“Broken by the Domme – A 247 Page FemDom Fantasy Novel” by Scarlett Steele

“Broken by the Domme – A FemDom Dark Fantasy Novel” by Scarlett Steele

How far would you push an experienced Dominatrix’s buttons before you would back down?

Elise is a Dominatrix with a wide social media reach. Offering the most immersive of online and real meet experiences, the sensual and experienced Domme knows her way around a man’s mind and body.  She is certainly not someone to f**k with!

And so when Marcelo starts to troll, taunt, tease and attempt to humiliate her online. He very quickly finds he gets more than he bargained for. Hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet is useless when Elise tracks down Marcelo and subjects him to the words that left his lips. Had Marcelo arranged a session with the cruel and relentless Elise, he would have been offered a Safeword.

But instead, he has p*ssed off the one woman who knew how to teach him a lesson he would never forget!

This 50k word FemDom novel chronicles the journey of an experienced Dominatrix subjecting her online troll to a world of FemDom he had never once imagined before!

New Release – 392 Pages of Non-Stop FemDom Action in this Great Finale.

“The FemDom Syndicate: Secretly Turning Husbands into Cuckolds and Slaves to their Dominant Wives” by PHDomme Emma

The third and final volume of “The FemDom Syndicate” continues the erotic adventures of Amy and Michael as they naively fly deeper into the tangled web of sensuality and power exchange that they both have become addicted to.

The beautiful FemDom Women hold males under control whether they are alpha bulls or beta submissives. As we begin Volume III, Michael has been “legally” stolen from Amy after being guided down into new depths of drone slavery and male submission through the coercion and conditioning of Sophie and her FemDom colleagues. Amy has second thoughts about having abandoned him to his fantasies and now needs to act against powerful female forces to find him… and own him once again. But first, Amy has to extricate herself from her conflicted FemDom nature and the extraordinary sexual experiences she is enjoying in her cuckold lifestyle.

The sexy and dominant Emma will be forced to engage her global network of allies to fight for her empire, as the beautiful and cunning Sophie expands her own power and influence, with intentions to dominate both men and women at any cost. Emma will need to rely on the prowess of her Superior Feminine intellect and draw on her most sophisticated technology in order to protect her friends and her Syndicate of Female Authority.

The intrigue is spellbinding and fast-paced as each character discovers new insight about each other than they could have possibly imagined. They will be confronted with reality in place of fantasy and the need for loyalty in the face of deceit. Friendships and alliances will be tested as the characters sort out true friendships from raw sexual attraction. Some will strengthen and some will be destroyed.

Look for Volume III and the stunning, pulse-pounding conclusion to “The FemDom Syndicate” coming soon! Now Available!

This erotic novel contains explicit adult content including; FemDom, forced chastity, cuckolding, goddess worship, crossdressing, coerced feminization, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, male slave training, etc., and is strictly suitable for adults only.

“The Foot Fetish Café And Other Tales of Fetishism and Erotic Humiliation” … A New FemDom Release by Gray Fisher

“The Foot Fetish Café And Other Tales of Fetishism and Erotic Humiliation” by Gray Fisher

Explore the depths of Fetishism in this fourth anthology by acclaimed Leg Show Magazine contributor Gray Fisher, who specializes in weaving exciting adventures of men being used, manipulated, and controlled sexually by the Gorgeous Women in their lives, sometimes in front of appreciative audiences of like-minded Females.

Ultimately, what little pleasure these lustful men attain comes at the steep price of their dignity, as they are disparaged, debased and humiliated by their tormentress’ fingers, toes, stockings and high-heeled designer shoes, along with their expressions and words of contempt.

An executive accompanying his lovely boss on an overseas trip discovers an odd eatery where Women’s meals are subsidized by the men beneath their feet, but soon learns he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

A mischievous, sexually adventurous Woman rings in the New Year with a party for all her friends…while her husband is tied naked to their bed upstairs.

A patient’s indiscretion during a chiropractic visit results in a different kind of adjustment on the treatment table by the chiropractor and Female staff, along with a nylon-clad surprise guest.

A beautiful young Woman cut out of her rich aunt’s estate uses her significant charms to convince the probate attorney to revise the will, and face possible disbarment for doing so.

And when a businessman’s car breaks down, he’s captivated by the pedal-pumping legs of a comely good Samaritan, only to discover he’s gone miles out of his way. Arriving home hours late, he must suffer the consequences at the hands of his Domineering Wife and her Girlfriends.

Bursting with detail and conveying the inner turmoil of these helpless men as they seek sexual relief – no matter who’s watching – these six new, never-before-published stories are a must-read for anyone who knows his place is at the feet of a Demanding Goddess. Or, in the words of the great Fetish scribe Irv O’Neal, “if you enjoy the idea of Dominant Women in everyday life—not in dungeons or leather—fulfilling your fetishes and making you feel blushingly shamed, enter Gray Fisher’s web of FemDom Fantasies.”

What a Great and Insightful Review of “The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control” 

“The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control” by Mistress Benay

I am Sorry that I didn’t acknowledge this Insightful Review Sooner:

“Beauty In Ruins” – Top Contributor Said:

“A Female-Led, but Female-Focused and Female-Driven Fantasy

A Legend in the Female Domination Community, an Icon in Female-Led Relationships, and a Wonderfully Kind Woman (in the few interactions I was fortunate enough to enjoy before Her sudden passing), Mistress Benay was an author who not only believed in Her stories, but who lived them as well.

In deciding where to start with Her literary legacy, I chose “The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control” over any of Her real-life accounts because it has that introductory feel, welcoming the characters and the reader into Her realm of chastity, tease-and-denial, and Female-Led Relationships.

What really struck me about the whole story is the fact that it’s not only Female-Led, but Female-Focused and Female-Driven. This is a Woman’s fantasy, written by a Woman, told by a Woman, and centered on Women seeking out greater physical and psychological pleasures in their relationships. For a genre that is so often marked by stories of men begging or pressuring their wives into fulfilling their own fantasies of Female Domination (topping from the bottom, as the case may be), it’s refreshing to read a story where it’s the Women who have the fantasies and the men who are led into a new reality. It’s even more exciting to read a story where love and devotion are what drives the fetish, not degradation and humiliation.

Personally, I love the idea of the Female-Led Neighborhood where all the husbands are in permanent chastity, with their focus being entirely on serving and pleasing their Wives. Introducing Ann and Joe to that neighborhood lifestyle allows us to learn alongside them, to witness how tease-and-denial can transform a relationship, and to appreciate the way in which chastity can deepen the emotional bond between spouses. This does serve very much as a how-to guide, with the other Wives speaking for Mistress Benay (and sharing Her Male Chastity guidebook as a primer for new wives).

From a literary standpoint, the narrative is a little stilted at times, and the dialogue doesn’t always sound natural, but I’d argue that’s almost part of its charm. It lends “FemDom Wives In Control” an authoritarian voice that fits the characters and makes their story feel genuine, and it certainly has me curious to read “Part II: Another Domme Joins The FemDom Club”.

5.0 out of 5 Stars … Awesome Read! … “A Fantastic Book, detailing the (mis)fortune of a Chastity Novice who is lucky enough to be taken in by a Mistress at the Top of Her Game! … Five Stars!”

The Last Novel written by Mistress Benay before Her Untimely Passing has become a Highly Acclaimed One with Five Star Reviews from Her Fans!

“More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Female Domination” by Mistress Benay

“Be Careful What You Wish For”

In this Exciting and quite Steamy Novel, Mistress Benay presented the story of Joseph, a business executive from Denver who had absolutely no idea of what was in store for him when he contacted Mistress Benay via Email, and not only begged Her to make all of his FemDom Fantasies become Reality, but to also lock him up in a Custom Made Chastity Tube, and take total control of his Orgasms, by becoming his Key Holder.

Joseph insisted that he wanted to experience complete Female Domination with No Safe Word available to him, and No option for him to back out once Mistress Benay agreed to take him under Her tutelage as a slave trainee.

After communicating with Joseph, Mistress Benay did Her best to discourage him from proceeding with his plan to turn his fantasies into reality. When Joseph, despite the warnings from the Mistress, still begged Her to take him under her control, Mistress Benay was determined at that point to give Joseph More Than He Ever Bargained For.

Readers should be cautioned that this Novel contains Graphic descriptions of activity involving Female Domination, Male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Relationships, Bondage, and Discipline.

Another Review of this Exciting Novel:

5.0 out of 5 Stars …  Mistress Benay Does It Again

“Mistress Benay has done it yet again Another Superb Novel. Her portrayal of the FemDom, male chastity and BDSM themes is by far the best I have read. It is easy to see how Her knowledge and skills have made Her the top selling FemDom Author on Amazon”