Have You seen the Latest Edition of “Sissy Magazine”?

“Sissy Magazine: The Top 8 Foot Fetish Tips”

Do you enjoy rubbing your wife’s feet? Kissing them? Worshiping them? I think every husband should get in the habit of getting down on his knees and giving his wife a nice, relaxing foot rub once in a while. Or, why not do it every day? It’s a chore my husband has learned to love—especially since I have started cuckolding him.

I’m the kind of woman who enjoys seeing her husband at her feet. Some people call this Female Domination and others call it a Female Led Relationship. In my case, my husband’s foot fetish and his generally submissive attitude led me to experience my own sexual awakening. There are a lot of reasons that I cuckold him and a lot of ways that I humiliate him. And even if he didn’t have such a strong foot fetish, I would still probably make him worship my feet. I enjoy it when he lowers himself for me. I guess it’s just an added bonus for him that he likes it so much.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the cuckolding lifestyle, and one of the reasons I am giving all this advice is to encourage more couples to try it out. One truth you have to accept is that most women want to be on top, in more ways than one—we like to ride during sex, to wear the pants in the house and make important decisions, and to have sexual freedom. It’s boring to only have sex with one man for the rest of your life. Most women would like to have a little something on the side, if only it were possible.

And then, there are women like me who are comfortable having a lot of guys on the side, backdoor-men, friends with benefits, and one night stands whenever possible. It wasn’t always like this for us though. My husband always showed a lot of submissive tendencies, and it was only after a few years of marriage and a lot of discussions that we both agreed to try cuckolding. Frankly, he was just bad at sex! I am a normal, red-blooded woman, and I like to feel like a woman in bed. When it came down to it, my husband wanted to be submissive, too. One of the indications of this was his foot fetish. So, I was kind of forced to seek male companionship outside of our marriage.

In a lot ways, cuckolding and a foot fetish go hand in hand. I mean, if I no longer desire to let my husband have sex with me, we have to find other ways to achieve physical intimacy. So, I let him lick and suck on my toes. I might let him masturbate into a pair of my dirty pantyhose while I am off with a bull. And I might give him a little kick in his useless balls before I leave for my date, too.

Yeah, I know, foot fetishes are often seen as kind of perverse. I mean, why would a guy be more interested in my feet than in my vagina or my breasts? I think the simple answer is that your husband secretly wants to be cuckolded. He is acting out like this to encourage you to seek a man who will please you the way a man should. So, next time you meet a guy who confesses that he has a fetish for your feet, date him—and then cuckold him and feminize him, too! You’ll end up getting a lot of new shoes, I promise!

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