“Naughty Weekend Getaway” just Released by KinkyWriter

“Naughty Weekend Getaway” by KinkyWriter

Surprising her husband with a kinky, weekend getaway that begins with her handcuffing and blindfolding him before putting him into the backseat of their car, Mistress Caitlin transforms Matt into her own personal slave focused only on her pleasure as they spend the next three days enjoying a lifestyle of Female Domination and male submission with him at her feet, locked in chastity and willing to do whatever it takes to please her.

Come along as this dominant wife puts herself first as her husband spoils her and lives for her pleasure with every gagged breath, denied countless orgasms himself as he realizes that her pleasure is what’s most important.

Her husband stood obediently in front of her, his shorts still around his ankles and his manhood locked in chastity now on full display.

“As your mistress,” Caitlin continued, “I have a few rules that I’m going to expect you to follow…”

  1. You will refer to me only as Mistress Caitlin.
  2. You will show your mistress the utmost respect in her presence – head bowed, eyes to the floor, hands behind your back.
  3. You will not speak unless you are spoken to, and then only, “Yes, Mistress Caitlin” or “No, Mistress Caitlin.”
  4. You will not make any attempt to touch yourself while you’re locked in chastity.
  5. You will make my own enjoyment and pleasure your only focus this weekend.

Stepping forward and taking her husband’s locked dick in her hand, the wife then stared Matt in the eyes until he took the hint and dropped his head, looking down at the floor over her shoulder, finally asking him, “Do you agree to your Mistress’s rules, slave?”

Caitlin squeezed his dick through the silicone cage as her husband took a breath and nodded, then replied, “Yes, Mistress Caitlin.”

“Slave To My Wife: A Hot FemDom BDSM Erotica”

“Slave To My Wife: A Hot FemDom BDSM Erotica” by Luther Black

** New Release **

This is a FEMDOM and CFNM tale.

The Bad Boys Club gives couples a safe place to act out those sexual fantasies. While some who try it out decide that it is not for them, most couples who attend a training session realize that they have always been drawn to bondage and discipline.

Wives can finally admit to themselves that they get sexual pleasure from disciplining their husbands and that they are not alone; there are other women who like it too. Husbands can recognize that they aren’t unmanly or wimps when they see that other men are getting as much pleasure from getting spanked as they do.

This story celebrates and stresses the idea that if women get their kink on first, and if men allow themselves to be the sex objects, men will get more good kinky sex than they ever imagined. So, if reading about men getting pegged, spanked, paddled, etc…

“FemDom: The Erotic Guide to Female Domination”. A New Release by Marisa Rudder

“FemDom: The Erotic Guide to Female Domination”

Let’s cut right to the chase, Marisa Rudder, author of the world’s bestselling Love & Obey Female Led Relationship Book Series, has released her highly anticipated book FEMDOM The Erotic Guide to Female Domination.

It has been an itch that her her fans and followers have been waiting to scratch for nearly 4 years. Why is FemDom so exciting? Are you part of a growing global community of couples eager to explore taboo sexual practices and socially forbidden female led lifestyles? Find out why both men and women have a growing obsession with investigating FemDom. Why are so many couples eager to consider the world of female domination and male submission. Today, more couples than ever are examining The Love & Obey Female Led Lifestyle and they will certainly be adding many elements of FemDom to their evolving female led relationship experience.

FEMDOM The Erotic Guide to Female Domination is the 12th book in Marisa’s wildly popular Love & Obey Female Led Relationship Book Series. In this latest book Marisa Rudder will surely hit readers like a ton of bricks. In FEMDOM she invites her readers to witness a new 21st century viewpoint and expand their understanding of old school “FemDom.” If the future is female led, what role will FEMDOM play in the 21st century and beyond? Marisa expresses her awe and admiration, for traditional FEMDOM and uses her book as a canvas to paint human beings with a new poignancy in light of their female led lifestyles.

For this reason, readers are saying, “FEMDOM The Erotic Guide to Female Domination” captures, explores and dissects our concepts of FEMDOM and takes us to new unexplored boundaries of female domination.”

FEMDOM The Erotic Guide to Female Domination rounds off, Marisa’s already successful series of female empowerment books and even tops them. Many couple’s have read the entire series and successfully transformed their entire lives. They report being happier and more sexually fulfilled than ever before. Staring with groundbreaking books Love & Obey and Real Men Worship Women, she has pioneered a pathway for couples to explore new alternative states of consciousness.

Marisa has always been willing to risk being delightfully defiant and going against the traditional establishment. In her latest book, she continues to strive for the elimination of the patriarchy as she strips FEMDOM down to the bone and introduces us to a more loving and grander vision of female domination. Many readers report female led relationships have evolved to a higher level thanks to Marisa’s books.

In Marisa’s latest excursion into her female led world FEMDOM The Erotic Guide to Female Domination manages to return to the true roots of Love & Obey with some new and exciting horizons to explore. Join Marisa as she continues to blaze a trail to a whole new feminist context for loving female domination and proud male submission.

In the end, FEMDOM The Erotic Guide to Female Domination is an exciting new opportunity to build on what you already know about female led relationships. For females it is a chance to embrace what it really means to control the power in your own life. For males it is an eye-opening revelation that submission is something to be proud of and realize that it is a sign of your strength and conviction – not your weakness. Join Marisa and her followers and enjoy a fresh new look at romance, sex and love in a totally modern and wildly provocative female led way. Don’t be the last couple to find out why Love & Obey Female Led Relationships are becoming an exciting new way of life for thousands of couples around the world.

“Over Her Knee” … New FemDom Release by Ada Collins


“Over Her Knee Parts 1-5” by Ada Collins

This is a box-set of the first five titles: Husband Meets Hairbrush, A Husband in Disgrace, Disciplined at the Dinner Party, Locked by His Wife, and Pegged by his Wife.

The Over Her Knee series: Naughty husband Theo is taken in hand by his wife Amanda, who uses spankings, chastity, and erotic humiliation to turn him into an ideal man who serves her FemDom wishes.

He loves being dominated by her. He tries to be a good boy for her, but he longs for the sexual release that is denied.

Instead, she teases him constantly with her stunning body and her absolute control over him.

“College Bound” … A New FemDom Release

College Bound

I’ve always considered myself normal, and I’m sure Bobby Atwell did too. We grew up doing all the things that boys do, although from a very young age, Bobby had a deep fascination with ropes and bondage. Being tied up and helpless really intrigued him.

Later Bobby became intrigued by the pictures in a kinky magazine of women dressed in sexy, black leather outfits, wielding evil-looking whips while they tortured naked men who were bound in various painful positions.

He spent countless nights reading and rereading the magazine stories as he carefully studying the stunning images. The more he did this, the more intense his secret bondage games became. Just looking at the pictures made his cock grow hard.

Gorgeous leather clad women… Men hung up by their wrists and brutally whipped… He jerked off imagining it was him getting whipped.

One summer day, he was caught by the sexy Julie playing one of his self-bondage games down in the woods. With Julie wasting no time using her newfound power to her advantage, he quickly learned that Women hold all the cards.