“His Fetish Desires: A Tale Of Female Domination” will be FREE on Amazon for Five Days

His Fetish Desires: A Tale Of Female Domination Kindle Edition
by Mistress Benay 

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Becky Stewart has been married to her husband John for only five years, and already he has lost interest in initiating sex with her, and she can’t figure out what is causing the problem.

Becky is a drop dead gorgeous woman with long beautiful legs and a body that turns men’s heads wherever she goes. When Becky can’t take the neglect from her husband any longer, she confides in her best friend, and her friend Shirley suggests that Becky hires a private detective to follow John, and find out if he is cheating on Becky.

What the detective discovers turns Becky’s world upside down, and she is suddenly indoctrinated into the world of BDSM and the Fetish Desires of her inattentive husband.

With the help and guidance of Shirley, Becky quickly takes control of her marriage and gives her neglectful husband more than he ever bargained for in his Fetish Fantasies.

Once again, Mistress Benay has done a masterful job, and delivers a Sensuous Tale of Female Domination which will keep you aroused and turning pages as fast as you can to see how Becky uses her husband’s fetishes to her advantage, as she creates a Female Led Relationship where She is the one in Control, and her total satisfaction and pleasure is the only thing which matters.

Readers – Make sure that you are comfortable with Topics which include BDSM, Male Chastity, Female Domination, and Bondage and Discipline before venturing into this very sexy and descriptive Novel.

Make sure that you also check out Mistress Benay’s Author’s Page on Amazon. There you will find more FREE Novels on Female Domination and Male Chastity which you can Download.

“More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Female Domination And Male Chastity” by Mistress Benay will be FREE for Five Days on Amazon

“More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Female Domination And Male Chastity” will be FREE on Amazon from 10/3 through 10/7

“Be Careful What You Wish For”

In this Exciting and quite Steamy Novel, Mistress Benay presented the story of Joseph, a business executive from Denver who had absolutely no idea of what was in store for him when he contacted Mistress Benay via Email, and not only begged her to make all of his FemDom Fantasies become Reality, but to also lock him up in a Custom Made Chastity Tube, and take total control of his Orgasms, by becoming his Key Holder.

Joseph insisted that he wanted to experience complete Female Domination with No Safe Word available to him, and No option for him to back out once Mistress Benay agreed to take him under her tutelage as a slave trainee.

After communicating with Joseph, Mistress Benay did her best to discourage him from proceeding with his plan to turn his fantasies into reality. When Joseph, despite the warnings from the Mistress, still begged her to take him under her control, Mistress Benay was determined at that point to give Joseph More Than He Ever Bargained For.

Readers should be cautioned that this Novel contains Graphic descriptions of activity involving Female Domination, Male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Relationships, Bondage, and Discipline.

“More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Female Domination And Male Chastity” will be FREE on Amazon from 10/3 through 10/7

“What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets!: A Tale Of Female Superiority” will be FREE on Amazon for 5 Days

“What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets!: A Tale Of Female Superiority” by Mistress Vanessa will be FREE on Amazon from 10/2 through 10/6

After a Successful and very Eventful Twenty Year career as a Professional Dominatrix in New York City and Philadelphia, Mistress Vanessa recently retired and moved to Virginia, where she enjoys a Female Led Marriage with her new husband, and has now started a new career as an Author, writing about her life experiences as a Professional Domme and the submissive men she catered to at various houses of Female Domination where she worked.

In this Exciting and Tell All Novel, which is the first installment of her new Series – “What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets!”, the reader is treated to a rare behind the scenes look at what led Mistress Vanessa to chose a career as a Dominatrix, how she built a clientele of regular customers, and what really takes place in a House of Female Domination.

Mistress Vanessa spares no details, as she gives her readers an in-depth and intimate look at the clients who came to her for Sessions, and the desires, fetishes, and fantasies which those clients brought with them to her Dungeon, where she turned their fantasies into reality.

Readers should be cautioned that this Novel contains explicit descriptions of activities involving Female Domination, Bondage and Discipline, Forced Feminization, Female Led Relationships, and Enforced Male Chastity

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Yes, The Cellmate Chastity Cage is Finally Back in Stock. Hurry – Before it Sells out again!

Cell Mate Remote Controlled App Enabled Chastity Cage

Cell Mate

The world’s first app controlled chastity device.  With the Cell Mate chastity device, it does not matter where you are or what you are doing.  You, as the key master, have the power to decide if your submissive is allowed to be unlocked from his chastity. In combination with the app for Android and iOS you can simply set up your account and link the Cell Mate to your user ID. Every account has a unique user ID which can control multiple Cell Mate devices.

When your first Cell Mate is paired to your account the first message you see is if you want to be a wearer or a key master.  The key master decides when the Cell Mate unlocks. You have the ability to change your account setting to wearer or key master at any time with the approval of the key master. Submissive can not cheat or escape. Single player self locking mode Real time geo location and status.

Designed for long time wearing.  Ergonomic and breathable design. Long lasting battery life 8-12 months. Battery type CR14200.  Two ring sizes included. 47 mm and 51 mm e or approximately 1.85 inches and 2 inches. Long is 12 cm e or approximately 4.72 inches. Materials cage polycarbonate, rings zinc alloy.

Ladies – Some Very Helpful Tips for You when You decide to “Lock Up” your partner in a Chastity Tube

  1. Forget about Plastic, Resin, or Silicone Chastity Devices. Make sure that You Lock him Up in a Stainless Steel Chastity Device which has an Internal Locking System. First, there will be no chance for him to cut off the padlock with a pair of Bolt Cutters. There will be no way for him to unlock the device except with the Keys, which You will keep and Guard diligently. Secondly, You will not have to allow him to remove the Chastity Device for Cleaning. With a Good Stainless Steel Device as shown above, his penis will get plenty clean in the Shower. No need for removing the Device for Cleaning. He might not like that idea, but You will!

2. He will probably tell you that he needs to keep an Emergency Key in his possession in case he should need it. DO NOT give him a Key. Instead, put the second key in an Envelop. Seal the Envelope. Then write a Message with Your Name all along the Fold of the Sealed Envelope. Cover your Message with Scotch Tape Totally so that You will instantly know if th envelope has been opened. Make it very clear to him that if an Emergency should arise You expect him to call you ahead of time, explain the emergency, and only open the envelope to retrieve the Key after notifiying you about the Emergency. Make sure that You Inspect the Envelope on a regular basis. If your partner has opened that Envelope, he is in deep trouble unless he notified you ahead of time, and it was a Bona Fide Emergency.

3. Please look at the Pictures. Make sure that when You select a Chastity Tube for your Partner, that you make absolutely sure that the Length of the Tube is not too long. His Penis should touch the end of the tube so that there is no chance of him having an Erection. Do not listen to him. He will try to tell you that the Cage is too short. It should be short. There should be no room for his penis to grow at all. A tight cage and a properly snug ring will ensure that there will be no way for him to get his penis out of the device. As a side note and a benefit to him, a tight cage will actually be more comfortable since he can not have an erection, and the cage will not pull on his balls like it would if his penis tried to get hard.

4. You, as the Mistress in the Female Led Relationship are “In Charge”. Make sure that your partner knows that. You, and You alone will decide when and if he is released from the Chastity Tube and allowed to be able to Cum. Make sure that he knows, that You do not want him to Ask You when he will be released. Make sure that you know that You do not want him to Beg for a Release. If he should ask or beg, make sure that You add additional Weeks to the time he is Locked Up in addition to the time You already had in mine. Do Not Capitulate … Do not Feel Sorry for him. Keep Him Locked, and You will reap the benefits as he becomes more submissive due to his Enforced Chastity.

You will find many examples of Good Stainless Steel Chastity Tubes on our Female Relationships Website.

Good Luck …. Enjoy Your New Control!