Newly Released – “The Chastity Contract: An Erotic Suspense – Tease, Denial and Chastity Cages”

“The Chastity Contract: An Erotic Suspense – Tease, Denial and Chastity Cages – Books 1-3 Paperback – May 22, 2021 by James Hardcourt

A young married couple, a wealthy widow, and an offer that could change their lives. What will they give up to truly gain their freedom?

Sex and relationship blogger, Emma Stevens, is conflicted when she receives a shocking offer from a rich and domineering follower, Catherine Argent. What will they trade to have her loving husband’s manhood locked away in a tight steel cage, his pleasure denied for an entire year. What’s it worth, what will they learn, and what will it really cost them all?

This collection features the first three books of the Chastity Contract series (Entrapped, Enticed, Encased). It is an erotic suspense that explores orgasm denial, male and female chastity, and the darker sides of the human mind.

Get started with this suspenseful new series today and discover new erotic ideas, and the mystery behind their twisted benefactor’s real motivations.

Contains drama, intrigue, and lots of explicit, kinky sex. 18+ only.

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

A 322 Page Thriller that will Keep You Turning the Pages to see what happens next!

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