“Naughty Weekend Getaway” just Released by KinkyWriter

“Naughty Weekend Getaway” by KinkyWriter

Surprising her husband with a kinky, weekend getaway that begins with her handcuffing and blindfolding him before putting him into the backseat of their car, Mistress Caitlin transforms Matt into her own personal slave focused only on her pleasure as they spend the next three days enjoying a lifestyle of Female Domination and male submission with him at her feet, locked in chastity and willing to do whatever it takes to please her.

Come along as this dominant wife puts herself first as her husband spoils her and lives for her pleasure with every gagged breath, denied countless orgasms himself as he realizes that her pleasure is what’s most important.

Her husband stood obediently in front of her, his shorts still around his ankles and his manhood locked in chastity now on full display.

“As your mistress,” Caitlin continued, “I have a few rules that I’m going to expect you to follow…”

  1. You will refer to me only as Mistress Caitlin.
  2. You will show your mistress the utmost respect in her presence – head bowed, eyes to the floor, hands behind your back.
  3. You will not speak unless you are spoken to, and then only, “Yes, Mistress Caitlin” or “No, Mistress Caitlin.”
  4. You will not make any attempt to touch yourself while you’re locked in chastity.
  5. You will make my own enjoyment and pleasure your only focus this weekend.

Stepping forward and taking her husband’s locked dick in her hand, the wife then stared Matt in the eyes until he took the hint and dropped his head, looking down at the floor over her shoulder, finally asking him, “Do you agree to your Mistress’s rules, slave?”

Caitlin squeezed his dick through the silicone cage as her husband took a breath and nodded, then replied, “Yes, Mistress Caitlin.”

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