From childhood onwards, females are encouraged into subservient roles, so that taking the lead can feel strange and unnatural, even “unfeminine” and “not nice”. We are discouraged from aggressively grabbing what we want, and instead encouraged to sacrifice and nurture. We are taught to be prizes, not competitors. Surely, there has to be more to life than that. Many men — the ones who value assertiveness (and even a little cruelty) in their female lovers would agree.

Men are ready to be dominated, owned and used by the strictest, most sensual, and cruelest women? The subservient slaves get put in their places and then punished in a variety of naughty ways until they understand their place…

This book is a rich resource of ideas for the woman who wants to embark upon FemDom journey with her man and is hungry for new kinky territory to conquer and in this guide, you’ll learn practical steps towards becoming a professional dominatrix.

Much of what is depicted about BDSM and the lifestyle is wrong. Our opinions on this lifestyle and art form are often times shaped by other people who have heard something about it and perhaps embellished it to the point of perpetuating myths. The truth is that BDSM is not degrading towards women, “One of the most common misconceptions surrounding a woman taking a dominant role is the assumption that she needs to be a display cruel behavior towards others, for the sake of her own gain or pleasure, and without consideration for their safety or well-being,” it’s not surprising that any woman would feel reluctant to adopt this role in her relationship.

Taking the lead in bed doesn’t mean being a sadist or demeaning your partner. It doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. You’re simply connecting with a powerful side of yourself that was always there, and sharing it with a person who wants to make you happy. It’s about closeness and connection, not cruelty.

FemDoms are to lead and not follow, be confident and be yourself, say what you mean and be attractive. A Warning for the Man/Men in Her Life, this book will teach your partner how to be more dominant, controlling, learn how to train you, learn how to punish you and hold you accountable for your actions. if you buy this book for her, you might get more than you asked for. You may want to quietly set it aside and buy her a set of fuzzy handcuffs instead. You have been warned.

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