Five Stars for “Female Domination” by Janet King

five-stars Wow! Great Writing.  Great Erotic Sexy Stories!


“Female Domination” by Janet King

Female Domination Prepare to take a journey to the dark edge of your desires.  Surrender to the power you crave; the firm hand of a beautiful woman. Give your soul completely to her unrelenting cruelty.  That is your destiny.
Rich and vivid stories; mysterious and suspenseful, involving genres like science fiction, romance, and the paranormal.  Tales that will have you reading late into the night.
A beautiful woman is forbidden to be with the man she loves because of a powerful and mysterious cult.  A corrupt politician abuses his young wife until she turns the table on him.  A female banker out for revenge against a rich and sinister business man.  A woman schemes to kidnap her young employee and keep him as a sexual slave. A terrifying town controlled completely by scorned women, and much more…

Read Female Domination by Janet King now, with over 500 kindle pages that will shock and entertain, and take you to places unimagined, but be warned, you may never find your way back.


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