“Key Holder: The True Story of My Female Led Relationship” by Amy Hughs

“Key Holder: The True Story of My Female Led Relationship” by Amy Hughs


I first got introduced to the idea of female domination when my boyfriend and future husband asked me to watch porn with him. It was kind of hot, and I wasn’t that experienced with sex, so I didn’t see the harm in it. He liked to push my boundaries a little. He showed me a video of a man sticking it in a girl’s butt. Now, we weren’t married yet, but we were having sex, and I was pretty sure we were going to get married eventually—so we felt pretty comfortable opening up to each other. He knew about my periods and I knew how often he jerked off. But the idea of having a dick up my butt just didn’t appeal to me. My boyfriend said it only seemed strange to me because I hadn’t done it before. I was a girl and I was supposed to enjoy getting plugged in all of my holes. He said if he were the girl, he would gladly take it up the butt for someone he truly loved. I thought that was a pretty convenient argument for him, since I didn’t have a penis and it wasn’t very likely I was going to be plugging any of his holes any time soon. To punctuate his reasoning, he showed me another video of a woman sticking a strap-on dildo up a man’s butt. My boyfriend said he’d be okay with this, too. I was kind of shocked, but also, a little turned on by the idea.
These days, we are in a happy female led relationship. Yes, it started with sex toys and domination in bed, but it grew to something much greater and more satisfying for both of us. My husband is feminized and submissive. I control his behavior and he loves it. He likes the idea that I control his balls, and that he is essentially dickless in this relationship.
This book is intended for anyone who may have heard about female led relationships and who wants to give it a try. When I started down this path, I had a lot of questions and concerns but I didn’t have a lot of places to turn for answers. This is a real and honest account of how I trained my husband to be obedient and docile to my commands. Yes, it’s about sex, but it’s also about the difficulties we encountered along the way and the boundaries that we established.
Perhaps you’re curious about what an actual female led relationship is like. Maybe you’re a submissive man already in a committed relationship with a secret longing to be dominated. Perhaps you’re a wife whose husband is asking her to use a strap-on with him. When I first started experimenting with domination, I was naïve and kind of clueless. But now it feels like second nature to me. Best of all, we are both extremely happy with how things turned out for us. We used to fight and bicker about little things, but since we started female domination, I’m always right, and my husband accepts my word as law. Rather than argue, he always takes the blame and accepts his punishment. I didn’t think we could ever be so happy, but it is a dream come true for us.

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