Here’s Three Fun Reads if you like Female Domination and Male Chastity Novels


Sonia  Sonia’s Cage is a female domination story that tells of a couple of friends that meet up again after going their separate ways at university.  Sonia makes and designs restraints supplying the top end of the BDSM market.  Once she discovers that Toby is also into BDSM she decides that he would be ideal to use to test her equipment before it goes on sale. Quite excited and keen at the start Toby soon find out how frustrating chastity can be much to the delight of Sonia as he become frequented with her dungeon and also her paddle.  Satisfied that Toby needs a lot of training to be more use to her than just testing equipment Sonia sets about handing Toby back to his last girlfriend and giving her a key to his chastity cage while hoping she can retain his services for testing her new products.  Alicia is unsure, so can Sonia persuade her to take control over her former boyfriend and become his new Mistress?  Will Toby agree and accept Alicia as his Mistress?  This is an enjoyable novelette for adults only, it features chastity, bondage, cross dressing, spanking, and other adult pursuits.


Consensual (Club Imperial Book 1) by Katherine Rhodes

Consenual  The door read: Tessa Saint.
The truth was: she was nothing of the sort.
Even the name was a lie.

The woman most men fantasized about, a Domme, a walking wet dream, and a master with a whip, Tessa Saint took charge and delivered on that fantasy.  But Emmy–the woman Tessa became once she walked out the door of the club–was getting tired of the game. It was time to try the vanilla life.

The door read: Nathaniel Walsh
The truth was: the man was an open book
Emmy was interested in reading.

Nathaniel was instantly attracted to the enigma of Emmy, and against her better judgement she lead him into her world of whips and blindfolds, kink and domination. Having a man unencumbered with perceptions of her lifestyle, Emmy could not resist Nathaniel at the tip of her lash, his willing bedroom submission.

The door read: Club Imperial
The truth was: Emmy hid there in the dark for a reason.
She should never have left the comfortable shadows.

Her secrets would find a way to the light- and it was only time until Emmy’s lies were torn away and the truth revealed. Nathaniel wasn’t ready for that.

Neither was she.


The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control by Mistress Benay

Kinky Neighborhood  When Ann and Joe Walker leave Toms River, New Jersey and buy a home in Pueblo, Colorado, neither of them have any idea that their lives are going to change forever, because of the neighborhood that they have decided to move into.
This is a neighborhood where the Women are always in control, and the men are strictly subservient.  Here the men are not only at the Beck and Call of their Wives, but all males in this neighborhood are also forced to wear Male Chastity Tubes 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week, so that they will focus at all times on Serving and Pleasuring their Wives.
Mistress Benay tells the story of this Kinky Neighborhood in the wonderful style of writing which her loyal readers have become used to. You are sure to be entertained, aroused, and maybe even frightened a little bit, because this can happen in your neighborhood also!

In addition to these three Books, You can see more Great Novels dealing with Female Domination and Male Chastity, by visiting The FemDom Emporium

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