Sequel to “The Fateful Phone Call” is Scheduled to be Released by October 20th

“The Fateful Phone Call: Part II Locked In Chastity By Mistress Linda” By R.T. McConnell aka Slave Robert

Due to the Overwhelming Response to “The Fateful Phone Call”, Amazon will Release the Sequel “The Fateful Phone Call: Part II Locked In Chastity By Mistress Linda” By R.T. McConnell aka Slave Robert by October 20, 2022.

Here is what we were told by Slave Robert about why he decided publish the Sequel:

If you had read my first book titled “The Fateful Phone Call: Plunged Into A Life of FemDom Servitude and Inescapable Male Chastity” then you are aware of the fact that I had been locked in a chastity cage with no means of getting a release for a year because Mistress Gloria sealed the security screws and the cage with Loctite Red since I would not give her access to my banking accounts as she had demanded.

I had just about given up all hope of ever gaining a release from the chastity cage when I received a phone call which sent my life onto a totally new course, and I will detail those developments which took place for you in this new novel.

New Release by Accomplished FemDom Author Renee Lane

“Finding Love Through Female Domination” by Renee Lane

Dominatrix Renee Lane and her submissive husband live in Memphis, Tennessee, disguised as an average married couple. In private life, they are mistress and slave. For the last ten years, Ms. Renee has employed erotic S&M, mind control, and brainwashing techniques to forge an intimate and loving bond with her submissive partner.

They consider themselves explorers of the boundaries of consensual female domination. Ms. Renee’s intense and radical approach to their relationship will challenge the reader who merely dabbles in BDSM.

The book is a collection of e-mails between Renee and a close friend, as well as Butler’s journal detailing his ever deepening submission to his true love.

We follow the story as Renee continually challenges him to give up control and abandon his own agency. All the while she urged on by her lover and confidant, Heather, who acts as both observer and accomplice to his total enslavement.

Make no mistake, this is a love story. A story of unrelenting faith, trust, and devotion, and a couple’s willingness to cross boundaries and take things to the limit together in their own special world.

Mind-bendingly erotic, and heart-wrenchingly romantic. An answer to the misconceptions of BDSM and Total Power Exchange portrayed in popular media.

331 Exiting Female Domination Pages

The Hottest New FemDom Novel of the Year has been Released

“The Fateful Phone Call: Plunged Into A Life of FemDom Servitude and Inescapable Male Chastity” by R.T. McConnell aka Slave Robert

Note: Just Released Today as a Paperback Novel and also Released in the Kindle Version. 233 Pages on Non-Stop Female Domination Action!

There is no doubt in our mind that you will say that this will be the most Revealing and Intense Female Domination Novel which you have laid your hands on in years. Slave Robert holds absolutely nothing back as he recounts in one Tell All and Sensuous Chapter after another his twenty-five-year journey along the FemDom Road from getting his feet wet as a novice submissive visiting Female Domination Establishments right out of college to living in Locked Chastity Servitude 24/7 in a Female Led Relationship to a Stunning and Dominant Partner who has no qualms about sharing Robert with her Mistress Friends.
Some Chapters describing Robert’s journey will shock you. Most Chapters will arouse you. All Chapters will provide Insight into the World of Female Domination which you may not have been privy to up until now. Every chapter will make you want to keep turning the pages to see where Robert’s journey is taking him.
Readers are advised that this Novel contains graphic descriptions of Female Domination and Female Led Relationship Activities including Bondage, Discipline, High Heel and Boot Worship, and Male Chastity.
Novel is not suited for anyone under the age of twenty-one.

Newly Released FemDom Novel ..

“The Domme Next Door: The Complete Series” by E.M. Scarlett

“The Domme Next Door: The Complete Series”

This book contains all three short stories of the Domme Next Door series!

Book One – Welcoming The New Neighbour

Charlotte and Theo have been married for several years and, to the outside world, they look like any other sweet and loving couple. But they also have a side that the outside world knows nothing about – Charlotte is a dominant, and Theo is her owned submissive.

When Matt moves in next door to the kinky couple, they invite him for dinner one night to welcome him to the neighborhood. However, it soon becomes clear to Charlotte that Matt is just as submissive as her husband, and it doesn’t take her long to set her sights on him as a possible pet for her and Theo to enjoy together.

But how will Matt react to their advances?

Book Two – Training The New Neighbour

After things went so well on their first night with the new Neighbour, Matt, Charlotte decides to invite him around the next evening too.

It’s bound to be an evening filled with teasing and torment for Matt, while Charlotte teaches him that his place is as a pleasure pet for her and her husband.

And sweet Matt seems all too eager to obey their every wish.

Book Three – Claiming The New Neighbour

After a week of spending time with their new Neighbour, Matt, Charlotte is certain that she wants to claim him as her own. Not only has she grown very fond of the obedient man who lives next door, but a sweet relationship also seems to be blossoming between him and her husband.

It is a special night as they celebrate Matt’s birthday together, and Charlotte hopes to make it even more special by claiming Matt as her new pet.

This is an erotic collection of short stories that are intended for audiences over the age of 18 only!

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