Here’s a few of the Best Selling Female Domination and FLR Books by Mistress Ivey Green

A KeyHolder’s Handbook

Keyholder  A complete guide to male chastity. If you are new to male chastity or have been practicing it for years, this book will guide you to a happier sex life. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to sexually tease and torment your partner. How to talk “dirty” to him. What to say, when and how to say it, even if you are shy or embarrassed. Keeping him aroused when he is away. It’s all here.

Has your partner been pushing you to lock his manhood up in a chastity device? Are you afraid you won’t live up to his expectations? Are you too shy, embarrassed, or uncomfortable talking “dirty” to him in bed (or any other time)? Being a KeyHolder should not be terrifying for any woman. Armed with the information in this handbook, you can become an expert at playing the chastity game. Once you know how to play, he won’t stand chance. This guide will make it easy for any woman to become a KeyHolder for her partner, or any other man, for that matter.


The Marriage Counselor (Complete Version)

Marriage Counselor  Now you can purchase all three volumes of The Marriage Counselor at a bargain price! But that’s not all, there is new content that is NOT included in the previous publications. You can read the new content only by purchasing this special three-book volume.

Dr. Kathryn Andrews set up practice as a marriage counselor when her writing career took a dive because the mainstream psychological community refused to recognize her methods as legitimate. Her life’s goal is to make the FLR the dominant form of relationship with the MLR secondary (reserved only for those women who are truly submissive and cannot be converted).
After moving to a small town in mid-America, Kathryn sets up shop where she saves marriages by teaching the women to take charge of their men. The men are subjected to may different, often humiliating, situations with only serve to increase their love for their wives. It seems her practice has bee very successful.


Mistress Ivey’s Femdom Fantasies (Volume 4)

Femdom Fantasies  This is the latest volume of ‘Mistress Ivey’s Femdom Fantasies’ for your enjoyment. It was written by real people, just like you. This is the longest volume so far with some stories presented in multiple parts, each a story unto itself. I have tried to include many different aspects of a female led relationship for your erotic enjoyment.

In addition to my usual short stories I have included some in multiple parts because of their length and subject matter. One in particular shows the evolution of one couple’s relationship as they move from a male led relationship through many phases of a female lead relationship. I have tried to cover as many aspects of a female led relationship as I had room for. Though all of the stories are a bit graphic in nature, I have tried to find those that have erotic appeal to a larger percentage of readers.

You can see even more great Books on Female Domination and Female Led Relationships by visiting The FemDom Emporium


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