New FemDom Release


She is a rich, sophisticated, gorgeous millionaire executive married to a loser.

Lindy is your typical Alpha female, she dominated the boardroom and well, her bedroom too.

Teddy will soon learn how to yield to his wife’s dominating presence, and please all the hung studs she brings to her shrine.

Once he is broken down, he will do anything for his wife to compensate for his filthy little prick.

Warning. Explicit dirty content suitable for thirsty adults!

“How to Sensually Dominate a Man: The Detailed Guide to FemDom”

“How to Sensually Dominate a Man: The Detailed Guide to FemDom”

How to Sensually Dominate a Man.

This isn’t a short how-to because it covers a lot of things, including responsibilities, communication, clothing, anticipation, sexy talk, teasing, orgasm control, putting him on display, toys, rewards, punishments, and aftercare.

This isn’t about negotiating scenes or playtime with new acquaintances, and it does not address D/s as a lifestyle.

This is written for a Domme who already shares a connection with her sub. Personally, I need to know my sub and feel a connection with him in order to enjoy dominating him.

This is also written from the perspective of a woman dominating a man. However, I hope that anyone, regardless of gender, orientation, or partnership status, can find some helpful and sexy ideas from this book.

“The Hesitant Mistress: A Guide to Claiming Your Feminine Power” by Dvanna Hightower

“The Hesitant Mistress: A Guide to Claiming Your Feminine Power” by Dvanna Hightower

The submissive man in a vanilla relationship faces a daunting challenge. How can he convince his demure girlfriend to take charge without turning her off? How can he show her that female domination is not a sick stereotype, but a healthy and romantic way to enhance her life?

This book is the answer to his prayers. His girlfriend’s hesitation is perfectly understandable. Since female dominants are so often depicted as arrogant sadists intent on hurting and humiliating men, it’s not surprising that any woman would feel reluctant to adopt this role in her relationship. After all, who would treat her beloved partner as if she hated him?

But she has no need to worry. The real female dominant is not a cruel psychopath. Her relationship involves mutual trust, cooperation, and communication. She can be nurturing and reasonable. She can share her feelings and needs. She can be herself, more bravely than ever – and her partner will love her for it.

In The Hesitant Mistress, author and Dominant Dvanna Hightower gently introduces the novice Mistress to a new world of life-enhancing possibilities. The male submissive will try to give his lady everything she desires; all she needs to do is recognize the confidence she already has inside her.

Part self-help book, part kinky instruction manual, The Hesitant Mistress is an indispensable introduction to female-led relationships. Any woman who reads it will never be the same.

CONTENTS —– Introduction: A Warning for the Man in Her Life; Some Reassurances for the Hesitant Mistress; Your Journey; The Female Dominant; The Female-Led Relationship; Is This Abuse?; The Male Submissive; How It Works – A Brief Demonstration.

Gaining Confidence: Being Yourself; You are Attractive; Stop Apologizing; Say What You Mean; Don’t Justify; Give Up Validation; Be Aware of Your Space; Wear Something Sexy; Know You Can Handle It; Become Self-Reliant; Declare A Preference; Lead, Don’t Follow; Vocalize Your Instincts.

Training Him: You Were Made for This; Set Boundaries; Be Consistent; Set Expectations; Being Bossy; Watch Your Language; Reward and Punish; Answers and Objections; It’s Your Decision.

Scening: Of Scenes and Bedrooms; Safewords; Stop and Think About It; Take Your Time; Caring Too Much; Fetishes; Games to Start Out With; Putting It All Into Practice; New Beginnings; A View From the Bottom.

A Submissive’s Addendum —– A Warning for the Man in Her Life —– This book will teach your partner how to be more Dominant. That means she will learn how to actually be more Dominant, not just how to act like a Dominatrix long enough for you to get your jollies off in the bedroom. Your partner will learn how to say no to you. She will learn how to train you. She will learn how to punish you and hold you accountable for your actions. She will learn that she can demand whatever she wants from you, despite whatever you might want from her.

So beware, my unsuspecting male friend… if you bought this book for her, you might get more than you asked for. You may want to quietly set it aside and buy her a set of fuzzy handcuffs instead. You have been warned.

New FemDom Release by Patrick Richards

“Painful Pleasures” by Patrick Richards

Remember the song Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics?

It went… “Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to be used by you, Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused….”

Well, Dylan MacGregor fit right into the lines of that song. He wanted to be “used and abused” but not just by anyone. He wanted a sadistic Mistress, dressed in sexy, black leather, carrying a big whip who would give him the discipline, pain and humiliation he desired.

He wasn’t born that way, but something triggered those thoughts and needs. As far back as he could remember, he was intrigued with ropes and chains, especially if they were wrapped around him and secured extra tight.

Dylan spent hours and days during his youth, tying himself up and enjoying his self-inflicted bondage and pain. He was a true masochist. As the years went by, and he went through puberty, it became a total, sexual thing. He didn’t want to hurt others. It was the exact opposite. He quickly found that his self-abuse and intense pain made his ejaculations far better than normal.

He explored numerous fetishes and constantly searched for a way to fulfil his dreams and desires. Then the internet changed everything. He was able to live his life vicariously through the bondage, discipline and pain of others. He found story sites that fed his needs both physically and sexually, but they excited him far more than satisfying him. He needed far more. Deep inside, Dylan wished he could change places with the victims in those stories who were brutally tortured and abused for the pleasure of others.

Then one day his life changed dramatically. Entirely by accident a woman came into his life who gave him everything he wanted. They were so much alike except he wanted pain, and she liked to dish it out, making her victims scream. It was an aphrodisiac for his new-found Mistress.

And that was just the beginning.

When his Mistress asked him what he wanted, he simply replied, “I want it all!”

Dylan found several people who would use him, and the rest is history.

Dylan got everything he ever wanted and far, far more.

Remember that line, “Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it all.”

There’s no doubt about it – he did.

Check out these Two New Improved Chastity Cages just added by “Locked In Lust”

Locked In Lust The Vice Mini V2 – Newly Improved and Available in Chrome or Black

The Vice Mini Version 2 (or V2) has a slight modification from the original design.

We have lowered the urination hole to allow for easier bathroom usage, as well as added a small drain hole at the bottom of the cage head for any urine that happens to get caught inside of the cage for a cleaner and more hygienic experience.

This small chastity cage uses all of the same components of The Vice standard. You will get to take advantage of the same revolutionary anti-pullout technology, in a smaller package; meaning your locked sissy isn’t going anywhere!

A common problem with a sissy chastity cage is having the member “turtle” into the body making an easy escape. The Vice Mini, with the right anti-pullout, will prevent your locked sissy clitty from going anywhere!

The Vice Mini also includes a handful of different sizes with every device, therefore giving you personalized customization for maximum comfort and security.

It’s time to enjoy a sissy chastity cage that offers the true inescapable chastity experience!

ALL PARTS OF THE VICE ARE COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER VICE’S (i.e. Standard/Plus). Each order includes: Mini Cage (1) Rings (4) Anti-Pullout (3) Anti-Pullout Cap (1) Spacers (4) Locking Pins (4) Brass Pad Lock (1) Velvet Carrying