“More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Female Domination And Male Chastity” will be FREE on Amazon from 12/2 through 12/6

“More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Female Domination And Male Chastity” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 12/2 through 12/6


Be Careful What You Wish For”

In this Exciting and quite Steamy Novel, Mistress Benay presented the story of Joseph, a business executive from Denver who had absolutely no idea of what was in store for him when he contacted Mistress Benay via Email, and not only begged her to make all of his FemDom Fantasies become Reality, but to also lock him up in a Custom Made Chastity Tube, and take total control of his Orgasms, by becoming his Key Holder.

Joseph insisted that he wanted to experience complete Female Domination with No Safe Word available to him, and No option for him to back out once Mistress Benay agreed to take him under her tutelage as a slave trainee. After communicating with Joseph, Mistress Benay did her best to discourage him from proceeding with his plan to turn his fantasies into reality.

When Joseph, despite the warnings from the Mistress, still begged her to take him under her control, Mistress Benay was determined at that point to give Joseph More Than He Ever Bargained For.

Readers should be cautioned that this Novel contains Graphic descriptions of activity involving Female Domination, Male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Relationships, Bondage, and Discipline.

5.0 Out of 5 Stars … Awesome Read!

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“A fantastic book, detailing the (mis)fortune of a chastity novice who is lucky enough to be taken in by a Mistress at the top of her game! Five stars!”

FREE on Amazon from 12/2 through 12/6

Scorching Hot New Release – “Yes, Mistress: Why Men Crave Female Domination” by Alicia Zadig

“Yes, Mistress: Why Men Crave Female Domination” by Alicia Zadig 

“If Alicia Zadig is half as good a Domme as she is an author, then she surely leaves her submissives begging for more. Written with erudition, authenticity, and exuberance, Yes, Mistress takes you to the erotic edge and lets you peer into an underground that is fascinating, revelatory, and challenging of the gender assumptions and power dynamics that proliferate in the light of day. And it’s really sexy too!” —Ian Kerner, Sex Therapist and New York Times bestselling author of She Comes First

Discover the forbidden desire for Female Domination—and the real men who seek it out.

Leading Dominatrix and BDSM expert Alicia Zadig takes you on a provocative, eye-opening journey into the erotic world of Female Domination and male submission. Zadig explains the psychology behind male submission and answers the question: Why do men crave surrendering to a dominant woman?

Hear from the men themselves as they reveal their most intimate desires. Learn why so many secretly fantasize about being dominated by a woman. Delve into their experiences with Dominatrices and see what keeps them coming back for more.

Yes, Mistress shines a spotlight on the everyday men who seek to explore their submissive fantasies—an aspect of sexuality that often goes unacknowledged, despite a long history and deep psychological roots. Set at the crossroads of psychology, culture, history, and media, this book challenges society’s perception of BDSM, kink, and fetish. Male submission is more common than you think—and more rewarding than you can imagine!

Alicia Zadig is a leading Dominatrix and BDSM expert with years of firsthand experience. She has been fascinated with sexuality and psychology her entire life. Her passion is helping people understand and explore their sexuality and wildest desires.

Her primary areas of interest as a BDSM practitioner include humiliation, hypnosis, role play, forced feminization, and corporal punishment. She delights in finding her submissives’ comfort zone and taking them slightly beyond it.

Ms. Zadig has a degree in psychology and is a certified practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Ericksonian hypnosis. On a personal basis, she loves spending time with friends and family, participating in elite gymnastics, and traveling the world.

291 Pages of Scorching Hot FemDom Information

“Four Days to Sissy Sex Slavery: A Forced Feminization Female Domination Extended Length Story” by Mistress Marie

“Four Days to Sissy Sex Slavery: A Forced Feminization Female Domination Extended Length Story” by Mistress Marie

Slave boi had no idea what he was getting into when he walked into Mistress Marie’s apartment on that fateful summer afternoon. He expected a few days of kinky fun, nothing more.

He was wrong. From the moment he entered Her home, Mistress Marie began to sink her claws deep into the boi’s brain, destroying his manhood and sending him on an inescapable journey to becoming her perfect sissy sex slave; brainwashed, beaten down, and totally feminized. A pawn to serve at her pleasure in any way she chose.

This story takes you on a moment-by-moment journey alongside the helpless boi as he loses his manhood forever. You will watch as Mistress Marie forces him to shave his body head to toe, dress in girly panties and stockings, and wear skirts and bras. You will see her rearrange his hair into a pretty, feminine style, force him to wear perfume, and submit to public humiliation.

You will know what the boi feels like as he struggles to keep his sanity amidst Mistress Marie’s brutal, hard-core methods of forced feminization. You will sense his fear, his shame, and his degradation. You will watch his mind crack under the constant mental pressure she inflicts, till at last he crumbles to the ground at her feet in utter and absolute surrender.

Mistress Marie is a Texas-based lifestyle dominatrix with decades of real-life experience in forced feminization, sissy maid slavery, and female led relationships. She used the methods described in this book to turn her own husband into a pathetic, feminized slave with no dignity or will of his own. Now she wants to do the same to YOU. So open the book and take your first step into Mistress Marie’s erotic world of 24/7 BDSM. But be warned: there’s no escape. Must reading for fans of forced feminization, forced crossdressing, forced feminizing, sissy maids, and female domination literature.

373 Pages of FemDom Control in Newly Released


The first book in Azon Publishing’s collection of marital nightmares – for the husband – contains three stories of wives who betray, manipulate, cuckold and then dominate their unsuspecting and sometimes deserving husbands.

Book-One contains:

“A FemDom Marriage” by Rebecca Tarling

“A Husband Shamed” by Maria Wain-Vincent

and “His Wife is Now His Master” from Miranda Cavendish.

If you have a fancy for exotic and erotic fiction with a sometimes perverse – but always believable – overview, you will enjoy the compilations made from Azon’s growing stable of writers on the subject of the power struggle between man and women.

A struggle the male half of the equation NEVER wins!

“Broken by the Domme – A 247 Page FemDom Fantasy Novel” by Scarlett Steele

“Broken by the Domme – A FemDom Dark Fantasy Novel” by Scarlett Steele

How far would you push an experienced Dominatrix’s buttons before you would back down?

Elise is a Dominatrix with a wide social media reach. Offering the most immersive of online and real meet experiences, the sensual and experienced Domme knows her way around a man’s mind and body.  She is certainly not someone to f**k with!

And so when Marcelo starts to troll, taunt, tease and attempt to humiliate her online. He very quickly finds he gets more than he bargained for. Hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet is useless when Elise tracks down Marcelo and subjects him to the words that left his lips. Had Marcelo arranged a session with the cruel and relentless Elise, he would have been offered a Safeword.

But instead, he has p*ssed off the one woman who knew how to teach him a lesson he would never forget!

This 50k word FemDom novel chronicles the journey of an experienced Dominatrix subjecting her online troll to a world of FemDom he had never once imagined before!