5.0 out of 5 Stars … Extremely Erotic!

“Serving Sarah” By Molly Sands

‘Why don’t you call me by that other name?’ Sarah whispered.

‘I won’t mind if you do.’

When Charles Hunter loses his highly-paid job, his wife Sarah decides to indulge his long-hidden fantasy of living as her slave. To begin with the change feels easy, almost natural, but soon they are enacting the strange rituals of sadomasochism, partners in a devil’s-dance of love and pain, cruelty and desire – ‘Kneeling before Sarah, Charles was overwhelmed by conflicting emotions.

He hadn’t lost his pride, but it had become long submerged beneath his submissive yearnings. Even as he massaged Sarah’s nylon-clad foot, pride still burned in his heart and mind, but the flames only fueled his masochistic joy by reminding him of all he had lost, and when he looked at Sarah’s pretty foot resting on his apron and, beneath that, the lacy hem of his slip peeping out from under his maid’s dress, he hated how foolish he must look, and yet he loved to feel so shamed and helpless in front of the woman he loved.’

A new Erotic Romance by Molly Sands.

Adult readers only. (52000 words) BDSM/Erotica/Romance/Cuckold/Love & Marriage.

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