Keep Your slave on his knees with this Beautiful Humbler

Leather Covered Humbler  


Bend your sub over and lock on the Humblerto keep them on their knees with their ass in the air!

This ingenious device is curved to fit below their ass, with their scrotum stretched through the opening and their balls on the other side.  The tugging on their testicles increases as they try to stand up, effectively keeping them bent over to take whatever you dish out.

Knobs at either end of the Humbler allow you to open and close the device.  This model is covered with high-quality black leather for a sensual feel and finished off with studs for a hot bondage look.

Measurements: 13 inch overall length, testicle opening is 2.7 inches long and 0.95 inches wide when closed, Material: Leather, Metal, Color: Black,  Note: Style of adjustment knobs may vary Warning:

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