“Finding Love Through Female Domination” by Renee Lane

“Finding Love Through Female Domination”

5.0 Out of 5 Stars “A Must Have for any fan of Female Domination Reading !!!

“This is unlike any book you’ve ever read on the lifestyle!! First of all, Mistress Renee and her slave, are great writers in their own right, and they paint a vivid and descriptive world of their delicious decadence. You fall in love with this woman immediately, if that is your slant.”

Dominatrix Renee Lane and her submissive husband live in Memphis, Tennessee, disguised as an average married couple. In private life, they are mistress and slave.

For the last ten years, Ms. Renee has employed erotic S&M, mind control, and brainwashing techniques to forge an intimate and loving bond with her submissive partner. They consider themselves explorers of the boundaries of consensual female domination. Ms. Renee’s intense and radical approach to their relationship will challenge the reader who merely dabbles in BDSM.

The book is a collection of e-mails between Renee and a close friend, as well as Butler’s journal detailing his ever deepening submission to his true love. We follow the story as Renee continually challenges him to give up control and abandon his own agency. All the while she urged on by her lover and confidant, Heather, who acts as both observer and accomplice to his total enslavement.

Make no mistake, this is a love story. A story of unrelenting faith, trust, and devotion, and a couple’s willingness to cross boundaries and take things to the limit together in their own special world. Mind-bendingly erotic, and heart-wrenchingly romantic. An answer to the misconceptions of BDSM and Total Power Exchange portrayed in popular media.

331 Pages of Female Domination

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