If You are Thinking about A Male Chastity Lifestyle, then You must Read this 406 Page Manual which will tell You Everything that You need to know.

Male Chastity – The Complete Bundled Primer To Female Led Relationships By Mistress Benay

Due to Popular Demand, Mistress Benay compiled “Male Chastity – The ‘Key’ To A Successful Female Led Relationship” and “The Male Chastity Revolution” into one great page turning Novel.

If you are a woman who is tired of being neglected or left unfulfilled by your partner in your marriage or relationship, then you need to read this book. Would you like your partner to be more attentive to your needs? Would you like your partner to always have your sexual satisfaction as his primary focus? Would you like your partner to be more caring and helpful around the home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book by Mistress Benay will give you the help and direction that you need to take control of your relationship and condition your partner to make you the paramount concern in his life at all times.

For over Fourteen years, Mistress Benay used Male Chastity as the primary means to take control of her marriage, and of her relationships with men. Now, in this book, your will find all of the information and easy to follow techniques which you need to know, so that you also can reap the benefits of building a true Female Led Relationship.

Mistress Benay explained in great detail how the male’s physical needs control his mind, and how unfortunately most of the time his focus is on his needs not yours. By following the advice in her book, however, you can change your partner’s actions by the simple act of taking control of his orgasms.

When you do, your home life, your emotional and physical needs, and most importantly, your sexual contentment will all improve for the better. Your needs, not his, will become the most important things in your marriage or relationship when you follow the road map laid out in this book by Mistress Benay.

This book is filled with proven techniques which will help you take control of your marriage or relationship, as well as New updated and in-depth reviews of the most popular male chastity devices which are available on the market today.

As a Bonus, you can read actual letters which men and women sent to Mistress Benay detailing how their lives changed once they implemented Male Chastity into their Relationships.

“Enslaved and Feminized by Dommes … A Femdom story of Revenge, Chastity, and Feminization” by PhDomme Emma will be Released Next Week

“Enslaved and Feminized by Dommes … A Femdom story of Revenge, Chastity, and Feminization”

Timothy is an ambitious young journalist working for a prestigious paper. He launched his stellar ascent to become a journalist elite with a series of articles that he acquired by blackmailing his talented former classmate, Marcel, who was having a BDSM relationship with his teacher. Marcel is now frying hamburgers to make ends meet and Timothy is not meeting expectations and struggling in his efforts to keep his new job. He needs to come up with another hot topic, or else he will be sent packing!

Desperate enough to take risks, he offers himself for hire at the Stauton Laundry & Cleaning Services, an obscure and suspicious company. He hopes to write an article on their supposed bad employee treatment. Before you can say “hack journalist”, he finds himself neck deep in a female-led company, where unscrupulous business women wield unbridled power over the sexuality and lives of their employees.

The story is saturated with thrilling Femdom scenes, sizzling hot feminization, chastity, and intense Female Authority in the households and lives of these woman, who demand service perfection from their domesticated male slaves, or else! Tangibly real scenes of mind-boggling BDSM are written by PhDomme Emma, the author of the bestselling series the Femdom Syndicate.

Just as you are used to from other PhDomme Emma’s stories, prepare for sophisticated plot and characters with whom you will emphasize, for better and for worse!

This series contains explicit adult content including femdom, forced chastity, crossdressing, coerced feminization, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, male slave training etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

Today we are Featuring Mistress Benay’s Award Winning and Highly Acclaimed FemDom Series

FemDom Law Firm (4 book series)” by Mistress Benay

5.0 out of 5 Stars 

If Grisham Wrote a Femdom Thriller, FEMDOM LAW FIRM would be it!

From the very first page this highly erotic femdom novel (248 pages!) reminded me of John Grisham’s blockbuster, The Firm. In both stories, a highly recruited male law graduate is hired by a prestigious big-city law firm (Grisham’s in Memphis, this one in Philly), dazzled by the starting salary and associated perks, only to find out, too late, that those corner offices and conference suites harbor hidden secrets.

In Grisham’s tale, the secret is that the young associates will actually be working for the Mafia. In Mistress Benay’s Femdom Law Firm, the managing partners and most of the younger partners and associates are young women of the dominant persuasion, super-smart and drop-dead gorgeous; and the unsuspecting and ambitious young male associates are being ushered into a program that will lead to their submission, locked chastity, discipline and ultimate subjugation.

Mistress Benay is a gifted taleteller, whose considerable expertise is on display here not only in matters relating to female domination (she’s a practitioner), but in the convincing story setting of a big-city law firm. Is the author herself a lawyer? I would not be surprised to learn that she is, because she writes with authority on matters relating to bar exam study, trial preparation, brief writing, legal research, etc.

Mistress Benay’s book is not only exciting and thrilling (ala Grisham), but sizzling hot, chapter by chapter. The hero, Nicholas, eager to succeed and to please his beautiful superiors, finds himself becoming eventually the obedient sex toy of an entire office full of powerful, sexy and ruthless women, all bent on taking him deeper and deeper into submission.

Confession: I envied him his fate! 

FemDom Law Firm (4 book series)

“Female Domination – Short Stories” by Constance Pennington Smythe and Illustrated by Sardax

“Female Domination – Short Stories”

Female Domination – Short Stories: Vol I is the first short story anthology from erotic author Constance Pennington Smythe. This work contains six short stories of chastity, cuckolding, giantesses and more: all with the themes of Female Domination and male submission.

Cuckold Date: A hapless husband prepares his wife for her date.

Matriarch’s Birthday: The Dominant’s Guild celebration of the Matriarch’s birthday hosts a very unique slave game.

Performance Art: A Dominant Female patron of the arts creates an unusual art exhibit, and the male art critic who comes to visit…?

Mini Men – Lesbian Village: A misogynist research pair run afoul of their female scientist boss and get themselves into a little trouble.

Locked Away: Three suburban housewives elect to start a new social club, with a sinister purpose for their husbands.

A Visit to Smythe Stables: Miss Caroline’s graduating class visit the stables, to learn the proper care of the submissive male.

Each story is accompanied by an original illustration produced specifically for that work, by famed Female Domination artist: Sardax.

240 Exciting Pages with Sardax Illustrations

Don’t Miss the Price Countdown on Amazon for One Week on “The Fateful Phone Call: Plunged Into A Life of FemDom Servitude and Inescapable Male Chastity”

“The Fateful Phone Call: Plunged Into A Life of FemDom Servitude and Inescapable Male Chastity” will be on Price Countdown starting 4/21 and ending 4/28

There is no doubt in our mind that you will say that this will be the most Revealing and Intense Female Domination Novel which you have laid your hands on in years.

Slave Robert holds absolutely nothing back as he recounts in one Tell All and Sensuous Chapter after another his twenty-five-year journey along the FemDom Road from getting his feet wet as a novice submissive visiting Female Domination Establishments right out of college to living in Locked Chastity Servitude 24/7 in a Female Led Relationship to a Stunning and Dominant Partner who has no qualms about sharing Robert with her Mistress Friends.

Some Chapters describing Robert’s journey will shock you. Most Chapters will arouse you. All Chapters will provide Insight into the World of Female Domination which you may not have been privy to up until now.

Every chapter will make you want to keep turning the pages to see where Robert’s journey is taking him.

Readers are advised that this Novel contains graphic descriptions of Female Domination and Female Led Relationship Activities including Bondage, Discipline, High Heel and Boot Worship, and Male Chastity.

Novel is not suited for anyone under the age of twenty-one.

Amazon Price Countdown Schedule:

4/21 .99

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“The Fateful Phone Call: Plunged Into A Life of FemDom Servitude and Inescapable Male Chastity”