Explore Three Tantalizing Stories of Female Domination and Male Submission in this Collection:

“The Femdom Chronicles: Stories of Male Submission”by Jaime Gladwell

FemDom Chronicles

Explore three tantalizing stories of female domination and male submission in this collection:

Room Five tells the story of Edward, a man who is plagued by strange dreams of domination by not just women but also men. When he seeks out aid from Madame Esmerelda, he realizes he’s going to be put through his paces to make his dream a reality.

Claire in Charge is about Claire, a dominant bookworm who is passionately in love with her husband Tim. Together, the two of them try and forget about the world on a lovely Saturday spent together. She has some fun in store for her husband to drive him wild, both in private and in public.

The Femina Domina Resort stars Terry, a man who discovers a resort where the men are submissive to the dominant, all-female staff. Scheduling himself a two-week stay at the resort, he plans to make the most of his time there and have as many of his fantasies become reality as he can.

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