“Corporate Chastity: A Modern, Female-Led Romance” by G.A. Wayne – Five Stars!


“Corporate Chastity: A Modern, Female-Led Romance”

***** Five Out of Five Stars

“The Most Titillating Read I’ve Had in a Long Time!”

“Simply fabulous in all respects. Wonderful concept, great dialog and detail, fiendishly torturous tease and denial sessions perpetrated on our poor protagonist Ian, elaborate bondage scenarios, female-female sex capades, and an intriguing subtext of elusive romance sought (or not). While it will stand out to few, I was particularly delighted by the precise, almost pedantic speech patterns of Ian’s boss and Domme, Ms. Oakmont in her instructions to Ian as she devises the games that will both torture and delight him. The fine, almost meticulous detail provided of everything Ian experiences adds much to the arousal factor.”

Corporate Chastity: A Modern, Female-Led Romance flips the classic male-dominated corporate idiom on its head. The story is told from the point of view of a corporate professional whose life and career are shockingly altered when the company he works for is taken over by four stunning female corporate raiders. His long suppressed submissive sexual desires become the unavoidable hook to an entirely new career path. He is shifted to a “working from home position” under the strict monitoring of his demanding new boss. Control of even his sexual pleasure is quickly transferred to her by way of an elaborate metal chastity cage and a new world of rules and daily training.

Despite her emotionally distant, sexually focused management over everything he does, he grows to need and care for her in ways he never imagined possible. Her explicit desires bring his repressed passions fully to life, and he fears not being able to live up to her exacting standards. Ultimately, he is faced with a number of essential questions and choices: Can a virile, active man survive in a romantic relationship without sexual release? Can the aching pleasure of submission to a woman he yearns for overcome his most intimate physical needs?

Beyond her unyielding principles, he must deal with a series of tests deriving from an underlying agreement between the four business partners, three of whom are sexually dominant women—with very different tastes—while the other is a charismatic ball of unrelenting sexual energy who becomes an intimate part of his new life.

Can real romance blossom in such a strange and intense environment, and if so, what form will it ultimately take?

205 Sensuous Pages of Female Domination

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