Important Message about Mistress Benay’s Twitter, Fet-Life, and FaceBook Pages

Most of you who have diligently followed my Dear Wife Mistress Benay and have read Her Profiles and viewed Her Pictures on all of Her Social Media Pages thoroughly, are aware that She tragically passed away in 2018.  As I promised at the time of Her passing, I have left Her Fet-Life, Twitter and FaceBook Pages up for a while, but I feel that it is now time for me to shut all of them down. I will do that on February 15th.

I will leave Benay’s Author Profile, Biography, and Books up on Amazon forever since that is Her Legacy.  You can visit Benay’s Author’s Page on Amazon by Clicking here.

I have set up a Website/Blog dedicated to Female Led Relationships in Honor of my Dear Wife Benay, and I have also set up The FemDom Emporium to help couples interested in getting the things that they need for a Female Led Relationship or Marriage.
You can visit the Female Led Relationships Website/Blog at:

and you can visit The FemDom Emporium at:

All of Benay’s Social Media Pages other than Amazon will be taken down this coming Friday.
Thank You for your understanding,
Mistress Benay’s Loving Husband

PS. If you need to communicate with me, you can go to my Fet-Life Profile (MrSub81003) or leave me message Here on this FLR Blog or on the FemDom Emporium Website.

Logo_Profile_small               FemDomEmporium.png

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