New Five Star Review for “At Her Beck and Call” by Mistress Benay

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot Sexy

Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2021 by M or K Bishop

Verified Purchase

“How many real women do this to their husband’s? Is it easy to be Dominant to a husband that want me to be his Mistress? But it is hard. I’m a soft person. I don’t want to hurt him and I would feel really bad after I saw red marks on him. So how do I get past that?”

Advice to M or K Bishop: You said that he wants You to be his Mistress? Evidently he has definite submissive tendencies, and has probably given the situation much thought, and he probably harbors fantasies about You taking control of Your Relationship. Talk to him. Find out exactly what his fantasies involve, and then if You are comfortable in proceeding, go ahead and give it a try. As far as putting red marks on him, he would probably love to have that happen, and would cherish those marks from his Mistress.

“At Her Beck and Call: A Pictorial Journal of Female Domination and Male Servitude (Fem Dom Training Series by Mistress Benay)”

Mistress Benay was a Professional Dominatrix, and was one of America’s most vocal and exciting proponents of Female Domination until Her untimely passing. She documents in this Pictorial Journal how She took a male She met on the Internet, and turned him into first Her slave, then Her soul mate, and eventually Her husband.

This journey described by Mistress Benay in great detail, is accompanied by many pictures taken by Mistress Benay which clearly show how a Dominant Woman can take control of a male and turn him into Her willing slave.

This journal which is Volume I of Mistress Benay’s Female Dominaation Series is an easy and informative read which leaves nothing to the imagination. If there is a male out there who wishes that his partner would take control of their relationship, he needs to give Her a copy of this book. Likewise, any Female who wishes to take control of Her man, needs to read this journal by Mistress Benay which will provide Her with a detailed road map which will lead to Female Domination in Her Relationship.

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