room and said “Roberta, we really could use a refill on our wine!”

I grabbed a fresh bottle out of one of the ice buckets, went into the dining room and worked my way around the table topping off each Mistress’s wine glass. As soon as all of the wine glasses were refilled, Linda called out to Gloria and told her to come into the dining room. Then she said, “Gloria and Roberta, I want the two of you to go downstairs to the Dungeon and wait there on your knees for us to come down so that we may begin the evening festivities!”

As Gloria and I turned and headed to the steps leading to the basement, Linda then said “Roberta, you need to remove your uniform and petticoat in preparation for tonight’s game. Make sure that you leave your lingerie and heels on!”

Even though I was apprehensive about what was going to take place, I nodded and said, “Yes Mistress.” Then I followed Gloria down to the Dungeon where I removed my uniform and petticoat and got down on my knees on the floor next to Gloria and saw that we were facing four chairs which were lined up next to each other in the middle of the Dungeon. As I wondered what type of game Linda had planned for us, my thoughts were interrupted when Gloria turned to me and said “I told you last weekend that we need to do something to get out of this situation. We need to seriously make some plans on how we are going to get the keys to these chastity devices away from Linda!”

Before I could even respond, I heard the sound of high heels coming down the steps and the four Mistresses entered the Dungeon. Without saying a word to us, Elizabeth, Susan, and Mallory sat down on a chair facing us while Linda went over to the wall and retrieved two pairs of handcuffs. She immediately locked Gloria’s wrists behind her back with a pair of handcuffs and then she did the same to me with the other pair. At that point, Linda sat down in the fourth chair facing us and said, “Edward will be right down and then I will explain the little game that we are going to play tonight!”

Moments later, Edward came down to the Dungeon carrying a pad of paper, a pen, and a stopwatch. He obviously had been orientated ahead of time as to what was to take place. As soon as he arrived, Linda said “Well slaves, we have a fun and competitive game planned tonight. Well, to be totally honest, it will definitely be fun for the Mistresses. Depending on your performance, the night will hold some fun and pleasure for one slave but not so much for the other!”

Linda then explained that Gloria and I were expected to use our mouth and tongue to pleasure each of the Mistresses and that Edward would track and record how long it took for Gloria and me to give each Mistress a satisfying orgasm. Then with a big smile, she said “Gloria will go first and then when she has pleasured each of us and we have each enjoyed an orgasm, then Roberta will do the same. When all four Mistresses have been given an orgasm from each slave, Edward will calculate the total time it took each slave to deliver the four orgasms. The slave who delivers four orgasms in the shortest amount of time will be the winner of the game and will have their chastity device removed and will enjoy their own orgasm at the expense of the losing slave’s mouth!”

Then with a very devious smile, Linda said “Oh, and I must also mention that the losing slave will also be strung up on the suspension device and be whipped by us four Mistresses and the winning slave!”

My heart sank as soon as I heard Linda explain the rules of her little game. Since she was allowing Gloria to pleasure each Mistress first, that meant that I would have an incredibly harder time and most likely take longer to bring each Mistress back to achieving a second orgasm. I thought about protesting but quickly realized that it would be futile. Linda made the rules in Linda’s Dungeon. I just prayed that I would be a lot more proficient than Gloria at orally pleasuring each Mistress.

Linda told Gloria to kneel in front of Elizabeth and she asked Edward if he was ready to start timing. He said that he was ready, so Linda told Gloria to start as soon as Elizabeth pulled her leather skirt up around her waist revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. Then Elizabeth pulled Gloria’s head in between her thighs.

The Exciting Part IV of “The Fateful Phone Call” will be released by the end of December – Don’t Miss It!

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