Excerpt from “What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets!”

What Mistress Wants

Mistress Vanessa has graciously agreed to let us publish an Excerpt from “What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets!” You can see both this Exciting Novel and the very Hot Sequel on Mistress Vanessa’s Author’s Page.

As Joan and I secured Robert’s wrists into the cuffs at the top of the rack and his ankles into the cuffs attached to the bottom of the rack, I admonished him for his annoying begging, and warned him that if he didn’t shut up immediately, I would shove a gag into his mouth.  That seemed to deter him from making any further sounds.

Once Robert was helplessly immobilized on the rack, Joan showed me how to operate the wheel attached to the side of the rack.  As I turned the wheel, the chains which were attached to Robert’s wrist and ankle cuffs began to wrap around the rack’s pulleys, and his arms and legs were pulled in opposite directions.

Within a few seconds, Robert started moaning and telling us that he couldn’t take the pain, but I ignored his pleas when Joan looked at me, shook her head, pointed to the wheel and indicated to me that I should continue applying even more pressure to his arms and legs.

I gave the wheel a few more complete revolutions, and when it was obvious that Robert’s limbs were stretched to the max, without dislocating them, I locked the wheel in place, and said “Slave, you don’t look like you will be going anywhere for quite a while”.  Then with a menacing laugh, I said “Now the real fun starts!”

As Robert laid there moaning on the rack, I went over to the cabinet on the wall, gathered up some goodies, and then when I laid them on the table next to the rack and Joan saw what I had selected, she laughed, and said “Vanessa, I can see already that you and I think alike”.

Since Robert couldn’t see a thing, he was totally caught by surprise when I snapped a set of vicious looking alligator clamps down onto each of his nipples.  He immediately let out a scream, and his body would have jumped up off the rack, if he hadn’t been held down so tightly by the chains of the rack.

I then picked up a double pinwheel, which had sharp pins protruding from both wheels and began running it up and down Robert’s stretched and taunt arms.  He began whimpering and he tried to move his arms away from the dastardly pinwheel, but since he was so tightly bound down to the rack, he had absolutely no success escaping the pain which I was subjecting him to.

I then turned my attention to the inside of Robert’s thighs, and I ran the pinwheel up and down from his knees to the inside of his crotch, making him squirm and moan even more.

As soon as I ran the pinwheel over his scrotum, and the sharp pins dug into his balls, Robert started to loudly plead for mercy and he begged me to stop.

I went over to the cabinet, picked out a penis gag, and then as I shoved it into Robert’s mouth, I said “I already warned you once slave about your begging, and since I don’t believe in second warnings, this should keep you quiet!”

Then with one swift pull, I yanked the clamps off Robert’s nipples, and even with the gag in his mouth, I was able to hear him scream, as the blood rushed back into his nipples, obviously causing him quite a bit of pain.

At that point, Joan put on a pair of rubber gloves and picked the tube of Cramer Red Hot Ointment off the table.  She bent down close to Robert’s hooded head, and said “Slave, I know that Mistress Vanessa has been pretty rough on you.  Would you like me to massage your nipples and balls, and give you some relief?”

Robert nodded his head, and mumbled something which sounded like “Yes, thank you Mistress”.

With a wicked smile on her face, Joan put a liberal amount of the Capsicum ointment on her hand and she began rubbing it all over Robert’s nipples, as he laid there enjoying the temporary solace.  She then squeezed more ointment into her hand and began massaging it into Robert’s balls.




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